It's not easy to be proud of something that makes me so different.

—Maxwell McGrath, in Makino Strikes Part One

Maxwell McGrath

Older Max Steel Green

Older Max Steel

Maxwell McGrath and Steel

Baby Max
Max as a baby

Gender Male
Alias Max
Max Steel
Mr. McGrath
Kid (by Forge Ferrus)
Young Mr. McGrath (by Mortum)
Species Tachyon-Human Hybrid
Status Alive
Occupation Team Turbo leader and N-Tek agent
Student (formerly)
Age 16 (Season 1 and 2 and Trilogy of Movies)
18 (ongoing movies)
Homeworld Earth
Interests Mastering his power, becoming a leader. Skateboarding, sky diving, base-jumping – no sport is too extreme for Max!
Weapons Turbofied with advanced alien tech
Family Molly McGrath (mother)
Jim McGrath (father)
Allies Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
N-Tek Agents
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Kirby Kowalski
Sydney Gardner
Mr. Jones
Roberto Martinez
Commander Parker
Alejandro Villar
Rayne Martinez
Furbo and his clones
Enemies Miles Dread
Professor Mortum
Jason Naught
Vin & Dwayne
Evil Ultralinks
The Elementors
Blast, Chomp & Prism
Robot Zombies
Background Information
First Appearance Come Together Part One
Last Appearance Max Steel: Turbo Warriors
Voiced By Andrew Francis

Maxwell McGrath, or simply Max or Maxwell, is one of the main protagonists of Max Steel alongside with Steel. He is a Tachyon-Human hybrid and so has the ability of generating T.U.R.B.O. Energy, which Steel uses to power himself and activate Max Steel's powers. During the events of Team Turbo, Max becomes the leader of a team of superheroes known as Team Turbo, formed by C.Y.T.R.O., La Fiera, Tempestra, Steel and himself. Max is the son of Ja'em Mk'rah, who is secretly an alien from Planet Tachyon, and Molly McGrath. Maxwell McGrath is voiced by Andrew Francis and debuted in Come Together Part One.


Early Life

S203 - Jim kissing Max's forehead

Jim kissing Max's forehead moments before the Turbo Star test

Max was born months before Jim McGrath's suppose death. Shortly before the Turbo Star test, Jim visited Max, Molly and Steel, who was being used as a pacifier by his son. Jim kissed Max's forehead and later went to a chamber to test the Turbo Star.

According to Molly McGrath, Max had a normal childhood like other children, although he presented traces of Takonian people, which made Molly very proud. It is implied to during most of Max's life he constantly moved to another cities with his mother due to unknown reasons, as he stated on the first episode of the series.

Season 1

Come Together Part One

As a sixteen years old teenager, Max moves to Copper Canyon alongside with his mother, Molly. There, at the fist day of school, he meets Kirby Kowalski, Sydney Gardner, whom he instantly gets a crush upon stumbling on her and Butch, the bully of the school. Later on, the bully appears annoying Kirby, but Max stops him and calls him by his real name (Bartholomew) which makes him very angry. Alongside with his sidekicks, Dean and Jake, Butch chases Max on the streets of Copper Canyon and while attempting to escape from them, Max presents traces of T.U.R.B.O. Energy. He eventually ends up on an abandoned building. While Max was uncouscious, Butch and his sidekicks were about to beat him, until he wakes up and scares them after they see him glowing blue. After they escaped, Max ultimately overloads with T.U.R.B.O. Energy, thus causing a massive explosion that partially destroys the building and almost kills Max. 

He is taken to N-Tek, where Max gets to know more about the secret agency, the real occupation of his uncle, Forge Ferrus and few details about the past of his father. Max is taken to the Turbo Chamber to absorb his energy, but he generates too much power at the point of the chamber being unable to absorb it. While Max was almost overloading with energy again, Steel, who was apparently was shut down after Dread's betrayal prior to the series' events, is activated and goes to the Turbo Chamber. He proposes to let him ultralink with him, so he would be able to control his energy and escape from N-Tek. Though confused and reluctant at first, Max agrees to do so and they create the Max Steel persona and in the process Steel takes control of Max's body to escape from N-Tek, as he thought Max was kept as a prisoner.

