I am vengeance!



Morphos in his main mode

Maximum Morphos
Morphos' most powerful mode

Morphos Actual
Morphos after losing his powers

Gender Male
Alias Project Morphos
Mayor Morphos
Species Genetic experiment
Status Alive
Occupation Copper Canyon's Mayor (previously)
Age Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Interests Villainy, genetic engineering, politics
Weapons Shapeshifting abilities
Family TBA
Allies Miles Dread (formerly)
Jason Naught (formerly)
Copper Canyon Citizens (formely)
Copper Canyon Mayor (formely)
Enemies Miles Dread
Max Steel
Jason Naught
N-Tek Agents
The Elementors
Molly McGrath
Background Information
First Appearance Max Steel: The Dawn of Morphos
Last Appearance Max Steel: Maximum Morphos
Voiced By Brian Dobson

Morphos, aka Project Morphos, is one of Max Steel's enemies introduced in Dawn of Morphos and a major antagonist in the last two Animated Films. He is capable of copying the modes of practically anything (from living bengs to non-human beings, like machines) and is completely indestructible. He also had a strange relationship with Dread and considered him as his father and creator. Morphos debuted in Dawn of Morphos and was voiced by Brian Dobson.


Sixteen years ago

Morphos creation

N-Tek trying to create Morphos

When Jim McGrath came to Earth, he created N-Tek alongside with Molly McGrathForge Ferrus and Miles Dread because of Makino's iminent invasion. In his ship, they worked on many projects to stop the villain, between them the infamous Morphos. Morphos was designed to destroy Makino once for all. However, they realised that if the monster destroyed Makino, there were no guarantee that he would stop there and could be even a bigger threat than Makino itself. Forge and Jim then cancelled the project and opted in using the Turbo Star.

Animated Films

Dawn of Morphos

After Max Steel managed to destroy Makino once for all, Dread recreated Morphos by the use of lightning rays and parts of other mutants, also including his DNA in the mix. After Morphos was brought to life, he asked who he was and what was his purpose and referred Dread as his father. Shortly after Dread shows Morphos a image of Max Steel and later a projection of the device that would complete him and would give him all the answers, saying that he would give it to him if he destroyed Max Steel.

Dread later sents him to Copper Canyon city, where Morphos cause mayhem and chaos until Max arrives. The two start to fight and Morphos eventually manages to assimilate the powers of Max's Turbo Strength Mode. Afterwards, Max tosses Morphos in the ocean, but Jason Naught finds him and rescues him under Dread's orders.

Maximum Morphos

Bonus Clips

Toxic Morphos


Morphos is a muscular and tall humanoid mutant. In a few parts of his body, his skin is orange and yellow. While the yellow skin looks smooth, his orange skin is scaly like a reptile. He also has blue crystals with light blue energy lines that resemble stitches, which symbolize borders between the orange and yellow skin. He also has a giant cavity on his torso, that hides a blue tentacle that has three claws. His body doesn't seem to be symmetrical due to him having one ear on his right side (he doesn't have a left ear), his right shoulder being bigger than his left shoulder, his right hand having four clawed fingers, his left hand being a "hook", three clawed toes on his left foot, and a webbed-foot with three toes (two forward, one backwards) on his right foot.

According to some Bonus Clips, Morphos is, in fact, made of many parts of other monsters.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Morphos is much stronger than an average individual and is shown to be ruthless and energetic on battles. He was strong enough to easily overpower T-Rextroyer without much effort.
  • Superhuman Speed: Morphos is shown to be very fast, able to reach Max Steel (after tossing him in the ocean) in some minutes. He was able to cut in half multiple Goopaniods at blur speeds.
  • Superhuman Endurance: He is durable enough to resist almost every weapon on his way like cannons or bazookas. He was also able to endure the combined attack of The Elementors, Max Steel, Toxzon, and Extroyer, later returning harmless to battle.
  • Reactive Adaptation: Morphos' primary power consists in replicate instantly the powers of the threat that he is fighting with. Previously, he wasn't able to absorb some powers (like Max's Turbo Dual Strike Mode), but when he was upgraded with a security device, he got new skills, including the improvement of the shape-shifting abilities, which allows him to combine two or more powers at the same time.
  • Regeneration: He is able to quickly regenerate himself, as seen when Max tossed him and one of his arms came off from his body and he recreated it in few seconds.
  • Invulnerability to T.U.R.B.O. Energy: His cavity is able to absorb this energy.
  • Unlimited Stamina: Morphos can fight during large periods and return to fight full of energy. He doesn't needs to sleep nor eat as Dread mentioned, which makes him consider Morphos as his most perfect creation.
  • Resistance to Ultralinks: Since Morphos was made to defeat Makino, it is likely that he had a certain resistance against him and his kind.


