Night Howl 1
Night Howl is the only action figure released for Night Howl, released in the second half of 2017. It is a part of both Connect-Tek and Turbo-Warriors sublines.

Official Description

"Get ready for three villainous modes of play with the 12-inch, deluxe Max Steel Night Howl figure! The Night Howl villain figure changes into three modes: cloak mode, blade mode and wolf mode. Plus, the figure also has three attachment pieces including two blades and a tail/cloak. For extra play value, the two blade attachments join together to become a mask. Max Steel™ has his battle set out for him against this triply treacherous villain! Recreate favorite epic battles or wage new adventures! Includes Night Howl figure and blade attachments."


  • Explorer Max Steel VS Night Howl: Heads up for Night Howl in his wolf form! Luckily, Explorer Max Steel knows exactly how take care of him!
  • Stealth Attack Max Steel VS Night Howl: With Night Howl in the area, Max and his duo blades are ready to take action!




  • Even though that Night Howl's action figure was first unveiled in the first half of 2017 and was believed to be a part of Turbo-Charged toy line, he was released in the second half of the same year, in the Turbo-Warriors toy line.

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