Professor Mortum

Mortum's Turbo Bat Mode
Mortum's current form

Mortum's Turbo Scorpion Mode
Mortum's third and final form

Mortum Turbo Trap Mode
Mortum's second form

Pre-Mutation Mortum
Mortum's first humanoid form

Mortum's first form

Gender Male
Alias Mortum
Master Mortum (by his nephew and his other assistant)
Souless Monster (by his own nephew)
Brainiac (by Alex)
Morty (by Max)
Species Human (formerly)
Robot zombie (currently)
Status Deceased
Occupation Scientist (formerly)
Evil mastermind
Age Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Interests Rule Earth by himself
Reinvent the humanity
Convert everyone into techno-zombies
Weapons Teleportation and bombs (formerly)
Brainwaves absorption and Turbo Modes
Family unnamed nephew
Allies Robot zombies army
Enemies Max Steel
La Fiera
Jim McGrath
Molly McGrath
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
N-Tek Agents
Commander Kilgore
Commander Kilgore's army
Background Information
First Appearance Team Turbo
Last Appearance Team Turbo Fusion-Tek
Turbo-Warriors (cameo)
Voiced By Scott McNeil
Professor Mortum is the main antagonist of both Team Turbo and Team Turbo Fusion-Tek. Mortum is a megalomaniacal and cruel villain who wanted the revolutionary Connect-Tek, created by Jim McGrath, in order to evolve humanity while becoming a god in the process. Eventually, Mortum is ultimately connected with the Connect-Tek and the device gets embedded on his skull, replacing his brain and at the same time converting him into a robot zombie. Mortum is voiced by Scott McNeil and debuted in Team Turbo.


Early Life

Mortum was originally a famous scientist who worked alongside with his unnamed cousin in some of the top labs in the world. He was a brilliant inventor and a true genius, but he found out that there was a limitation to his genius: his own mortality, or in other words, the simple fact that he was a human.

Mortum became unstable and obsessed with evolving past humanity's flaws to surpass this weak point. To accomplish this mission, he built a black exo-armor that made him stronger, more durable and mainly gave him the ability of controlling Transdimensional Energy and create a shield around his body. He eventually heard about the Connect-Tek and its ability of responding to a human mind. Mortum went after the device, knowing that with it, he could create the perfect human body that he always wanted. He wanted to directly connect the Connect-Tek to his brain (which ironically happened to him after he mutated into a robot zombie) to become virtually immortal and create almost everything that he could ever think of.

Animated Films

Team Turbo

Minutes prior to the events of Team Turbo, Mortum somehow managed to attack the Daedelus Platform, forcing N-Tek's agents to escape. While they were doing so, Mortum suddenly teleports on the ship and says that he would be their villain in that morning. Jim commands the agents to attack him, but Mortum projects a shiled around his body and proceeds to release a strong energy wave that knocks down most of the agents, with the exception of Jim, who quickly gets up and activates his Connect-Tek sword in order to stop the villain. However, Mortum easily surpasses his moves and take him down. While observing Jim lying on the floor of the ship, Jefferson attacks Mortum with a screwdriver, but he is tossed in the wall by him. Jim gets up and attacks Mortum with his sword, but he easily breaks the blade of the sword and demands the Connect-Tek, or he would take away the lives of N-Tek's agents. Jim, however, says that they rather die than give it to him, which makes Mortum angry and he decides to teleport the agents from the ship to his hideout.

Mortum and the villains

Mortum making the deal with the villains

Mortum goes to his hideout where his assistants were waiting for him. After the N-Tek agents were put into chambers, Mortum contacts Toxzon, Extroyer and the Elementors and trhoguh a persuasive speech, he manages to convince them to join forces with him and get the Connect-Tek in exchange for N-Tek's secrets. The villains go on a rampage on the whole Copper Canyon and quickly steal the technology of N-Tek's facilities. Mortum talked with the villains few times asking if they had found the Connect-Tek.

