From this very grave I arouse, on this grave I'll build my temple, I'll build the future!

Mortum, Team Turbo Fusion Tek

Mortum's temple

Mortum's Temple is a temple built by Professor Mortum during the events of the Technopocalypse.


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Team Turbo Fusion-Tek

After seeing the aerial forces of Commander Kilgore flying over Copper Canyon's skies, Mortum states that the that city was only the beginning of the evolution and creates his own temple with Connect-Tek's power. Shortly after, he decides to dissect Steel to find his T.U.R.B.O. Energy bank.

While dissecting him, Mortum removes his Humor Syntax Chip and after the villain sees a hologram of Steel's friends, he states that Max and Team Turbo were still alive. Mortum sends his robot zombies horde to find out and kill Max and his friends. Meanwhile, Mortum found Steel's T.U.R.B.O. Energy Bank and spent the next hours studying the alien's memories, abilities and more.

Much later, Max and his team arrived at Mortum's temple, but he was hiding. Max and his team saw what Mortum had done with Steel and the villain suddenly emerges from the ground and a showdown happens. Since Max's team were currently incapable of accesing their Turbo Modes, Mortum easily overpowered them and even deactivated C.Y.T.R.O.. After partially burying on the ground, Mortum releases an energy wave that absorbs the brainwaves of everyone residing on Earth and ultimately buries alive Max's friends, thus coverting them into his slaves. Shortly after, an air plane of Commander Kilgore's forces drop a bomb to completely obliterate Mortum's temple, but he activates a giant shield that protects the place and after deactivating it, he decides to eliminate the soldiers.

While the zombified Team Turbo are trying to hunt down Max and Steel, Mortum is on his temple feeding himself with all the brainwaves of billions of people. Max and his friends later on arrive and destroy Mortum. However, the villain recreates himself and transforms into Turbo Ultimate Mode, a large mode resembling a mix of a crab and a scorpion. Mortum easily overpowers Max's team, but they share their powers with him and create Turbo Mega Mode, which easily defeats Mortum and put an end to the Technopocalypse.

Mortum's temple is left intact by Max and his team and it is unknown what happened with it after the events of the Technoapocalypse.


Mortum's temple's style resembles his old base, as it is completely black or has dark colors and has black wires with white stripes. His temple is a giant, black place with black wires with white stripes and stones emerging from the ground. There is also few polygons on the floor and a giant polygon the center of the temple, where Mortum dissected Steel.


The temple serves as Mortum's base of operations. Mortum is capable of burying himself on the ground and he can do the same thing to his robot zombies. He also capture his victims with oversized hands that are hidden on the ground.

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