After escaping from the facility, Max is annoyed and starts to complain about his suit. In the mean time, Steel makes few diagnostics of Max and later they both start to discuss after he complains that he was being used as a puppet by Steel. Eventually, Max and Steel are found by Fire Elementor, who fights against them. In the process, they unlock Turbo Strength Mode but Elementor is proven to be much more powerful and easily defeats them. The villain accidentally tosses Maxa nd Steel far away, but the duo is saved by Forge.

Come Together Part Two

Forge stays surprised that Steel was still alive and tells Max that he is not allowed to say his mother that he was ultralinked with Steel, otherwise she would be very angry.

Max later goes to home and acts strangely towards his mother in an attempt of trying to his his SteelSuit. Max later goes to sleep and in the next day he seems to be disappointed, as he thought it was only a bad dream. Later on, Steel reveals that he had spent his whole night scanning his clothes and generates Turbo Camouflage Mode, creaáted especially to hide Max's secret identity from his friends and foes.

Max goes to school and gives back Sydney's phone to her, which they accidentally switche when they stumbled upon each other. Max later on goes to N-Tek's base to train his abilities. He fights against few robots that Berto had created and in the process he unlocks Turbo Flight Mode, which Max used to defeat them with ease. After the training, Sydney calls Max to a date. They meet up on a cafeteria, where Forge and Molly already were without Max knowing. While Sydney and Max were chatting, Steel starts giving him random advices. Max gets annoyed and goes to the bathroom, where he unlinks from the Ultralink and goes back to Sydney.

Unexpectedly, Earth Elementor and Fire Elementor suddenly appear and start to cause havoc. Max calls a taxi for Sydney and later realizes that Forge and Molly were there. The group gets on Forge's car and decides to deal with the villains. In the process, Molly realizes that Max is generating T.U.R.B.O. Energy just like his father and stays very surprised. Meanwhile, Steel realises that Max was fighting against the Elementors and decide to go after him. Eventually, they link once again and easily overpower them, though that Max is later on defeated and is taken to THI's building. There, Max meets Miles Dread, who absorbs Max's energy in order to make himself stronger.

Come Together Part Two

While N-Tek is struggling to find a way to rescue Max, Dread tells the story of how he betrayed his "best friend" for unlimited power. Upon hearing the name of his father, Max gets angry and generate large quantities of T.U.R.B.O. Enerrgy, which Dread happily absorbs. Afterwards, Steel suddenly appears and tries to save Max. The duo eventually almost manage to escape from the THI building, but seconds before, Dread grabs Max's leg and later unlink Steel from him, thus deactivating Turbo Flight Mode and allowing Max to fall from the top of THI's tower. Later on, Molly and Ferrus found Max and he states that Dread is still alive and was the man behind the accident on N-Tek.

In an attempt of saving Steel, Max and other N-Tek agents goes to THI's tower to stop Dread's evil master plan. In the way, Max deals with an army of Dread Naughts and eventually finds Jason Naught, whom is easily defeated due to Max's Turbo touch problem. While Dread was getting stronger, Max tries to get Steel back, but he draws Dread's attention, who almost defeats Max with his new mode. Max eventually manages to stop Dread's evil plan and free Steel.

Eventually, the duo is thrown from the top of the THI tower and realize that Dread was a way too strong. Max then finds a solution to stop the villain: overloading him and make him explode, even though that this could cause his death as well. Max activates his Turbo Flight Mode and starts to generate large quantities of his energy. At first Dread didn't realized that they were planning to overload him, but once he did, he desperately tried to escape. Eventually, Max and Steel managed to defeat the villain and the rest of his body is left on the vacuum of space.

Max returns, but exhausted. Some reporters come to talk with him and they ask his name. Max replies by saying his nickname and Steel also says his name, thus the reporter thinks that their name were "Max Steel".

Cleaning House

After saving Copper Canyon, Max and Steel appear in a training simulator fighting against ninjas and later on sewer monsters, whom the failed to defeat.

Max later on goes to the THI building alongside with his friends Kirby and Sydney to take a tour with Molly. While Max was walking on the halls of THI, Steel was tormenting him by saying to unlink, which Max later does after separating from his friends. At the same time, THI's chemical alarm breach rang and Molly tried to escape from the tower alongside with Max and his friends, but the doors suddenly locked and a gas was released on the entire room, which transformed the persons into toxic zombies. Max, Molly, Kirby and Sydney managed to knock down few zombies and Max suggests to Molly that Steel could open the exit door or even himself could destroy the doors to escape.

