N-Tek Transmitters are green and white devices built by N-Tek. They are about as tall as Max Steel in Turbo Flight Mode. They are located all around the globe, but the two shown in the series are located in the dam and in a crater in the canyons. Transmitter Component may be kept at N-Tek. It was first seen in Elements of Surprise Part Two, the thing that Ultimate Elementor was looking for in the Copper Canyon Water Dam. In X Marks the Spot, the one that Axel and Jason Naught found when in a crater in the canyons of Copper Canyon. It was also seen in one of then flashbacks of Steel, when he was talking to Maxwell McGrath, while fighting the holographic Elementors in the Training Station, in Split Decisions, when he was trying to figure out what was N-Tek's Real and True Mission and how they were all connected. They also were to prevent the Invasion of Ultralinks and it should the other Transmitters, which Dredd used to make the Missiles and were going to the targets to destroy N-Tek's Shield.

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