The device was stolen multiple times by Mortum's allies and Max's team. Eventually, the villains are defeated and while Team Turbo were commemorating their victory, Mortum suddenly appears and teleports the Connect-Tek to himself by using his Transdimensional Energy. Luckily, Max had inserted a fragment of his Connect-Tek sword, which would help them to reach Mortum's hideout. There, he was analyzing the Connect-Tek and saying that even though Jim had created the devive, he lacked vision and didn't knew its limitless possibilities. Suddenly, Max and his team arrives and Mortum implants bombs on Kat, Jim and Molly and ultimately manages to escape by teleporting himself and the Connect-Tek, but before he could, Max desperately attempts to stop him and ends up damaging the device.

Mortum mutates into a robot zombie

Mortum dying.

While Max managed to save the life of his friends and family, Mortum teleports to an unknown location where his assistants were waiting for him. They say that they were worried, but he coldly ignores them and reveals that he had gotten the Connect-Tek. One of his assistants point out that the device was leaking energy, which makes Mortum realize that was damaged. The device starts to release its energy and ultimately kills Mortum, even though that he manages to survive after the device merges with his skull and becomes his new bran.

Team Turbo Fusion-Tek

Mortum wakes up

Mortum wakes up

After an undetermined period of time, Mortum's body was buried in the ground. Suddenly, the Connect-Tek is activated and he wakes up and emerges from the ground. He sees a couple who were apparently lost. Mortum slowly approaches them and when they see him, he launches his hands and transform them into robot zombies by absorbing their brainwaves. Afterwards, he sees Copper Canyon and yells "More!".
Mortum improving the Connect-Tek

Mortum improving the Connect-Tek, his brain.

Mortum goes to his hideout and transforms everyone on his way into zombies. While his assistants were worried about what was attacking the base, Mortum suddenly destroys the door and reveals to be alive after the Connect-Tek accident, which shocks his nephew, who thought that his uncle had perished. The villain asks for their help, but they weren't able to understand. His nephew suggested that he either use a pen and paper or maybe try to mimic movements, but he got angry and transformed his other assistant in a robot zombie and mentions how alive he is feeling. He then looks at himself at the mirror and says that the Connect-Tek had both destroyed and remade him. The more energy he consume, the stronger he becomes, but the stronger he gets, the more brainwaves he needs to consume. After he revealed his goals of creating an army that would spread over Copper Canyon and the world, he then demanded his zombie soldiers to bring him more brains.
Cytro kills Mortum

C.Y.T.R.O. releases his energy ray and "kills" Mortum

Later on, Mortum appears feasting on many brainwaves. After he ends, he proceeds to absorb the brainwaves of his own nephew, which he refers as "the dessert". However, Max and his team arrive just in time to stop him. Tempestra uses her lash to electrocute him, La Fiera attack him multiple times with his clawes and finally C.Y.T.R.O. annihilates his body with an energy ray. Shortly after, Max asks what "that thing" was, and Mortum's nephew explains his story: how Mortum went insane and wanted the Connect-Tek for his own gain and how he mutated into a souless monster.
Mortum's Turbo Trap Mode

Mortum after reuniting himself and transforming into Turbo Trap Mode.

After he explained his story, Steel realizes that his body was now entirely made out of Connect-Tek and because of that, he was indesctructable. Shortly after, Mortum recreates himself and transforms into his Turbo Trap form, at the same time maniacally laughing. Upon seeing the monster that his uncle had became, Mortum's nephew runs away and La Fiera decides to dismember the zombie, yet he regenerates his lost members and says he couldn't destroy the unliving. Alex says that Mortum wasn't the same man as before and he teases him by saying that he couldn't wait to eat his "towering intellect". He attacks Max and La Fiera, but they manage to dodge him. Tempestra launches a lightning spear on him, but he dodges and hides himself in the shadows while laughing. He quietly emerges from the shadows and drags Tempestra with him. C.Y.T.R.O. goes after her, but he only finds Mortum, who easily defeats him. Max and Alex attempts to take down Mortum, but they are both defeated with ease by the zombie. After they returned to their base mode, Mortum proceeds to absorb their brain energy until Steel manages to create a brain shield that ultimately stops him from eating the rest of the brainwaves. After Mortum sees Steel, which refers to a "magnificent" being, he captures him and destroys the base with Max, Alex and Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. there and escapes.