After Kirby was infected, Max, Molly and Sydney used him as a bait to trick the other zombies. Eventually, Sydney and Molly are transformed into zombies and Max is forced to run away and find Steel to ultralink. After doing so, the duo are surrounded by zombies and they are forced to use the Turbo Pulse to blast them away. They later on goes to the laboratory of Dr. Tytus Octavius Xander, who was the person behind the zombie outbreak.

After finding Xander, Max demands the antidote to cure the zombies. Xander ignores and throws few bombs on Max. Eventually, Fishy, Xander's plastic goldfish, which he believes to be a real living animal, is thrown in toxic waste and he desperately tries to help him, but he instead suffers a mutation and becomes a monster. After Tytus disappeared, Max was trying to find the antidote, until Tytus comes back. Max fights against him and also nickname him as "Toxzon". Eventually, the duo managed to defeat the villain and found out the antidote was inside of Fishy. Max then manages to cure everyone on the building and later on leaves the tower alongside with his friends.

Secret Identity Crisis

When a duo of thieves were stealing a bank, Max and Steel stopped them and were photographed by many people. Upon seeing this, Forge gets very angry, despite Max states that he sees no problem in that and he only was trying to help and also the was using a mask. Forge replies that there were people that would be wondering Max Steel's real identity and even would find the people that the real Max care about. The discussion is interupted when Kat says that Copper Canyon High School was on fire.

Max goes to the school with a Hopper. After arriving, Forge makes it clear that Max shouldn't use the Max Steel persona by any means. Max eventually rescues Sydney and Butch, but he is forced ro run away before Sydney wakes up and other people arrive. Because of that, many people believed that Butch was the hero, including Jason, who thought he was Max Steel.

On school, Max sees Butch and Sydney lunching together and feels jealous. He later on sits with them and asks what she was doing, despite Butch interupted him and sarcastically asked him if he wanted an autograph. While Max was paying attention fo Sydney, Steel saw a bomb under the table, which later releases a knock down gas. Max does not pass out and links Steel. Suddenly lots of Dread Naughts appeared and tried to capture Butch since Jason thought that he was Max Steel, but Max managed to destroy each of them before everyone woke up.

Afterwards, Max was going to a trip alongside with other students and warns Butch to get out of the bus, considering that the villains were after him, but the bully ignored him after he saw Sydney, saying that he was in danger by stealing Max's "girlfriend". On the road, Max believes that everything is normal, until the bridge is destroyed by Dread, who later on gets on the bus to find Butch. After doing so, he tries to absorb T.U.R.B.O. Energy, but he doesn't manages to and upon mentioning Max Steel, Butch cowardly points to Max. After teasing Max by mentioning that Molly and Jim's names and N-Tek's existence, Dread throws Max from the bus and he falls in the canyons. He activates Turbo Flight Mode and goes face-to-face against Dread and tries to overload him once again, despite he fails due to the villain's upgraded armor, now capable of storing limitless amounts of energy, thus making him stronger with every attack involving Max's energy.

Eventually, Steel suggested Max to use a new strategy: to stay away from Dread, so he couldn't power-up. Max executes the plan and attacks Dread with giant rocks, even though that the villain managed to throw back few rocks with his energy. Max eventually manages to make Dread weaker. The villain tries to launch the bus in the canyons, but Kirby decides to drive the bus and knocks down Dread. The villain states that he knew who Max Steel was, but Berto's newest invention, the Holo Bot, appeared as Max with his civilian clothes. Dread gets confused and escapes with Jason.

C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

Berto reveals his newest invention: C.Y.T.R.O., an advanced robot with heavy weaponry. Max and Steel were the first to see him. Max, however, wasn't surprised at all, despite he got after seeing some of the robot's moves. He then states that he would have a second sidekick, the first being Steel, which makes him angry. Thanks to that, they start discussing Max Steel's name and eventually C.Y.T.R.O. is destroyed, making Berto angry. Later on, Max tries to apologize with him, but he only makes things worse. Later on, the scientist manages to make a new improved C.Y.T.R.O., which Max sarcastically says sorry for what he had done with his prodecessors.

Suddenly, when C.Y.T.R.O. started to attack N-Tek, Max tries to stop him with his Turbo touch problem, which would easily blow up the robot in pieces, but thanks to the updates that Berto had made, he was completely invulnerable to Max's energy. Later on, Max once again tries to stop the robot, but this time with his Turbo Strength Mode, but C.Y.T.R.O. ultimately ends up escaping from N-Tek's base with a dangerous toxic bomb named Tox-Bomb.

