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Roto Blast Ven-Ghan is an Action Figure based on Ven-Ghan. It was released in 2014 in the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Aerial Invasion line.


Ven-Ghan's helmet is purple and has yellow details, white spheres, representing his eyes, and a large Mohawk sticking out from his head. Ven-Ghan's armor is completely purple with yellow details featured on the neck and chest, the last possessing a shape similar of how Steel looks when linked with Max. He has black gloves and boots, the last having yellow knee pads. His arms aren't covered by the armor and he has a yellow piece on his right arm. He has twelve points of articulation, and comes with three accessories, including an Ultralink, a blaster and a sword.

He comes with a large black gun with yellow details which can launch a silver projectile with the shape of a wheel. The projectile also possesses three Ultralinks in the sculpture. Ven-Ghan comes with a large sword that he can hold on his hands and an Ultralink, which can be inserted on his biceps. He also possesses two holes on his back which can be used to hold his accessories.



  • In the prototype of the figure, the yellow parts on Ven-Ghan's armor and arsenal would have bronze color instead of the opaque yellow used in the final version.

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