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Samurai Max Vs Saber Dread is a two-pack based on two characters, being Max Steel and Miles Dread using Makino Mode. They were released on 2016 on the first wave of action figures.


In this figure, Max is showing his face, and like other figures of 2016, he is older. He uses a white suit which is mostly white on the torso with a black belt on the chest and shoulders, and light blue on the rest of the body. He also has black gloves. Max features twelve points of articulation and comes with two accessories, being two blue transparent swords that can be inserted on every Connect-Tek port on his body.

Dread uses a completely black armor where only his face have paint application. He has two parts on his chest that can be opened to reveal a red symbol which is possibly the cavity that he uses to absorb Max's energy. Dread is also seemingly thinner than any other figures of him ever released. He has twelve points of articulation just like Max, and comes with two yellow swords that have red paint job that can be inserted together to create a larger one. Unlike Max, Dread is not a part of Connect-Tek line, and he can only hold the swords with his hands, instead of them being connected to his body.


  • The figure of Dread is a relaunch of Sword Dread. Both have identical sculptures but the most notable change is the paint job, which on the case of this two-pack, is minimal.
  • Max's figure is a relaunch of Max Steel Ninja. The figure has the same sculpture in some parts of the body, but different paint job, which can be clearly noted because of the lighter colours.
  • It is one of few packs where both figures are relaunch of old figures of the same line. Coincidentally, on 2015, a two-pack of Max and Dread was also released, with both figures being relaunch of others on the line.


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