Max is presented to the Turbo Cycle, which he used to follow C.Y.T.R.O. alongside with Berto to Toxzon's hideout. There, Max and Steel fight off Toxzon and C.Y.T.R.O., who later once again under Berto's control. Toxzon releases his Goopanoids, which give him the upper hand. However, Max later on is introduced to the Turbo Blaster, which he uses to defeat the monsters and later on Toxzon and his Tox-Bomb.

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

Dredd Ascendant

Toxic Relationship

Full Metal Racket

Animated Films

The Wrath of Makino

Dawn of Morphos

Maximum Morphos

Team Turbo

Team Turbo Fusion Tek

Turbo Charged

Max and his Team Turbo invade an abandoned warehouse while searching for villains. Upon seeing that nobody was there, Max sees few energy squares emerging from the ground and he assumes that it was a trap. As these squares got closer and closer, Max activates his Turbo Strength Mode and tries to stop them alongside with his team, but the trap deactivate their Turbo Modes and make they faint.

Max, who was tied, wakes up in a mysterious white room alongside with his uncounscious friends, few Nexus Agents managing computers and Terrorax. Upon seeing the villain, Max asks who he was, but he doesn't say his name and reveals that he knows about Max's secret identiy and Steel's real name. Terrorax then unlink Steel from Max's chest and starts to torture him with lasers until he generates a small portion of T.U.R.B.O. Energy, which is transferred to a cube. While Max screams in pain, Terrorax declares that the hero is not useful anymore and commands his allies to electrocute Max's team and torture him even more. Upon seeing his friends hurt, Max gets extremely angry to the point of making him generate a new kind of T.U.R.B.O. Energy. Max then releases a large wave of his energy that makes the electronic devices explode and ultimately blows up the room. Max's body is left in Copper Canyon's canyons, where he left to perish.

Eventually, Max wakes up thanks to a calf. Upon seeing the animal, he gets scared and falls from the border of the canyon. He punches the rocks and in the process discovers the first traces of his green T.U.R.B.O. Energy. Afterwards Steel contacts him and aks to rescue him. After doing so, the Ultralink tries to link with him, but he fails and they are forced to go on feet to a T.U.R.B.O. Energy laboratory located on Copper Canyon. There, he meets Rayne, C.Y.T.R.O. and Alex and they eventually find the laboratory.

Max starts to train his brand new green T.U.R.B.O. Energy, which at first was hard due to the fact that he wasn't used to not use Turbo Modes in battles. Eventually though, Max masters his new powers. He later on talks with Steel for more information about his new green energy. Steel gives a explanation of why he started to generate that variation (thanks to Terrorax, who made Max generate so much energy to the point he unlocked a new version) and reveals that he can't link with him anymore. At first, Max gets shocked, but he says that no matter how things change, there will be always Max and Steel. He agrees and said they couldn't change their name after all the merchandise and advertisement. Their conversation is interupted when Alex and Rayne comes to the room and confirms that Rayne had found who supposedly set the trap on the abandoned warehouse.

It turns out that it was Dr. Prometheus Halifax, the owner of the Halifax Industries. Max decides to go the building, but first Steel introduces the group to the Steel-Tek, a new technology created by him that would adapt with Max's new green energy. Max also seemed to love the Cyclo-Spin Bike, which he used to go to the building. There, the team was split: Max and Alex would check the building while Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. would go to the top of it to find collect information.

There, Max finds armed soldiers and the duo activates stealth mode. They are unnoticed by the guards and reach the elevator, where they temporarily get stuck. Eventually, they reach a room where Prometheus was waiting for them. Upon he saw Max, he says that they already knew that he was there thanks to his extensive research involving T.U.R.B.O. Energy emissions. Max says that he did knew his voice, but not him. The villain equips himself with a technologic armor and puts on his demon mask, thus revealing to be the mysterious man who took away Max's blue energy. Upon seeing this, Max gets shocked. Terrorax proceeds to inject on himself Terror Energy, which he claims to be superior and more glourious than Max's energy could ever be. He transforms into a monster and the duo is forced to fight.

