Makino Strikes Part One
Makino Strikes Part One title card
Season 2, Episode 14
Air Date TBA
Written By Thomas Krajewski
Directed By Jeremy Brown
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The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah Makino Strikes Part Two

Makino Strikes Part One is the fourteenth episode of the second season and the fortieth episode of Max Steel (Series). It was written by Thomas Krajewski and directed by Jeremy Brown.



Makino finally arrives on Earth, and leads the biggest Ultralink Attack on N-Tek since the first invasion, along with Dredd's forces and a newly linked Forge Ferrus.

But even with his army, the Ultralinks are unable to breach N-Tek until uses his powers to destroy the walls, allowing Ultralinks to pour in. Then, Max arrives to defeat Makino, but despite his best efforts, is effortlessly beaten by Makino.

Makino grabs Steel, but Ven-Ghan shows up, intent on capturing Steel, and knocks Makino into port into a freezing wasteland.

Meanwhile, Forge makes it to a giant bomb intent on completely destroying N-Tek, but Molly gets in his way. Unfortunately Forge's new form is too powerful and breaks free of the energy web that entangled him, and escapes, leaving Molly to perish.




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  • Alongside with Makino Strikes Part Two, this episode aired first on Latin America yet a TV spot was released in english before its release.
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