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The Pantheon was Terrorax's most powerful weapon used in Turbo-Warriors.


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Alongside with the Elementors, Terrorax was seeing Copper Canyon from the Pantheon and asks for their help. In return, he would give them powers beyond what they knew. As the Pantheon approaches Copper Canyon, they shout Nexus' quote, confirming that they are on Terrorax's side.

After Terrorax freeds Team Terror and captures the Terror Energy Generator, he goes to the Pantheon and says to Lord Nexus that the ascension delayed for some time would finally happen, yet he doubts. Terrorax proceeds to charge himself and his minions with Terror Energy, which makes them much stronger. They approach Nexus and say the organization's quote.

Later on, Team Terror captures Rayne Martinez and C.Y.T.R.O. and they are imprisoned. Later on Terrorax talks with them and Rayne states that Max and Alex would defeat him, yet he crushes her hope by revealing that he had transformed the ship into a giant inaccessible and unassailable, Terror Energy generator. Shortly after, he commands the Nexus agents to activate the exponential towers, which would pump Terror Energy in large quantities.


Terrorax upgraded the Pantheon and transformed it into a giant Terror Energy generator. Its exponential towers are capable of pump massive quantities of Terror Energy, which would be very effective to Terrorax in his mission of forcing people to join in the Nexus.


  • The design of the Pantheon seems to be inspired by the common depiction of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) due to its shape.