Max Steel VS Extroyer 6
Max Steel VS Extroyer was a duo pack slated to be released in the second half of 2017, but was never produced for unknown reasons. It is a part of both Turbo Missions and Connect-Tek sublines.

Official Description

"Get ready for a power pack that pits teen hero Max Steel against a key enemy – Extroyer! Combining extreme adventure skills with next-level Green Turbo energy, Max Steel must prove he has what it takes to defeat Extroyer and save the world! Max comes with a newly enhanced power suit and wields a Green Turbo energy weapon. Extroyer features a retractable claw, signature mask and spiked shoulder enforced suit. Both feature hands that grip weapons for more battle options. Get ready for extreme combat adventures as Extroyer tries to take down Max Steel once and for all! Fans will love this out of the package battle pack and moms will love its exceptional value."




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