Max Steel: Dawn of Morphos
Directed by: Andrew Doucette
Ben Anderson
Produced by Margaret M. Dean
Kimberly A. Smith
Written by TBA
Score by Steven Argila
Shawn Patteron
Length 44 minutes
Year 2015
Genre Action
Preceded by The Wrath of Makino
Succeeded by Maximum Morphos

Max Steel: The Dawn of Morphos (alternatively titled as Duo Strike: Dawn of Morphos or Dawn of Morphos Part One and Dawn of Morphos Part Two) is the second film of the 2015 trilogy and the second film overall of Max Steel. It aired on April 1 on the Latin American Cartoon Network.

In the first half of 2016, the official YouTube channel along with the Official Website uploaded the film by parts, with each having 2 to 3 minutes. They were available during a limited period and were solely available in Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish.


After Makino's defeat, Miles Dread returns with a dangerous creature named Morphos, whose main power consists in copying the powers of the enemy that he is fighting with. Now, Max and Steel must unlock a hidden ability to face this monster.


At Dread's abandoned mansion, he, along with Jason Naught and other scientists and engineers are working in a project. While talking with Naught, Miles states that they were generating victory and vengeance. After one of the scientists tell him that everything was set and ready, Dread commands them to commence the test. As the creature is injected with liquid T.U.R.B.O. Energy, a device captures electricity and brings the monster to life. Seeing that the experiment was successful, Dread laughs mainacally and shouts that the creature was alive while Naught looks at him in fear.

Meanwhile, Sydney Gardner is traveling by train when it suddenly gets out of control after exceeding its safe speed. Luckily, Max and Steel find about it and attempt to stop it with Turbo Strength Mode, although they only manage to separate one wagon of the vehicle. They quickly take action and activate Turbo Rocket Mode and successfully manage to stop the train. After doing so, the citizens cheer Max Steel and Sydney decides to thank him personally. Max accidentally refers to her as her real name and attempts to correct it by reffering to her as "citizen", which surprises her. He activates Turbo Flight Mode and leaves the place while Sydney is left doubtful. They unlink later on and Steel sees a poster of them and comments how he was good-looking and asks who Max Steel truly are, while Max says that asked himself the same thing.

Meanwhile at Dread's mansion, Miles announces that the "Project Morphos" wasn't successful like he thought. The creature mumbles his name, which surprises Naught who asks if he was able to speak. Morphos asks what he was and Dread reveals that he was a multitude of stitches made for one purpose, of which the creature is curious about. He refers to Dread as his father and Naught mocks him, angering Miles. He shows an hologram of Max Steel and Morphos is revealed to already know him, which surprises Naught. He proceeds to show an hologram of a device that would complete him which he would obtain after destroying Max Steel.

In the meantime, Max is not eating his breakfast and Molly notices, asking him what happened. He tells her that he let it slip to Sydney that he was Max Steel and that he wasn't sure if he wanted to keep it a secret anymore. Molly attempts to comfort him, though he is afraid that she might already know and that he was lying to her. She tells him that whatever he chose to do would be the right thing and that she would support him. Later on, Max and Steel are discussing at school as the former is bent on telling Sydney the truth. After seeing her, Max hides himself and they both start to discuss whatever they should tell her or not. He ultimately decides to tell her, but he is interupted by Dread, who contacts him via Steel's communication frequency. He makes up an excuse and leaves school while Steel attempts to turn off Miles' call, with the latter saying that he had left a "partying gift" at downtown and claims that everything that he held dear was about to come to an end. A ship drops a container at the streets and Morphos is revealed to be inside of it and starts to wreak havoc. Max and Steel head to downton and find the creature, who claims that his father wanted him gone.




  • In the beginning of the film, the head of one of Toxzon's acid Goopanoids (from Supermania) is seen.
  • An outdoor of Hero-Man, from Supermania, was seen when Max was tossed in a building by Morphos.
  • The creation of N-Tek was revisited in flashbacks, showing Ja'em, Forge, Miles and Molly as young adults.
  • The picture of Jim hugging Molly that was shown in the beginning of Come Together Part One is framed and seen hanging on the wall.
  • A picture of Max, Molly, Forge, Kat and Jefferson holding a Steel-shaped cake which happened in Got Turbo Star? appears hanging on the wall.

Noteworthy Events

  • Sydney hints that she knows that Maxwell is in truth Max Steel.
  • With the assistance of Ja'em, Max unlocks Turbo Duo Strike Mode, a process that allows him to combine his Turbo Modes. By fusing Turbo Spike and Turbo Cannon, Max successfully defeats Morphos and grants temporary victory over him.
  • After a failed attempt of eliminating Morphos, the creature survives and absorbs the security device that would destroy him, which grants him the ability of combining his own modes and thus being a match to Max's Duo Strike.


In 2015, Mattel made a deal with Turner Broadcasting consisting in airing more than 800 minutes of their animated content. [1] Alongside with The Wrath of Makino and Maximum MorphosDawn of Morphos was confirmed to be airing on Cartoon Network.


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  • It aired on Latin America on the Cartoon Network, despite the channel didn't advertised the film. They also accidentally named the film as "Duo Strike: The Wrath of Makino".
  • The title of the movie is likely a parody of "The Dawn of the Dead".
  • This was the first movie that someone used the word "kill" instead of "destroy", or related words.
  • There were few references to the Frankenstein character on this film. Morphos' character was heavily inspired by the concept, as he was brought to life under similar circumstances and is made out of parts of other monster. Upon its "birth", Dread shouts "It's alive! It's alive!", which is a nod to Frankenstein.
  • Though this film is the second of the 2015 trilogy, it was released earlier than The Wrath of Makino, which is, cronologically, the first.
  • There was two versions released of this movie in DVD format: the first version included Dawn of Morphos and Maximum Morphos movies and the second version included the movie as well two mini episodes known as Hot Water and New World Disorder.
  • In the flashbacks, Ja'em is shown to have escaped from planet Takion with a his own ship rather than a Makino deployer, as seen in The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah.
  • The film marks the last appearance of Kirby Kowalski.



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