N-Tek Agents are people that work for the top-secret organization, N-Tek. N-Tek Agents are people that work there and they help out the place by saving the Earth. Some of the N-Tek Agents are scientists and also people that fight villains. The N-Tek Agents are not allowed to talk about their job at N-Tek. Some N-Tek Agents are heroes and some are ones that retired or were fired from N-Tek, then turned into villains and are against N-Tek. There are also some that are named and some that are unnamed, like the ones that are in lab coats and talk sometimes, or like the ones that are in armor and suit, that look alike with their suits and they carry weapons or drive N-Tek R.O.C.C and N-Tek Jump Jet, but seem to be clumsy. The N-Tek Agents first appear in Come Together Part One.

List of N-Tek Agents

  • Maxwell McGrath- Is a hero and new to N-Tek.
  • Steel- An alien from another planet (Ultralink) that is a friend of Maxwell. 
  • Max Steel- Maxwell McGrath + Steel = Max Steel
  • Commander Forge Ferrus- One of the co-Founders of N-Tek and is an expert in weapons. Also uncle of Maxwell.
  • Molly McGrath- Mother of Maxwell and someone who helps out N-Tek in a few occasions.
  • Jim McGrath- One of the co-Founders of N-Tek and father of Maxwell. He "died" in an accident with T.U.R.B.O Energy. He was once Forge's science officer.
  • Miles Dread (previously)- One of the co-Founders of N-Tek. He is powerful with T.U.R.B.O Energy and he is no longer with N-Tek, now against it.
  • Jefferson Smith- A man who owns his own N-Tek Jump Jet, Lucille.
  • Katherine Ryan- High ranker in N-Tek and she goes in missions alongside with Jefferson.
  • Roberto Martinez- Forge's new science officer, after Jim McGrath. 
  • C.Y.T.R.O- Robot created by Berto.
  • Tytus Octavius XanderToxzon (previously)- An insane man who was a bio-geneticist who was fired because he talked with a plastic goldfish named Fishy and he made dangerous toxins that were going to be cures for toxins.
  • Scientists- Scientists do work like inventing things and handling dormant Ultralinks.
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