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News Reporter, sometimes referred as Reporter or News Anchor minor character introduced in Season 1 who makes cameos in almost every episode. He usually appears talking about Max Steel's heroic actions on TV. The news reporter debuted in Come Together Part Three and was voiced by Brian Dobson in the first season, while in Season 2 he is voiced by Trevor Devall.


Season 1

Come Together Part Three

Shortly after Max Steel saved Copper Canyon from Miles Dread's mischievous plans, the news reporter asked his name. After Max said his name and Steel said his name, the news reporter referred the hero as Max Steel, saying that Copper Canyon was saved by their own new superhero.

Secret Identity Crisis

After Max stopped the Thieves, the news reporter appeared and said Max Steel had saved the day again, even though that the citizens didn't knew about Max's secret identity, they were glad that he was there.

Season 2

Me, Myself, and Extroyer

He appeared in the beginning of the episode in the TV talking about Max Steel's heroic actions as well the event that would happen consisting in honor Max Steel by inaugurating a statue.

He later appeared talking about the fight that Extroyer and Max Steel had during the inauguration of the statue. Shortly after, he appeared talking about Max Steel (who was Extroyer in an attempt of frame Max) attacking the library, leaving everyone shocked.

Overtime, the news reporter regularly appeared talking about Extroyer's villainous actions, like when he scared Mama Moco or destroyed many buildings just for fun.

After some time, the news reporter appeared talking that Extroyer was on a rampage, destroying everything on its sight, while Max Steel was arrested and the citizens were defenseless. Eventually, after Butch, Sydney Gardner and Kirby Kowalski started a riot against Extroyer, the news reporter appeared once again talking about the event.

Animated Films

Team Turbo Fusion-Tek

He appeared talking about the mysterious "techno-virus" that infected everyone into zombies on Copper Canyon and the military that were trying to contain the virus to not go any further. He was going to present Georgina Romero, but she was turned into a zombie and ultimately infected him.


  • He was seen with the Truck Driver.


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