Night Wind Elementor figure
Night Wind Elementor is one of Air Elementor's action figures. It was released on the second half of 2013 and belonged to the Stealth subline.


Elementor has a monstrous body type that has a similar texture to a tornado. He has white eyes, white spiky teeth and a red core on his forehead. His body is mostly white and right half of his shoulder and right arm are dark grey. The right side of his body is slightly different than the left, as he has holes on his arm and leg and his hand has four fingers unlike the left that has only three. He has six points of articulation.

His left arm features a dark grey "stick" that can spin along with Elementor's claws and simulate a tornado.



  • There were two variants of Night Wind Elementor released. The first was the white and grey version and the second (and hardest to find) was the purple version.
  • It was released on North America (and presumably other places around the world) as a part of a battle pack named Battle Bow Max Steel VS Night Air Elementor.

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