Rescue Max Steel 1
Rescue Max Steel is one of character's toys released in the first half of 2017. He is a part of both Turbo Missions and Connect-Tek sublines.


  • Rescue Max Steel VS Bat Mortum: Can Max Steel use his blaster to stop the evil Bat Mortum?


Max wears a light yellow mask with a black detail on his forehead. He wears a yellow armor with the M-shaped logo on the chest with a black chestplate with hoses connected to it, black gauntlets and black boots. He is also carrying a gun on his left hand. He has eleven points of articulation and doesn't comes with any accessory, as he is a basic action figure.



  • The Brazilian release incorrectly features the logo of the Turbo-Charged toy line instead of the Turbo Mission one.
  • While Max was about to eliminate Monstro in Turbo-Warriors, he appears wearing a similar mask to that of this toy, but rather than being yellow, it was black, grey and green.

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