Turbo Warriors

Max was doing few maneuvers in the sky with his Turbo Jet Pack Mode and decides to surf on the ocean and activates Turbo Wave Rider Mode. After surfing the waves, he meets his Rayne, Alex and C.Y.T.R.O. and asks if Steel wanted to go to the beach, but he refuses. The group then see a big wave coming on their way and Max gets excited. However, the water suddenly disappears and the wave turns into a tsunami. Max commands to C.Y.T.R.O. and Alex to rescue the people from the beach, Rayne to freeze the water with her Turbo Ice Storm Mode while him would save the people from the tsunami. Eventually, Max manages to save them and finds C.Y.T.R.O. and Alex on the beach. Unfortunately, Rayne had failed in contain the tsnunami and it was about to destroy half of Copper Canyon. C.Y.T.R.O. sees a building under construction which they could use as a dam. After doing so, it turns out that the Elementors were behind the tsunami.

Team Turbo fights against the Elementors for a while and in the process, Max gets a message of Steel while their base was blowing up thanks to Terrorax, who had invaded the base to steal the Terror Energy Generator. Max gets worried and shortly after the Elementors retreat. Max and Team Turbo goes back to the base, where he realizes that Terrorax and his minions were behind the explosion and says that him and his team should be ready for anything. Later on, after Terrorax rises once again, he hacks all electronical devices on Copper Canyon and reveals that his ship, the Pantheon, was approaching to the city to force people join the Nexus legion, or otherwise, the city and its population would be annihilated. Upon seeing that, Max decides to go to the Pantheon with his team, but they are interupted by Team Terror, who attack them on the way.

Max's team is mercilessly taken down by Team Terror while Max was restrained by Monstro's clones. He attempts to go Turbo, but fails and gets ultimately angry and deliberately overload himself to destroy the creatures. After he wakes up, he gets shocked by seeing that Alex had been turned into a bionic panther thanks to a bite from Night Howl and realizes that Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. had been captured by Team Terror. Max goes to his base and Steel asks why he had brought a "cat" to their hideout, but Max replies by saying that a "weird Night Howl" had bitten Alex and transformed him into a panther.

Steel analyzes Alex and says that were bio-nanites mutating his slowly mutating his cells and that if they weren't destroyed, Alex would stay on that form forever. Max suggests the criation of anti-nanites who would search and destroy the bio-nanites. Eventually, after some research, Steel reveals that Max had to obtain a portion of Night Howl's Terror Energy and use his Green T.U.R.B.O. to eliminate the corrupted cells. Max later on activates Turbo Sniper Mode to invade the Pantheon. He shoots a blast of Green T.U.R.B.O., which temporarily opens the shield of the ship, and activates Turbo Rocket Spear Mode in order to get into the ship.

There, Max individually takes down each member of Team Terror. After obtaining the Terror Energy from Night Howl, Max concentrates his Green T.U.R.B.O. to cure Alex. It works and the duo goes to the prison, where Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. were waiting. After they are freed, the Elementors, now charged with Terror Energy, suddenly appears and Team Turbo activates their Turbo Modes to battle. Max says that they were about to teach them a lesson, but before he could finish his sentence, Water Elementor tosses him out of the Pantheon with his water bazooka. Luckily Max activates Turbo Mountain Attack Mode and eventually goes back to the ship.

On the top of the Pantheon, Max contacts Steel and asks how he would shut down the ship, and Steel leaves a container with the Exo-Suit, a large morphable vehicle that Max uses to implant magnetic polarity inverters on the exponential towers of the Pantheon, which would make the ship run his Green T.U.R.B.O. rather than Terror Energy, consequently shutting down the ship. In the process, Terrorax suddenly shows up and realizes that Max was attempting to ruin his plans. Max temporarily manages to take him down with missiles, but after implanting the last inverter, he finds Terrorax, who transforms into a dragon-like creature. He claims that the era of Nexus would start after Max's death and they start to fight.

After fighting for a while, Terrorax confesses that Max's powers were indeed formidable and asks why destroy it when he could join Nexus. He proceeds to fly on Max's direction and puts his right hand on his face, which makes Max see a vision of what a world dominated by Nexus would be. In this vision, the world fell on chaos and anarchy, Max's friends were killed by Nexus' soldiers and he sees him, Terrorax and Nexus rulling the humanity together while various Nexus agents were gloryfing them. Afterwards, Max gets extremely angry and shouts "No!" and states that that battle was about to end. He runs to Terrorax's direction and stabs him with the spinning wheels of his vehicle. With another blow, Max destroys Terrorax's body, but he survives as a mini-dragon and attempts to escape, but Max launches few missiles on him, which makes him fall in a Green T.U.R.B.O. current and burn to ashes.