  • Expert Tactician: Morphos inherited few characteristics of his creator, such as his intelligence and few personality traits. In Maximum Morphos, he comes back and captures Dread's enemies to gain the trust of Copper Canyon's citizens, eventually making his way as the mayor of the city. In truth, he wanted to copy the powers of the villains and obtain access to the THI building, which would allow him to mutate the entire Copper Canyon into mutants like him and would insert his image everywhere in order to prove that he is greater than Dread, who betrayed him.
  • Genius Intellect: Even though that Morphos is a very angry and ruthless creature, he is shown to be very intelligent. In Maximum Morphos, he was able to recreate the same formula that gave life to him and tested on Dread and even created few creatures based on himself by his own.


  • Destruction of Matrix: The security device that upgraded Morphos' powers was ultimately destroyed in the end of Maximum Morphos, leaving permanent consequences to him: Morphos lost his powers and was left in his main mode unable to copy any ability.


The name Morphos is based on the word morph, which means shapeshift or transform. It makes an allusion of the creature's ability of copying the powers of other characters.

His name also is similar to "Morphosos", which were blue crystals (quite similar to Morphos') responsible for mutating Troy Winter into Extroyer in the old series.


Morphos is initially presented as a furious, angry and extremely loyal to Dread, whom he referred as "father" and would have a deep hatred against Max Steel, as he was created with the sole purpose of destroying him. Upon waking up, Morphos was aware of the hero's existence and was understandable towards the idea of destroying him, as in exchange Dread would give the answers about who he was and his purpose. In battles, he was extremely agressive, energetic, vicious, ruthless and at some point sadistic, as he was able to making Max faint during their second battle or after losing control against Dread, he tossed him around and almost killed him. He is also shown to be merciless, as he proceeded to kill Molly and told her that there was nothing that he could take away from her with the exception of her life. In the process, Morphos was slowly gaining his own consicence and realizing how he is able to do much more than just serving the purpose of vengeance and knew how he couldn't be destroyed. He is shown to have a short temper, as when he got angry when Dread refused to the answers about his purpose and he proceeded to violently fight against him. In the same occasion, he also shown a provocative side, as he told Dread, who had his powers stolen and was being almost killed by his own creation, that he was being destroyed by his own hands.

After his crushing defeat against Max, he was ultimately betrayed by Dread and apparently killed, but he comes back and claims that he is "vengeance". In Maximum Morphos, is shown to have a deep hatred against Dread, as he no longer respects him and now has fully developed his own conscience and ideals, stating that now he chooses him own path. Now considering that he has surpassed his design and is superior than his creator in every way, Morphos plans to take over the world and build the future with his own image. He proceeds to use his powers to save people and capture Max's rogues (while copying their powers) and eventually becomes their mayor, while in truth he was planning to mutate the entire city into beings like him through the use of THI's technology - which emphasizes his intelligence. After doing so, Morphos' provocative side is once again shown, as he knows about the origins of the villains and would denigrate them, as such when he said that Elementors' powers were wasted. At the end of the film, Morphos is shown to be completely convinced that he is the superior lifeform and is much more powerful than his foes, which reveals his egomaniac side. Eventually, he is defeated by Max Steel and declares that he is less than his father, or "nothing" as he states.


Miles Dread

Morphos and Dread's relationship was very unstable. He referred to Dread as his father, yet Miles only saw him as a weapon that could destroy Max Steel and make N-Tek fall once for all. Morphos was extremely loyal to Dread and always tried to make him feel satisfied, yet he emotionally abused and toyed with Morphos and even referred to him as "nothing".