Mortum and Steel

Mortum about to capture Steel

Mortum later goes to a mountain with his robot zombie army and sees Commander Kilgore's forces trying to save the city. He then delcares that Copper Canyon was only the beginning of his revolution. He launches his arms in the ground and creates a a giant temple. Two zombies approch Mortum with Steel, who was constantly joking despite the serious situation. Mortum calmly says that he was only joking because he was afraid just like the other people lost and shivering in the darkness. However, his speech is interupted and he realizes that he couldn't contain all the brainwaves that he had consumed. He then creates a energy sphere where he puts Steel inside and reveals that he would dissect him, piece by piece, to find the solution to his problems.

Mortum dissecting Steel

Mortum dissecting Steel and about to remove his humor syntax chip

After dissecting him, Mortum was incredibly amazed by Steel's alien technology. Steel makes another joke and Mortum decides to remove his humor syntax chip. He attempts to make another joke, but he realizes that it wasn't funny. Mortum finds his memory files and was about to delete it since Max and his friends had died, but Steel says that they were well and alive and they would stop him. Mortum laughs and says that he thought he had deactivated his sense of humor. Mortum then commands his zombie horde to find Max and Team Turbo and bring their heads. He then goes back to dissecting Steel and finally finds his T.U.R.B.O. Energy bank and reveals that he would create his own version known as "Brain Bank", which would be capable of storing limitless amounts of brain energy. As the device was being created, he laughs and says that no one could ever stop him now.
Mortum versus Max, Alex, Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O.

Mortum versus Max and his Team Turbo

Hours later, Max, Alex, Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. invades Mortum's temple and find Steel, who could barely talk. Mortum emerges from the ground and finds out that Max and his team were still alive despite his efforts to kill them. Max commands his friends to attack the villain, but they fail since he had spent hours studying Max and his friends' skills and fighting styles and also C.Y.T.R.O.'s deactivation code, which he later on uses. After C.Y.T.R.O. was disabled, various hands start emerging from the ground, which restrain La Fiera and Tempestra. Mortum attempts to absorb their brainwaves, but he fails thanks to the brain shields. However, he easily destroys them after he discovered how easy and fragile they were to disable. Upon seeing his friends being sucked in the ground, Max despereately tries to save them and releases his T.U.R.B.O. Energy to them, despite it fails and Mortum declares that they belonged to him from now on. Max runs towards the villain and uses his daggers to fight against him, even though that he is dragged to the ground seconds later.
Mortum's dome-like shield

Mortum creates a giant dome-like shield to protect him and Max

After Max and his friends were all immobilized, Mortum says that the world was living in constant conflict and havoc, even though that he would save them by using his way: strength through union and order, being only loyal to only one ultimate overlord: himself. Mortum then releases a large wave of energy that transforms everything on its sight into robot zombies. The waves eventually reach the entire world and everyone becomes robot zombies. Meanwhile, Mortum says that the humanity's weaknesses were the apathy and individuality and now they would be only one mind. The villain then teases Max by saying that the last thing that he was going to see was his triumph. However, when Mortum was about to transform Max into a zombie, soldiers from Commander Kilgore's army on a plane releases a bomb that would kill both Max and Mortum, but luckily, the villain creates a giant dome that acted as a shield and prevented it from destroying all he had done. While he was busy trying to protect him and his prey, Max managed to escape from him and ran away from the temple.
Mortum and Rayne, Alex and C.Y.T.R.O.

Mortum and Max's team, now under his control

Shortly after Mortum sees the plane and angrily says he couldn't destroy the unliving and launches a energy ray from the poligon on his head that hits the plane and presumably kills the soldiers. Mortum then realises that Max and Steel escaped and commands to Alex, Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O., who from now on were under his control, to rise and hunt down Max, so he could later join his army, whatever wanting or not. After the trio said he would join Mortum's army or be destroyed, the villain started to maniacally laugh.

Eventually, Max manages to cure his friends and they attempt to stop Mortum once for all while he was feasting on massive quantities of brainwaves. The device that Mortum was using to eat the brain energy is damaged thanks to Team Turbo's attacks and he is destroyed in the process. As result, he regenerates himself, but this time he is made out of zombies rather than Connect-Tek technology. After rising once again, he proclaims that the Technopocalypse had arrived and commands Max and his team to join his forces, otherwise they would perish. Max humorously refuses and Mortum says that they will be destroyed.

