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Morphos Ahead

Molly McGrath

Molly McGrath Full Body
Molly, using her daily clothes

Molly using her battle suit

Molly, as seen in the first invasion of Ultralinks

Molly, while she was being controlled by Toxzon

Gender Female
Alias Mrs. McGrath
Mrs. McGrath
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation N-Tek agent
THI CEO (formerly)
Age 36 (Season 1 and 2 and 2015 movie trilogy)
38 (Team Turbo and ongoing movies)
Homeworld Earth
Interests Keep Max safe and make sure he eats breakfast everyday
Protect the world
Weapons Silver Armor and whip/sword
N-Tek gear
Family Jim McGrath (husband)
Maxwell McGrath (son)
Allies Maxwell McGrath
Jim McGrath
Forge Ferrus
Jefferson Smith
Katherine Ryan
Roberto Martinez
Sydney Gardner
Kirby Kowalski
Alejandro Villar
Rayne Martinez
Enemies Miles Dredd
Jason Naught
Dredd Naughts
The Elementors
Colonel Jasper F. Castle
Background Information
First Appearance Come Together Part One
Last Appearance Max Steel: Team Turbo
Voiced By Nicole Oliver

Molly McGrath (née Ferrus) is one of N-Tek Agents and the CEO of THI. She is Maxwell McGrath's mother, and Jim McGrath's wife. Molly McGrath is voiced by Nicole Oliver, and debuts in Come Together Part One.


Early Life

Molly was one of N-Tek's co-founders alongside with Ja'em Mk'rah, Miles Dread and Forge Ferrus. Along with them, they worked on project to stop Makino and his armada of Ultralinks, like Morphos and the Turbo Star, which they opted to use. Molly was present during the first Makino invasion on Earth along with Forge, Dread and Ja'em. N-Tek's forces were quickly defeated by Makino's minions, until they released their secret weapon: Ja'em and Steel, who successfully took down Makino's army. At June 07, 1995, she had Maxwell McGrath, born months before Ja'em supposed death. According to Molly, Max presented traces of Takonian people ever since he was a child, which made her and Ja'em very proud. She was present during the Turbo Star test, and alongside with Forg, she was worried that it could go wrong. Due to Dread's greed and hunger for power, the test went horribly wrong and nearly killed him and Jim. Afterwards, Molly decided to retire from N-Tek to take care of her son.

During sixteen years, Molly and Max constantly moved from city to city, as her son stated on Come Together Part One. Molly was being very careful in hinding the truth about N-Tek, Max's dad and Forge's true occupation from Maxwell and trying to prevent the same fate of her husband.

Season 1

Come Together Part One

Come Together Part Two

Come Together Part Three

Cleaning House

Hard Water

The Thrill of the Hunt

Extroyer Unleashed


Uncle Sam Wants You!


The Secret Admirer


Thanks, I Think

Earth Under Siege Part One

Earth Under Siege Part Two

Season 2

Animated Films

The Wrath of Makino

Dawn of Morphos

Maximum Morphos

Team Turbo

Molly was at the Daedelus Platform when Professor Mortum attcked the ship. Alongside with other N-Tek agents, she was captured by him and later kept as a captive.

Later on, when Max and his team invade the villain's hideout, Mortum plants a bomb on Molly, Kat and Jim's chest, yet Team Turbo quickly disable them and Max slashes them in half.


Molly is quite agile, strong, possesses great reflexes and knows martial arts, which allowed her to take care of herself during many times against dangerous villains such as Extroyer or Morphos. She has access to a stealth, ninja-like full body armor and a sword that can turn into a whip. She also knows how to use blasters and bombs.


Molly has shoulder-lentgh brown hair and green eyes. In home, she uses a light blue t-shirt over a white shirt, a green collar, a white watch in the right wrist, beige pants and white shoes. While working on THI, she uses a white dress over a red shirt and white high heel shoes.

While investigating or defending something, she uses a silver armor with green lights and black parts and a yellow visor. She is also always appear carrying a green whip/sword and a N-Tek rifle.


Molly is a loving, cheerful and caring mother. She wishes to take care of her son Max and prevent the same thing that happened to her husband happen with him, which denotes that she is protective, especially towards her son. Molly is also very curious.


Maxwell McGrath

"Don't worry about me, you're more important than my own life." - Makino Strikes Part Two

Molly is Maxwell's mother. She was highly protective towards him and constantly tried to hide his past, until in Earth Under Siege Part One she told Forge that Max and Steel deserved to know more about their past. At first Molly didn't know about Max's secret identity and was very surprised by his ability to generate Turbo energy. After she discovered he was working with Steel, she was very worried for him until she saw Max Steel's immense power.


Jim McGrath

Forge Ferrus


Molly and Toxzon (aka Tytus) are enemies. Due to Tytus's irregular behavior, she fired him from THI and he never forgave her for it.


In an attempt of revenge, Toxzon managed to turn Molly into a female version of himself whom he called Toxziana. As Toxziana, Molly used a nearly identical suit to Toxzon's, but without the increase of muscle mass, and she wasn't aware of what she was doing. When she was about to kill Max Steel, Max revealed his face and she stopped, making her suffer an emotional impact.


  • "Crime doesn't pay boys. It hurts!" - Driven


The Gallery of Molly McGrath can be seen Here.


  • She is implied to be Forge's sister.
  • In Maximum Morphos, after Morphos becomes the mayor of Copper Canyon, Molly is retired from her CEO position on THI, and Jason Naught takes her place.
  • As Toxziana, she was the first villainess featured on the series.
  • Compared to other N-Tek co-founders, Molly was the oldest on the agency's creation. She was 21, Forge was 20 and Dread 18, with the latter being the youngest of the group.
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