When Dread betrayed Morphos, he developed a deep hatred for him and after he regenerated, he tortured his creator and mutated his left hand. His hate for He eventually tuns the entire Copper Canyon into mutants (ironically using a machine that Dread built) and stated that his image would be everywhere. Morphos also considered Dread inferior and constantly remembered him that he surpassed Miles where he failed. Later on, Morphos is ultimately defeated by Max Steel and tells his creator that he was worse than him and was nothing.

Max Steel

Morphos has a big hate towards Max Steel, as he was made to eliminate the hero once for all. Morphos violently fought against Max many times and even made him faint during a battle. Morphos also reveals in Maximum Morphos that he also considers Max's powers inferior to the villains.

Sydney Gardner

Though that she didn't interacted with Morphos, she worked for him to discover some of his plans.

Commander Forge Ferrus

Morphos didn't interacted with Ferrus a lot, but when he invaded the base of N-Tek, he imprisoned him alongside with other N-Tek agents. While Dread was speaking and Ferrus interrupted him, Morphos slapped his face.


Extroyer was the seventh villain to be captured by Morphos. Even though that he didn't interacted too much with him, Morphos knew about his creation and also used it to tease Extroyer while he defeated him with his own powers, as he had done with other villains.

The Elementors

Morphos didn't interacted too much with the Elementors, but he thinks that they are wasting their power, as when he shown how it is to show the true nature power.


Toxzon was the first villain to be captured by Morphos. Even though that Morphos didn't interacted with him a lot, he knows his intentions, which he also used to tease him while he was being defeated by his own powers.

Jason Naught

Morphso referred to Jason Naught as his uncle. When Morphos went to the N-Tek's prison to freed Jason, he tossed him in the wall. When he became the mayor of Copper Canyon, Jason helped Morphos in activating the device of the THI tower that would mutate every single person on the city into monsters. Yet Jason didn't expected to become one of these creatures, Morphos said that he was about to experience the evolution.

Copper Canyon Mayor

Morphos and him weren't seen interacting a lot, but the mayor really respected Morphos, even giving him a trophy for his heroic actions.

Copper Canyon Citizens

Morphos faked all the way that he cared about the civilians of Copper Canyon, just to execute his plan and mutate the persons into monsters like him. The citizens considered Morphos as a hero and always respected him, though that when his mask slip, they started to boo and throw rotten tomatoes on him.



The Gallery of Morphos can be seen Here.


  • Morphos could be considered a mix of the original incarnations of Extroyer and Elementor.
    • Extroyer and Morphos were able to shape-shift into any character without becoming a part of his or her. Both have crystals on their bodies and curiously his name resembles "Morphosos", the material responsible of causing Troy's mutation in the old series. However, this is merely a coincidence due to the fact that the Morphosos' name could also be inspired by the word "morph".
    • Elementor and Morphos act in similar way, even though that there are few differences, like Morphos being aware of his powers. Morphos has proven to use his smart side from his creator, unlike Elementor, who only used his brute strength instead of the intelligence that he got from his creator. Both also are indestructible and have similar origins. The creation is slightly different, since Bio-Con (Elementor's creator), created him in his laboratory through radiation, while Morphos' creation process is unknown and was brought to life with lightning.
  • As seen in the series, he is a reference to Frankenstein. He was created in a same way, and also Max calls Morphos "Stitchenstein", making a direct reference to Frankenstein.
  • His crystals presumably contains T.U.R.B.O. Energy, since he was brought to life in the beginning of The Dawn of Morphos, there was a container with a blue liquid connected to his body, which was seen in The Great Turbo Star Caper.
  • Sometimes, Morphos refers Miles Dread as his father. The first time he called him that, Jason Naught found it cute.
  • As revealed by Dread, he programmed Morphos to know the name "Max Steel" before he was brought to life. It is also possible that Morphos received other memories of his creator, since he knew the existence of other villains, such as Extroyer and Toxzon. Something that reinforces this is the fact that he knows about Extroyer's creation, especially the one who transformed Troy into a monster, his creator.
  • So far, Morphos is the villain with less figures made, having only three figures, those being Core Heat Morphos, Mutant Morphos, and Mega Morphos.
  • Most of Morphos' renders released have his ear on the left side of the head instead of right.
  • In international dubs, Morphos' voice resembles a teenager's voice.
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