Mortum easily overpowers Max and his friends and claims to Max that he could never defeat him, as he was all alone. Rayne realizes that their mental link (obtained when Max cured his friends) was still active and she uses it to share her powers with him, at the same time also saying that by being a team, they would never be alone. C.Y.T.R.O. and Alex does the same as well and Max transforms into Turbo Mega Mode. Max gets the upper hand and easily overpowers Mortum. In a desperate attempt of defeating Max, Mortum releases an energy ray from his sphere on his stomach, but Max blocks with his Connect-Tek Sword. He slowly approaches Mortum and at the same time claims that he had stolen all that power and that it never belonged to him. When he finally reaches the villain, he impales his sword on his stomach, while Mortum is on shock and asks what he had done. As result, the Connect-Tek, alongside with the Brain Bank, are exposed, and Max launches a T.U.R.B.O. Energy ray that destroys both devices. Mortum's body glows white and he slowly starts to disintegrate. Eventually, Mortum completely fades away.

After the Technopocalypse

The official website states that even after the end of the Technopocalypse, Mortum keeps returning in different forms to take over the world.

In Turbo-Warriors, the breastplate of Mortum's Turbo Ultimate Mode and the Connect-Tek (Mortum's brain) are seen in a room of Team Turbo's base, suggesting that Max and his friends had permanently stopped him.


  • Superhuman Strength: Mortum is considerably stronger than an average person. This was seen when Mortum easily destroyed the blade of the Connect-Tek Sword of Jim McGrath into pieces by just pressing the blade. In his mutant form, this becomes evident during the second and third form.
  • Superhuman Durability: Mortum cannot be easily taken down and could resist many attacks with the shield that was projected on his body when he was hit by something or someone.
  • Brainwaves Absorption/Hands Projectiles: Mortum is capable of absorbing humans' brain energy by launching his hands on them. According to himself, the more brain energy he consumes, the stronger he gets, but by doing so his hunger grows more.
  • Regeneration: Mortum can quickly recreate himself or other members of his body. His body is completely made out of Connect-Tek, thus, he cannot be destroyed and if he is, he can recreate himself into a different form. For example, when he was annihilated by C.Y.T.R.O., he could quickly recover himself and transformed into Turbo Trap Mode, featured by its arachnid-like appearance rather than a skinny humanoid structure.
  • Immortality: After linking with the Connect-Tek, Mortum is able to live forever and preserve his current appearance.
  • Connect-Tek Power: Since he has the Connect-Tek embedded within him, he can create everything that comes on his mind, which makes him an extremely dangerous villain. For example, he could create a giant temple within minutes.
  • Teleportation (formerly): With this ability, Mortum can teleport himself or specific objetcs into any location that he pleases to go. Also, this is used as a strategy to escape. With his teleportation, it has been proven that he can teleport from a very long distance. He only cannot teleport himself, but also people that are around him.
  • Shield Generation (formerly): Mortum can activate a shield that protect his whole body. He unwittingly projects this shield if he is hit by someone or something.
  • Transdimensional Energy Generation (formerly): Mortum can use a portion of this energy to teleport himself or other people around him and also attack. He can launch white rays and produce strong discharges of this energy, capable of knocking down many N-Tek Agents.
  • Levitation (formerly): By simply raising his arms, Mortum can levitate someone or something with his transdimensional energy.


  • Advanced Technology: Mortum counts with advanced technology on his base and gear.
  • Zombie Virus: After he became a robot zombie, Mortum gained the ability of absorbing the brainwaves of humans and transform them into robot zombies like him. After infecting few people, Mortum's virus reached epidemic proportions and eventually infected the entire Copper Canyon. It is also quite potent, as it could even infect artificial minds, like C.Y.T.R.O.'s.
  • Connect-Tek: In the end of Team Turbo, Mortum successfully steals the Connect-Tek once for all of N-Tek's hands, but it turns out that the device was damaged and ultimately explodes on him, completely destroying his structure and replacing his own brain.
  • Turbo Modes: After Mortum was infused with the Connect-Tek device, he got the ability of recreating his whole structure into different Turbo Modes. Unlike Max's and his team's modes, Mortum's modes have a macabre tone to them.
  • Connect-Tek Body: Mortum's body is completely made out of the Connect-Tek.
  • Robot Zombies: Mortum originally utilized an army of hive-minded robot zombies. They were able to absorb the brainwaves of other humans and also feed Mortum.
  • Bombs (formerly): Mortum possesses black floating bombs with white spheres that, when activated, are attached to the chest of the person through three suckers. They were presumably fed by Mortum's transdimensional energy.
  • Black Suit (formerly): Mortum used a black suit that covered his whole body with the exception of his head. The suit provided superhuman strength, speed and durability, teleportation, levitation and a shield generator, all powered by transdimensional energy. The armor was completely destroyed after Mortum's mutation.


