Max Steel Reboot Package of Animal's DNA Samples
The Package of Animals' DNA Samples is a package that was stolen by Vin and Dwayne. It first appeared in Driven. This package, as you can notice, contains animals' DNA samples. As told by Extroyer, it contains living DNA samples of the world's most rarest and deadliest animals that exist in the world. It is unknown what lab Extroyer's Henchmen, Vin and Dwayne, stole it from, but what is known is that the lab is located somewhere in Copper Canyon, not out of Copper Canyon. 


In Driven, it was stolen by Extroyer's Henchmen from a science lab. It is a package that is full with little glass bottles, each containing different animals DNA, but only the most deadliest and dangerous animals like for example the black cobra, polar bear, and Saber-Tooth Tiger.


In this episode, Extroyer's Henchmen stole a package, which they didn't knew what was inside it. Then they were being chased by the police. They later found a place, which they thought was a parking lot, and they left the car and the package (which was under one of the seats on the back of the car. Then Max Steel gives the package to Extroyer, and then he reveals what's inside it, Animals' DNA Samples of the most deadliest and dangerous animals that exist in the world. Then Extroyer morphed into Extroyer Black Cobra, by breaking the glass bottle with the DNA of the dangerous snake. Later Extroyer Black Cobra turned back into Extroyer and was going to morph into a Saber-Tooth Tiger, but Steel crashed him with the Turbo Car and then all the DNA Samples fell on top of him and by accident, morphed all of them that he turned big and then a goop was getting out of his body, then fell on the floor defeated.


This package is a black, rectangular package like the others packages. Then inside it there are little glass bottles of Animals' DNA. It has a little handle to carry the package on top of it. It looks like it is soft inside it when Extroyer opened it.


  • Extroyer only mentioned four of them, which were Black Cobra DNA, Polar Bear DNA, Harpy Eagle DNA, and Saber-Tooth Tiger DNA.
  • If there was the DNA Sample of a Saber-Tooth Tiger, as mentioned by Extroyer, the scientists from the science lab must have got the DNA Sample from a fossil of the prehistoric creature.
  • It is said to only have the world's some rarest and dangerous animals in the world.