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Saw Blast Metal Elementor is one of Metal Elementor's action figures. It was released in the first half of 2015 and belonged to the Battle-Tek subline.


Metal Elementor possesses overall the same appearance as he did in the show, with the exception of few changes in the coloration. Metal's head has a golden coloration, his core and eyes are red and his chest seems to be molted and has yellow accents around it. His hands also share the same characteristics. He has three points of articulation and doesn't comes with any accessory.

Elementor possesses a total of three attack modes according to his box. He has a hidden saw (which can also spin) that is activated once a button on his shoulder is pressed and when his legs are pressed together his chest will open revealing a cavity where he can launch a total of five discs that he comes with. These discs can also be stored inside of the figure.



  • Elementor Oro y Max Steel Espinas Giratorias

    Elementor Oro y Max Steel Espinas Giratorias

    This was the second figure of Metal Elementor released in Latin America.
  • Saw Blast Metal Elementor and Spike Spin Max Steel got a commercial to promote the toys. Interestingly, the commercial featured an edited footage of Full Metal Racket where Metal Elementor has the same appearance of his toy.
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