  • Genius Intellect: Mortum was described as a brilliant and very intelligent scientist before going insane. He was even capable of dismembering Steel and didn't damaged him at all in the process.
  • Expert Tactician: Mortum proved to be a real threat by managing to destroy and crash the Daedelus Platform (none of the villains managed to destroy the ship, with the exception of Toxzon and his virus, that almost made the ship crash in A Germ of an Idea) only with his skills and technology. Also, he is one of the few (or perhaps the only) character(s) that knows about the secret bases of N-Tek spread around the world, which offers quite an advantage to him, thus making Mortum a very unpredictable villain.
    • Top Secret Information: Mortum knows everything about Max's Team Turbo, such as their fighting styles. Additionally, he also knows about Max's secret identity and refers to him as only McGrath.
  • Technology Expert: Mortum possesses a vast knowledge about technology. He was even capable of hacking N-Tek's system only with his skills.
  • Skilled Fighter: As a human, Mortum could easily surpass Jim's moves with ease and easily knocked down him many times. As a mutant, this is more evident on his second form (Turbo Trap Mode) when he fought against Max and quickly attacked him and dodged his attacks.


  • Mortum needs brainwaves in order to stay strong or think well.
  • Damaged Armor: Mortum's robot zombie form is heavily damaged which sometimes makes him say things too fast or stutter to the point that no one was able to understand him. He can be easily destroyed (or even crumbled) by a simple energy ray, but due to his body being made out of the Connect-Tek, he can quickly recover himself and recreate his whole structure into practically endless forms. Initially, he couldn't store the amounts of brainwaves that he absorbed, hence why he constantly sluttered or talked too fast.
  • Brain Bank: Mortum's ultimate weak point. Previously, he wasn't able to contain all the brainwaves that he absorbed, so he decided to create a device that would help him. When Mortum captured Steel, he analyzed his T.U.R.B.O. Energy Bank and created his own version capable of storing endless quantities of brain energy. In his last form (or Turbo Scorpion Mode), Mortum's brain bank is connected to the Connect-Tek and has the shape of an arachnid animal (resembling his Turbo Trap Mode). When the device was destroyed, Mortum started to glow until he was destroyed, which presumably caused his end.
  • T.U.R.B.O. Energy Vulnerability: Mortum's technology is vulnerable to a certain extent to Maxwell's T.U.R.B.O. Energy.


In latin, "Mortum" means "dead", which refers to his appearance, considering that he has very pale skin and black circles around his eyes, which is commonly seen in deceased corpses and skeletons. Besides, Mortum constantly refers to death in some of his speeches (like when Max and his Team Turbo went to his base to rescue the N-Tek Agents and Mortum said that he would only see them in the after-life) and also the chamber that he used to torture the N-Tek Agents were similar to coffins.

In his mutated form, it is revealed that Mortum died in the process and converted itself into an undead, which makes an allusion to his name.