Afterwards, Max's team appears and the Pantheon goes down. Max escapes and activates Turbo Wave Rider Mode and rides the sea with his friends, thus commemmorating their temporary victory over Nexus and his legion.

As Max Steel

Featured Article: Max Steel

When Steel ultralink with Max, they merge into only one superhero known as Max Steel. Together, they have the Turbo Modes, each containing different capacities as well unique abilities, an incredible and large arsenal of weapons, and also N-Tek's help.


Max, since he is half Tachyon, has the ability of producing T.U.R.B.O. Energy. In his human form, he is very strong and agile for an average individual. With Steel's help, he can ultralink with him, generating one hero known as Max Steel, able to turn into different types of Turbo Modes.

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to the fact that Max is half Takonian, he is stronger than an average individual.
  • Superhuman Speed: Max is naturally faster than an average human.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Max could easily dodge Mortum's attacks on Team Turbo Fusion Tek at blur speeds.
  • T.U.R.B.O Energy Generation: Max is capable of generating endless amounts of T.U.R.B.O. Energy, which make him stronger and faster than average individuals. Max manifests this in many forms, such as launching T.U.R.B.O. Energy through his fists, leaking it through his eyes, getting angry and others. The energy is both beneficial and harmful, considering that Max can partially use it to activate his Turbo Modes and get superhuman conditions, but if he is not linked with Steel, he could overload and ultimately explode, thus causing his death.
    • Green T.U.R.B.O. Energy Generation: During the events of Turbo-Charged, Max starts to generate a new variation of T.U.R.B.O. energy featured by its green color. The energy makes him exceptionally stronger, as he was capable to lift with ease many heavy rocks and faster, as he stated in Turbo-Charged that he had ran around 30km and he wasn't tired.


  • Leadership Skills: During the events of Team Turbo, Max started to develop his leadership skills.
  • Swordsmanship: Max has ability with swords. In Team Turbo Fusion Tek, this becomes more evident when he was fighting against Mortum, wherein he easily and quickly wielded his daggers.
  • Driving Skills:


  • Turbo Touch Problem: If Max touches an electronic device, the object can explode or get damaged.
  • T.U.R.B.O. Energy Overload: If Max is separated from Steel, he could overload and ultimately die. Steel also needs Max's energy to survive, and if he stays eight hours without his energy he will eventually shut off permanently. After the time skip, Max seems to have a better control of his energy.
  • Max also constantly needs to be linked with Steel for precaution, so the villains (especially the Ultralinks and Dread) wouldn't track Max through his T.U.R.B.O. Energy.


Max is a tall, skinny teenager with an athletic body type. He has brown chestnut hair and blue eyes. When is not saving the world, Max uses normal clothes, consisting in a blue jacket with the symbol of Steel on its chest, a white watch, black jeans and white shoes. In the halfway of the second season, Max's jacket turned to grey.

After the time skip, Max gets a larger build and he gets more akin to his classic counterpart. Max's facial structure also gets larger and he has short chestnut hair (In Turbo-Charged, however, his facial structure and hair style slightly changed, the last being more similar to when he was 16 years old). His day-by-day clothes consists in a white t-shirt with the Steel symbol on his chest (but slightly modified), black pants and black shoes.


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Max is a charismatic, outgoing, confident, kind and heroic, as seen when he helped Kirby while he was being bullied before becoming Max Steel. Like Steel, he had a strong desire to know more about his past and often they would do risky things in order to get the answers, like when Max and Steel allied with Colonel Jasper without knowing that he was secretly allied with Dread.

After bonding with Steel, Max was initially reluctant and stated that he was "married to a toast" and would get angered at him for saying things at an inconvenient time, but they eventually become good friends. They also comforted each other as Max felt as a stranger due to his T.U.R.B.O. powers and Steel for being an alien and not knowing about his past. He would also open up with him sometimes and would hear Steel's problems, which points out his empathethic side. As the superhero Max Steel, he constantly tries to give good example to other people, as seen in Making the Grade when Max was late for school and stopped at red lights while running on Turbo Speed Mode. He is also altruistic and strives to save everyone, including his family and friends whom he is extremely loyal and deeply cares for. During many times he risked his own life to save them, like when he gave the last piece of the Turbo Star to Dread (who then proceeded to state that his weak spot was his loyalty for the others) to save Forge. This is seen once again in the finale of the second season, when he and Steel opted to use the Turbo Star even knowing that it could destroy him in order to save Earth and stop Makino once and for all.

