Makino (Max Steel)

Maxino Makino's Wrath (2)

Gender Male
Alias Makino
Lord Makino
Species Human/ Ultralink
Status TBA
Occupation TBA
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons Enhanced strength
Yellow lasers
Family TBA
Allies The Elementors
Prism Link
Blast Link
Enemies N-Tek
Background Information
First Appearance Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino
Last Appearance Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino
Voiced By Michael Dobson

Makino (Max Steel) is the fusion between Maxwell McGrath and Makino. In this fusion, Max (being controlled by Makino) has similar powers compared to Makino's previous form, but are all enhanced with T.U.R.B.O. Energy. He debuted in Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino, and is voiced by Michael Dobson.


When Maxwell McGrath (in Turbo Nova Mode) has reached to a room inside of the dome, in where he finds Makino's Central Processing Unit. Makino's voice is heard inside the room, announcing that Max Steel is the winner of the competion and Makino's new heir to his throne. Max touches the Processing Unit, causing it to shapeshift and reveal Makino's Ultralink. Makino flies up to Max and links with him in his Turbo Interface (Where Steel links to). In the process, Makino took over the control of Maxwell McGrath, transforming into the new Makino.

TV Show

Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino

When Max touched the processing unit of Makino, it revealed to be his Ultralink, and he consequently linked with Max through his Turbo Interface. Later, the dome disappeared, and every Ultralink and N-Tek saw what happened with Max, while N-Tek stayed on shock, the Ultralinks glorified Makino in his new form. Makino then escaped alongside with the Ultralinks, and went to a moutain, planning his next attack. However, while Makino was trying to create a plan, Max reacted and tried to fight against Makino, and they ended up in Copper Canyon, where Makino activated Turbo Annihilation Mode. Makino then started to destroy Copper Canyon with his drill. But soon afterwards, Jim McGrath and Steel appeared, in an attempt to defeat him, but Jim failed, and Steel successfully helped Max to get out of Makino's control.


Maxwell McGrath is seen in Turbo Base Mode without his helmet on, revealing his face. His hairstyle is changed to a hair style similar to Vin's, with blue on the tips. His hair is being covered by a helmet of Makino's. Max's eyes are changed from blue to yellow. His skin becomes dark and has pieces of armor floating around him. Where the Turbo Interface was formerly located, is where Makino's Ultralink is located at, with only his yellow eye being shown only.


  • Enhanced Strength: Like the previous host of Makino, he is provided with superhuman strength to battle.
  • Flight: Makino is able to fly through with propellers in his feet.
  • Yellow Lasers: Like the previous version of Makino, he has yellow lasers, although that in this version, Max's powers enhances it, making it so powerful, to take down five adversaries down.


  • When Makino linked with Max, he had access to all information of Max, even his insecurities and memories.
  • According to Makino, in this form, has equal amount of powers when compared with Jim McGrath.
  • Although that Makino linked with Max, he was still able to control himself.
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