In his human form, Mortum was a man with a skinny build and his clothes had the influence of Gothic style, possessing only dark colors, like black and grey. Mortum had black slicked back hair, very pale skin, blue eyes with black circles around his eye (making him look like a deceased corpse, thus making an allusion to his name) and an armor that completely covers his body with the exception of his head and a part of his neck. His armor is completely black with many white points around it and various shades of dark and light grey. He used a separated part similar to a coat on his shoulders that also had the same colors as the armor of the villain. When Mortum was hit by someone or something, a white glowing shield was generated around his body, partially covering his armor and head. In his mutated form, Mortum's armor is now remade and is made out of many black, deformed, irregular and dirty poligons, with some of them having white or silver borders. Mortum has the same height as before but he is much skinnier. He has the Connect-Tek merged on the top of his head, where his brain was supposed to be. He has a giant blue poligon with silver border on the center of his forehead, which glows when he absorbs brainwaves. His face has older features and gains a bright shade of green. He has silver eyes with glowing blue pupils and black markings on his forehead and mouth (similar to actual teeths of a skull). His metallic jaw has eight teeths and constantly bounces and abnormally opens when he is absorbing brain energy or simply talking. Additionally, His skull is apparently made out of metal.


"Ugh, why do you all resist? Look around this world. What do you see? People living in conflict, in chaos! I offer the better way: strength through unity. Strength through order. Mindless, obdients, to one ultimate overlord! I offer my way to the entire world!"

Prior to the series' events, Mortum was described as a incredibly smart and brilliant scientist. Mortum was obsessed in surpassing his weak point, which would be his own mortality. He considered it to be nothing more than a limitation for his intellect. He was also a perfectionist.

When Mortum made its debut on the series, he was shown to be calm, intimidating, threatening, ambitious and treacherous. Mortum is a megalomaniac completely obsessed with reinventing humanity and itself while becoming a god in the process. He was extremely manipulative, respectful and persuasive to the point of convincing the villains to make a deal with him, which at first, they were reluctant to do so. He considered himself to be a man that gets what he wants and once stated that he had a deep hatred for heroes. He was also very cruel and merciless towards his enemies.

After he infused with the Connect-Tek, Mortum went downright insane but still retains some of the original traces of his personality, such as evolving humanity and himself. He puts the evolution of humanity above everything else, not caring if he has to hurt or even kill people in the process. Due to the fact that the Connect-Tek is now embedded into Mortum's skull, he turns into a zombie and has a insatiable hunger for brains and apparently he seems to think better the more he absorbs. Mortum's main goal consists in controlling the entire humanity and transform it into his puppets, as he sees that there were many reasons why humanity fell apart during all these years, but mainly due to the human empathy and individuality. By doing this, he wanted them to obey him no matter what, which denotes his authoritarian and manipulative traces. He is shown to have a extensive vocabulary and sometimes talks in third person.

In his mutant form, Mortum also lacks empathy and compassion, as seen when he almost turned his own nephew (who was apparently his favorite prior to his mutation) into a robot zombie and disturbingly referred to his brainwaves as "dessert". At best, he can be described as a souless monster who has no pity and his humanity is completely gone, now only having an insatiable hunger to consume all life.



Mortum used to work with his nephew before he went insane and apparently he was his favorite before he went insane.

Jim McGrath

Mortum interacted few times with Jim. At first, he fought against him when the Daedelus platform was falling down and easily knocked down him multiple times. Later on, he captured Jim and the rest of N-Tek's agents and tortured them. By the end of Team Turbo, when Jim was still unconscious, Mortum said that even though Jim had created the Connect-Tek, he didn't had a vision of what he could to with it.

Maxwell McGrath

Max and Mortum are enemies. By the end of Team Turbo, Max and Mortum had their first interaction when Max demanded N-Tek agents back, but Mortum said they would only see themselves in the after-life. Shortly after, Max slices the Connect-Tek, thus triggering Mortum's death moments later.

In Team Turbo Fusion Tek, Mortum and Max fought multiple times.


Mortum only realised about Steel's existence in Team Turbo Fusion Tek, shorty after the Ultralink created the brain shields to his friends. Upon seeing Steel, Mortum captured him and later on dissected him. Despite Mortum's menacing speeches, Steel made many jokes until Mortum removed his Humor Syntax Chip while dissecting him. Mortum stated that Steel was only making those jokes because he was afraid just like all other people lost in the Technopocalypse.

Alejandro Villar

"Muahahaha, what a brilliant observation! I look forward to feast on your towering intellect!"

