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The Makino Ships are vehicles that were created by Makino. They are divided in three different groups, being those Destroyers, Deployers, and Fighters, all driven by Megalinks. One of them first appeared on Earth Under Siege Part Two.


Its origins are unknown, but they are alien technology that were created a long time ago by Makino to invade and conquer planets, since they are loaded with a large quantity of Evil Ultralinks.

TV Show

Season 1


When Steel touched Extroyer's Ultralink, he had a vision of Jim McGrath fighting against Evil Ultralinks and three Makino ships were seen in the sky, which were later destroyed.

Earth Under Siege Part Two

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

Ultralink Invasion Part Two


  • Shield: Each Makino Destroyer have a powerful shield powered by an unknown type of energy (presumably Jim McGrath's T.U.R.B.O. Energy). The shield was powerful enough to resist a missile of N-Tek's Jump Jets, and only Makino technology (for example, Steel) could infiltrate it.
  • Ship Generator: Through the front, the ship is able to generate Deployers and Fighters, the first charged with lots of Evil Ultralinks.
  • Yellow Lasers: The ship can launch a powerful yellow laser through the front that was powerful enough to destroy some tanks and jets of N-Tek.
  • Energy Lash: The ship has a yellow long, resistant lash. Berto created the Turbo Lash based off on it.


  • If the shield of a Destroyer is disabled, the whole ship would be vulnerable to attacks, which was seen on Earth Under Siege Part Two, when N-Tek's Jump Jets destroyed the ship by using some missiles, which previously didn't affected the ship.

Types of Ships

There are three different types of Makino Ships, all driven by Megalinks. When they are driving a ship, they spent their time in finding powerful hosts to Ultralinks. There is also a mother-ship known as Alphalink, which is a way more powerful than other regular ships.

  • Makino Destroyer: Usually they shoot lasers that blow up everything that they hit. These are responsible for bringing Makino Fighters, and Makino Deployers.
  • Makino Deployer: They are able to deploy Evil Ultralinks in specific locations. They are driven by Megalinks.
  • Makino Fighters: They are the mainfield aircraft, able to shoot little lasers, and fly very fast. Also piloted by Megalinks.
  • Alphalink: This vehicle is the most important ship in Makino's mission to conquer the worlds. It is able to create more ships through the front, absorb a whole planet, and shoot a powerful laser.


  • In Scrambled, three Makino ships appeared in Steel's vision. Their design were different than the actual ones used in the later episodes.
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