Max is also quite optimistic no matter how bad the situation is and during most of the time, while fighting his enemies, he makes jokes about them. For instance, when Max interacted with Terrorax and made a joke about his mask, he pointed out his "legendary banter". However, he was also immature and impetuous, as he and Steel would constantly understimate the situation, as seen in Ultralink Invasion Part One when Forge was being serious about Makino's intentions of devouring Earth and Max was laughing while Steel made a joke about him making a diet. Max also would constantly create strange excuses about why he was leaving school while in truth he was going to save Copper Canyon. He knows that he is lying to his friends and keeps asking himself if it was the right thing, especially to Sydney Gardner.[1]

After discovering the truth about his past, Max feels depressed and angry, mainly towards his mother as he stated that if he had discovered sooner, he would be able to adjust himself better. Eventually, Max ends up accepting his alien heritage after seeing a message of Ja'em explaining about why he choose to keep it as a secret, and then proceeds to proudly state that he was the son of Ja'em Mk'rah.[2] After the events of Makino Strikes, Max was still in shock and seemed quieter than usual as pointed out by Sydney, and when Steel asked what was the problem, he states that he didn't knew how to communicate with his friends anymore due to being half alien. Though he doesn't mentions, deeply Max does feels insecure about not being good enough for Steel and living up for his father's heritage, as mentioned by Makino in The Wrath of Makino.

Max also remains calm and relaxed during most of the time in missions yet sometimes he got genuinely angry towards villains, as seen in Come Together Part Two when Dread mentions his father and he gets extremely angry, or in The Final Countdown Part Two after Makino tells him that he was going to become a prisoner like his father and he promptly goes after him while screaming in rage. Max also during most of the time attempted to contain villains and during few times he was forced to kill them, as seen with Plaztek and other evil Ultralinks.

Afer the time skip, Max is shown to have matured yet he still retains his sense of humor, bravery, optimism and loyalty to his friends and family. He now enjoys practicing extreme sports (which makes him more akin to his classic counterpart), like skateboarding and sky-diving, no matter how extreme they are. Max also seems to be not afraid to reveal his secret identity to the world anymore, as he rarely uses a mask while not fighting villains. He is also currently leading a team of superheroes and always does his best to lead them. Initially though, Max would constantly doubt about his potential as a leader, such as when he thought he had risked Rayne and Alex's lives when they fought against the Elementors and lost, or when in Team Turbo Fusion-Tek when the team was captured and enslaved by Mortum and he was blaming himself.


Friends and Allies


Initially, Max was very reluctant in being linked with Steel, saying that he was "married with a toaster" and had a annoying voice on his head (which in fact, Steel sometimes started to suggest things to Max at incovenient moments). Max constantly argued with Steel saying that he was just a sidekick, which was mainly seen in C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!. Eventually though, Max and Steel surpassed their differences, and became good friends throughout the series, since they depended on each other to survive. When Steel was captured by the villains, Max risked his life many times to save him. In Extroyer Unleashed, Max opens up with Steel by saying that he had a lot of questions about his past and also would also try to help him by any means possible.

It is later revelaed in Dredd Ascendant that Max used Steel as a pacifier, even though that he hated it. He later said Steel's name and Jim presumed he liked him.

Forge Ferrus

Molly McGrath

Jim McGrath

Sydney Gardner

"Yes. Everything is great. You're great." - Come Together Part Two

Since the day that Max stumbled upon Sydney, he got a instant crush on her.

Alejandro Villar

Max and Alex are both rivals on soccer. While the Daedelus Platform was falling down, they saved the life of each other. Initially, Max didn't trusted on Alex because he barely knew him and couldn't give him weapons or armors. Eventually, he decided to activate the Connect-Tek and the armors were created as well the Team Turbo. Max later confesses that he liked to help Alex's help and revealed his secret identity to him, which he made a joke saying that if he was ugly like Max, he would use a helmet too.