Alex and Mortum didn't interacted too much, even though that Mortum calls him by his nickname. During their first fight, upon seeing Mortum's strength and regenerative abilities, he stated thet he surely wasn't the same guy as before, which Mortum sarcastically replies that it was such a brilliant observation and insulted his intellect. Mortum fought against Alex few times and easily knocked down him. Like Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O., Alex was transformed into a robot zombie by Mortum and alongside with them, he was considered one of the heralds of the villain's Technopocalypse. When he dissected Steel, he learned about Alex's fighting skills and abilities.

Rayne Martinez

Rayne and Mortum didn't interacted too much. Mortum fought against Rayne few times and easily knocked down her. During their first fight, Mortum maniacally laughed while hinding himself in the shadows and later captured Rayne and trapped her in the wall. Like other members of Max's team, Rayne was transformed into a robot zombie by Mortum, and alongside with Alex and C.Y.T.R.O., she was considered one of the heralds of his Technopocalypse. When he dissected Steel, he learned about Rayne's fighting skills and abilities.


Mortum considered C.Y.T.R.O. as Team Turbo's pathetic little robot. He fought against C.Y.T.R.O. few times and won, even being capable of disabling him in a fight. He fought against him few times. Like other members of Max's team, C.Y.T.R.O. was transformed into a robot zombie by Mortum. Mortum considered him, alongside with Alex and Rayne, as the heralds of his Technopocalypse. When he dissected Steel, he learned about C.Y.T.R.O.'s fighting skills and abilities.


  • "Brilliant, but useless!" - Team Turbo
  • "You invented the Connect-Tek, Jim McGrath, but you don't deserve it. You don't have vision. With Connect-Tek, I will remake the human animal, I will turn myself into a living weapon, I will make myself a GOD!" - Team Turbo
  • "This device has both destroyed me and remade me. You see, the more brain energy I consume, the stronger I get! However, the stronger I get, the more brain energy I need to consume. More than I alone could ever hope to gather for myself. But with a few minor adjustments, my new techno-zombotic form will allow me to extend my reach! Not only will I consume brains, I will transform humanity! From person to person, brain to brain! My horde will srepad among the populous and their one, single-minded purpose. BRING ME MORE BRAINS!" - Team Turbo Fusion-Tek
  • "What a feast ... Who knew the human mind would taste so good? And now my brain is once again brimming with brilliance, it's time for dessert." - Team Turbo Fusion Tek
  • "Isn't it remarkable? I haven't only cheated death, I've exceeded life, I'm ENDLESS!" - Team Turbo Fusion Tek
  • "A new dawn rises. A new dawn of Mortum. Human empathy. Human individuality. These are the flaws that let humanity doom! Now they will be only Mortum! Max Steel, let the last thing you see with your mortal, obsolete eyes, be my final triumph!" - Team Turbo Fusion Tek


The Gallery of Professor Mortum can be seen Here.


  • He is voiced by Scott McNeil, who also voiced Elementor, Bio-Constrictor and other minor characters in the movies of the classic Max Steel. He also voiced Klean Kal in the new series.
  • He is one of the few characters that knows about N-Tek's secret bases, and the only who knows about the secrets of each member of Team Turbo, such as their figthing styles and powers.
  • Mortum's character could have been inspired by L'Étranger, a French mercenary in the classic series. L'Étranger was the first enemy that Max ever fought against, while Mortum was the first new enemy that a older Max fights against. In his human form, when Mortum was hit by someone or something, a white armor would be generated around his body, which had a mask with a striking resemblance of L'Étranger. Parallely, L'Étranger was half cyborg and human, while Mortum is half robot and zombie.
  • He is the first villain whose mutation was caused by Maxwell McGrath.
  • He is the first villain capable of transforming into Turbo Modes. However, he does not yell "Go Turbo ..." before transforming into his modes, even though that they work in a similar way as Max and his team's modes. He is also the third character in the show (the first being Extroyer and the second La Fiera) who has all of his transformations that are seen on the show based on animals.
  • He is the first villain that had powers even before his mutation.
  • While Mortum is a reference to L'Étranger from the original series, he bears a resemblance with other characters from other franchises. He is very similar to Eon from the Ben 10 series mainly to their color scheme, Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four 2015 movie and Raiden from Metal Gear franchise.
  • Mortum's flying hands might be a parody of the Thing from The Addams Family.
  • Mortum was the first human to die on screen and the first character to kill humans on screen.
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