Max Steel 6 inch action figure
Max Steel is one of the character's action figures. It was released in 2018 and doesn't belongs to any subline.


Max wears a sleveless dark blue armor with the light green M-shaped logo on his chest, black forearm pads and black boots. He has nine points of articulation and comes with a green sword.



  • It is a repaint of Turbo Sword Max Steel from the 2017 toy line.
  • Alongside with the other three 6" inch action figures, Max Steel presents a bigger quantity of articulation compared to the 2017 releases, which had five points of articulation.
  • Max Steel and Extroyer are the only figures in the set whose names aren't influenced by the weapon or gimmick that the character contains.
  • He is also the only figure of the set who comes with an accessory.
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