Rayne Martinez

Before the events of Team Turbo, Max already met Rayne, and they seemed to be good friends. Shortly after she attacked Max with C.Y.T.R.O., after realizing who she'd been attacking, she tackle-hugged Max. She helps try to convince him that he'll need help fighting Mortum and the other villains. She seems to look up to him, and is one of the first concerned about him when he goes down.



"You've stolen my power... twisted it... we're gonna shut you down!"

Terrorax is one of Max's most powerful arch-enemies. Since he was the cause of Steel being permanently unlinked from Max and used Max's energy for evil purposes, he has a deep hatred for him and he was bent on taking him down by any means. During their first interaction, Max made a joke about Prometheus' mask by asking if he used that accessory to go to the comic conventions.

In battles, Max would give his best in order to defeat Terrorax, but despite his best efforts, he was initially defeated by him, and with ease on Terrorax's part. In the their last battle in Turbo-Charged, Max describes Terrorax as a "delusional egomaniac and over cheating bully who doesn't play well with the others" who would does anything with his powers and shouldn't even have them in the first place. At the end of their last battle, the base starts to collapse and despite Team Terror was rescued by Team Turbo, Terrorax was left to perish.

In the final battle of Max against Terrorax, the latter shows a vision of how a world dominated by the Nexus would be and in this vision, the world fell on anarchy and chaos, Team Turbo were killed by Nexus soldiers and Max, Terrorax and Nexus were rulling the humanity. After seeing this, Max gets extremely angry and violently fights with Terrorax at the point of refusing him to let him escape. To finish him off, Max launches few missiles on him and he falls in a Green T.U.R.B.O. Energy current and burns to ashes.

Miles Dread


"So that bloodthirsty powerhouse is Makino?"

Makino is one of Max's greatest nemesis.

Professor Mortum



  • "Let's Go Turbo!" - Come Together Part One
  • "Oops! Guess I don't know my own turbo strength." - Secret Identity Crisis
  • "I get what you are saying now. Someone came looking for Max Steel, only found my best friends. I guess being a real hero means staying out of the red line sometimes, huh?" - Secret Identity Crisis
  • (to Terrorax) "I don't know about destiny, but I'm definetely stopping you!" - Turbo-Warriors


  • In some episodes, when Max is not using his mask, some of The Elementors (like Earth and Fire) see his real face, although they don't know his secret identity.
  • It was revealed in The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah that Max is a Tachyon-Human Hybrid, which explains why he generates T.U.R.B.O. Energy, as well the fact Jim McGrath is an alien.
  • Max has a crush on Sydney Gardner.
  • In Full Metal Racket, Max wore a suit with blue spikes during the concert with his band, which is coincidentally very similar to Turbo Spike Mode, a Turbo Mode that Max unlocked episodes later.
  • When he was a baby, he used Steel as a pacifier.
  • Max's friends constantly question about his actions, like for example when he uses weird excuses on why he is leaving, how he talks to himself and having a lot absences since he arrived on Copper Canyon High School. In The Dawn of Morphos, Sydney created a theory that in fact, Maxwell McGrath could be Max Steel using as evidences his strange actions and phrases, even though that Molly denied everything.
  • Few characters in the show that Max is Max Steel, most of them being N-Tek Agents: Steel, Forge Ferrus, Berto, Jefferson Smith, Kat Ryan, Sydney Gardner, Molly McGrath, Jim McGrath, Ven-Ghan, Alejandro Villar, Rayne Martinez, C.Y.T.R.O., Commander Parker and other N-Tek workers.
    • Makino, Mortum, Terrorax and the Nexus legion are the only villains who knows about Max's secret identity.
  • Initially, Max's action figures weren't as tall as other characters in the line due to the fact that he was a teenager. While villains and other heroes stood around 12 inches, Max stood 11 inches. In 2016 however, Max's action figures now stand the same size as other characters in the line as he got older.
  • As seen in Team Turbo, Max learned how to read Planet Tachyon's language.
  • According to a reel clip, Max's teenager face took a while to be created and molded, and the final result made the modelers very happy and proud of their work.
  • After the timeskip, Max's face is now modeled after his classic counterpart, specifically when he was younger. Following Turbo-Charged, his facial structure was slightly altered.
  • In Driven, Max obtains his driver license, which reveals that he was born in June, 07, 1995. It is also revealed that the series takes place in 2012.
  • In the bonus clip Anniversary, it is stated that Max and Steel are linked together more than a year.


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