Max Steel action pose
Max Steel is one of the character's action figures. It was released in 2018 and belongs to the Connect-Tek subline.


  • Max Steel VS Colossal Extroyer: Colossal Extroyer is ready to attack with his attack with his threatening claws! Can Max defeat him with his abilities and his Team Turbo?


Max wears a black, silver, yellow and green armor. His upper torso has silver armor with the light green M-shaped logo on his chest, yellow hexagons on his abdomen and yellow details on the sides of his torso. He wears silver forearm pads, silver gloves, green forearm thighs and silver boots. His left arm is covered by a black armor and grey shoulder pad. He has twelve points of articulation and comes with an acessory.

Max comes with a forearm pad with a blade that can be inserted into the Connect-Tek ports on his forearms.



  • Out of the 18" action figures, this is the one that has the largest quantity of articulated points, having a total of twelve while others normally have seven.
  • It could have been inspired by Turbo Sword Max Steel, released in 2017.
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