Max Steel: Turbo-Warriors
Directed by: Lloyd Goldfine
Produced by TBA
Written by Rob David
Jacob Goldfine
Lloyd Goldfine
Michael Ryan
Score by Steven Argila
Length 44 minutes
Year 2017
Genre Action
Preceded by Turbo-Charged
Succeeded by TBA
Max Steel: Turbo-Warriors is the second movie released in 2017 and seventh movie overall of Max Steel. It aired on Latin America on July 29. It was written by Rob David, Jacob Goldfine, Lloyd Goldfine and Michael Ryan and directed by Lloyd Goldfine.


Terrorax is back with with most powerful weapon - the Pantheon! Can Max take down them in time to save the city he’s sworn to protect?


The Elementors ally with Terrorax

"We are Legion, We are One, We are Nexus!"

The film starts with a sick Terrorax seeing Copper Canyon and commenting how shiny and vivid it looks and how it would play the key role for his plans of absolute and total world domination. His speech is suddenly interupted when he coughs, revealing the consequences of the last battle against Max Steel, whom Terrorax refers to be a "cursed" hero. Earth Elementor asks why he didn't asked for Lord Nexus' help and the villain replies by saying that he was too weakened and needed help to recover. He asks for the Elementors' help and says that if they agreed, he would give them powers beyond what their wildest dreams. They shout the Nexus legion's battle cry, revealing that they were on Terrorax's side.

In the next day, Steel was announcing the first Steel-Tek event on Copper Canyon's beach. Meanwhile, Rayne, C.Y.T.R.O. and Alex were having fun. Rayne appears surfing and doing various maneuvers, which Steel points out as a "splendid entrance" and Alex does the same thing and comments about the monstrous waves. Rayne suddenly appears and scares him and because of that he asks if there were sharks on the water. C.Y.T.R.O. were Max was and he contacts the group saying that he was flying on the skies. Max finally shows up and he does few maneuvers on the waves and Alex says that he was a show off. He reunites with his friends and comments how beautiful the day was and asks if Steel wanted to join them, but he refuses, saying that he was better on the base. Shortly after, the water suddenly disappears and the day gets cloudy.



  • When Monstro was cloning himself, there is a shot where Max and his team are watching him and La Fiera appears with a yellow visor rather than green.
  • There are few instances where the green symbol on Max's chest is completely missing.
  • The electric current on Snare's antennas are missing in the entire film.



Noteworthy Events

Toy Line

Main article: Turbo-Warriors

The second toy line released in 2017 was Turbo-Warriors.


The movie was confirmed alongside with Turbo-Charged in October 12, 2016 when Mattel announced its content for 2017.

In March, the film began to be animated and in May one of the character animators' website confirmed this.

In July 29, 2017, the film aired on Latin America through Cartoon Network.


  • In the beginning of the film, when Max activates Turbo Wave Rider Mode to surf the waves, makes a reference to the first film of the classic series, Endangered Species.
  • The production codes of this film are 503 and 504.
  • It is one of the few episodes/films where the characters use the word "kill" in a literal way.


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