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Mega Metal Elementor is one of The Elementors in the Mega Elementor body. He is the Elementor that takes over the whole Mega Elementor body, instead of Air Elementor. Mega Metal Elementor was previously Metal Elementor. Like in his previous body, he has the same abilities, which are related to metal. Mega Metal Elementor is voiced by Trevor Devall. Mega Metal Elementor debuts in The Ultralink Hunter.


When Metal Elementor absorbed Ultimate Elementor to fuse into Mega Elementor, Metal Elementor changed into Mega Metal Elementor.

Tv Show

Season 2

The Ultralink Hunter

Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon

Hot Zone

The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah

Makino Strikes: Part One

Makino Strikes: Part Two

My Best Friend is an Ultralink

Definitely Fear the Reaper

Turbolt the Terrible


Final Countdown


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The Gallery of Mega Metal Elementor can be seen Here.


  • Makino called Metal Elementor, Mega Metal Elementor in The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah.
  • Mega Metal takes over the Mega Elementor body, instead of Air Elementor, who took over the Ultimate Elementor body, before turning into Mega Elementor and after turning into Ultimate Elementor.
  • So far in Season 2, Mega Metal Elementor appears the most in the episodes.
  • Like he did before fusing into Mega Elementor, Mega Metal Elementor commands the Ultralinks.
  • Mega Metal Elementor is an Ultralink Trainer, which is seen in the episode, Turbolt the Terrible.
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