Metal Blaze Elementor
Metal Blaze Elementor is one of the Elementors' action figures released in the second half of 2017. It is a part of both Connect-Tek and Turbo-Warriors sublines.


  • Max Steel and Bionic Panther VS Metal Blaze Elementor: Radiant Metal Elementor is all red-hot! Can Max Steel and his Bionic Panther beat the flames of Elementor?
  • Metal Blaze Elementor VS Max Steel and Bionic Panther: There is no way to defeat Max Steel and his Bionic Panther! Radiant Metal Elementor will have to use all its strength!

Official Description

"Things are about to heat up! As seen in the Turbo-Warriors short movie, Metal Blaze Elementor manipulates the structure of his body to control metal and fire for his reign of fiery metallic terror! The villainous action gets going by squeezing Metal Blaze Elementor’s legs to spin the weapon disc in his torso. Then, you can release more power by pressing the button to release the metal and fire weapons out of his chest while spinning! Woah—watch out! Metal Blaze Elementor can also use his sword arm for more destruction! Includes three weapon discs, one back flame accessory and one blade weapon. Comes with “Try Me” packaging. Colors and decorations may vary."




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