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Power Slam Dredd is an action figure based on Miles Dread in his T.U.R.B.O Energy Mode. There was two versions of this figure, one released in Latin America, and one released in USA. The Latin America version was released in the first wave of figures, and was a part of Aerial Invasion, and the USA version was released as part of the 6 Inch Line.


Latin America

In this version, the details on Dredd aren't like the USA version, and even the gimmick is the same. The paint job are only visible in the torso and head, the figure have only seven points of articulation, and comes with four projectiles.

Those projectiles can be inserted into Miles Dredd's hands, and when Dredd is pulled back and his hands hits the ground, the projectiles will be launched.


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In this version, Dredd is more detailed and have more spikes than the Latin America version, and he comes with more accessories. Also, he is less taller when compared to the Latin America Version. Most of the details are the same, alongside with the articulation. The figure comes with three projectiles and one Ultralink.

The gimmick is the same when compared to his Latin America Version, but he can launch three projectiles at the same time instead of launching only two. Also, he comes with an Ultralink, that can be inserted in his legs, and is able to jump when pressed.

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