Mutant Claws Toxzon 2
Mutant Claw Toxzon is Toxzon's only action figure released in 2017. He is a part of both Connect-Tek and Turbo Missions sublines.


  • Wave Blast Max Steel VS Mutant Claw Toxzon: When Mutant Claw Toxzon appears, Wave Blast Max Steel goes into action with his double missiles to save the day!
  • Laser Attack Max Steel VS Mutant Claw Toxzon: Mutant Claw Toxzon and his poisoned claws can't deal with Max and his super laser!


Toxzon, unlike othe releases, features a skinny build. He has a dark blue helmet with yellow eyes, transparent yellow hoses attached from his face to his shoulders, a light blue marking on his upper chest and a yellow pattern on his lower torso. He has blue shoulder pads and biceps, yellow gauntlets and blue hands. He also wears light blue boots. He has ten points of articulation and comes with eight accessories.

Toxzon comes with a pair of Goopanoids with a total of six removable claws. His body features many Connect-Tek ports, which allows the creation of many modes.



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