We are Legion, We are One, We are Nexus!

—Nexus agents, Turbo-Charged

Nexus Agents

Nexus Members
Agents that appeared in the gathering at Halifax Industries building

Nexus Members 2

Gender Male and Female
Alias TBA
Species Humans
Status TBA
Occupation TBA
Age Adults
Homeworld Earth
Interests Taking over the world alongside with Nexus
Weapons Blasters and staffs
Family TBA
Allies Lord Nexus
Night Howl
Enemies Max Steel
Team Turbo
Alejandro Villar
Rayne Martinez
Anyone who stands on Terrorax and Nexus' way
Background Information
First Appearance Turbo-Charged
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By TBA
The Nexus agents are men and women who are members of the Nexus. They debuted in Turbo-Charged.


Animated Films


When Max and his team were captured by Terrorax, few agents wearing black and white outfits were seen operating computers. When Max started to get angry, he started to generate large quantities of T.U.R.B.O. Energy and most of the agents started to advise Terrorax that he was overloading. After he overloads and ends up blowing the place up, his body is left in the canyons of Copper Canyon, where he is left to perish.

In Terrorax's secret hideout, the same members appeared accompanying him.

In the Halifax building, more members were having a reunion with Prometheus Halifax. When Max and La Fiera appeared, he activates his Terror Energy and transform himself into a monster. As he walks towards the duo, the Nexus agents starts gloryfing him and his energy. They later quietly watched Max and Alex fighting against Terrorax. When the villain was about to finish off both, they surrounded the duo, but Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. suddenly appeared by breaking the floor. After they appeared, the agents were forced to retreat.

In the end of the film, few armed Nexus agents with black outfits were seen trying to stop Max. They were easily defeated by him though.

After Terrorax's crushing defeat, more agents were seen on a large ship of Lord Nexus.

Turbo Warriors


The Nexus agents are average individuals with no superhuman conditions, but they carry blasters and electric staffs.


  • Nexus agents w/ white cloak
  • Nexus agents w/ black cloaks
  • Halifax building agents
  • Halifax building agents
Most of the agents seen wear a cloak that covers their entire body and all of them wear masks with a stretched letter N on the region of the eyes. There were two variations of this attire, one being black with purple details and the other being white with silver details.

There were more members seen in Prometheus' building, this time they were using white masks with a black, stretched letter N in the region of the eyes. The men were wearing black suits, while the women were using black dresses and beige necklaces.


They are worship Nexus and Terrorax's Terror Energy and strictly follow the orders of their lord. When Max and La Fiera were about to fight against Terrorax, they kept praising his energy. Like other members of Nexus, they don't talk often.


  • "All hail Terrorax, ascended to reign us through the power of Terror Energy and the will of lord Nexus!" - Turbo-Charged


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