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Saw Ripper Dread / Dredd is an action figure based on Miles Dredd in his Main Mode. It was released in 2015 in the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Connect-Tek line.


The figure, different of the previous releases, has silver color instead of black. It also has red details in the legs, chest, shoulders, and mainly, in the accessories. It has twelve points of articulation, and comes with eight accessories.

There are two launchers, each are able to launch one red saw, two red swords that can be stored in Dredd's back, and two red decorations. Also, the accessories can be stored into any parts of Dredd that has holes, since all Connect-Tek toys has.


  • This was the first figure released based on Miles Dread that has equivalent articulation when compared to Max Steel's figures.
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