Gender Male
Alias Muru-Kirby
Species Human (formerly)
Status Deceased
Occupation Ninja
Homeworld Earth
Interests Conquering the world
Weapons Cursed sword
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Allies None
Enemies Max Steel
Jason Naught
Anyone who interfere with his plans
Background Information
First Appearance Live by the Sword
Last Appearance Live by the Sword
Voiced By Richard Ian Cox (after possessing Kirby)

Murakami is a one-time villain introduced in Live by the Sword. He was trapped in his sword due to a curse, but in the future he returns thanks to Kirby Kowalski, who touched it and released him.


Early Life

Murakami was a ninja from Japan from many years ago who wanted to rule the world. He wanted a sword that was more powerful than anything on Earth, so he asked to a forger create one. After doing so, he put a curse on it and as a result Murakami was sealed on the sword. It was said that anyone who ever touched it would be possessed by the spirit of the ninja and then Murakami would be free again to cause chaos and destruction to wherever he went.

Season 1

Live by the Sword


Murakami has a slim build and wears a dark blue ninja suit with black accents, a black belt, a pair of forearm pads with three spikes on each, silver boots and store his sword on his back. He has orange eyes.

After being unleashed in the future, Murakami preserves Kirby's appearence, but wears a black ninja-like mask made out of one of Butch's friends' shirt. Both sword's blade and eyes are a glowing orange.


Murakami is an evil and violent individual who has a thirst for destruction and wants nothing but the destruction of the world. After possessing Kirby, he rarely speaks but he is very confused about modern technology.


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Murakami's gallery can be seen here.


  • He was the only villain on the series whose character was involved with magic.
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