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Makino is not a thing! It is a thought, an inspiration, an idea that became real! I am indestructible, you are not! I shall lead my Ultralink army across the universe in a wave of complete absorption and expansion, and I am coming for Earth! And you Dread ... You shall be the first to perish!

—Makino, After discovering Dread's betrayal


Character profileImage makino1 tcm422-149626.png
Makino linked with his Creator

Makino - Ultralink Form.jpeg
Makino in his Ultralink form

Makino Linked with Max.png
Makino, linked with Maxwell McGrath

Makino Linked with Jim.png
Makino linked with Jim McGrath

Gender Male
Alias Lord Makino
Master Makino
Master of Technology (by himself and Dread)
Rusty hunk of space junk (by Max)
Big tough Makino, destroyer of galaxies (by Max)
Species Techno-organic parasite
Status Deceased
Occupation Creator of Ultralinks
Destroyer of worlds
Master of technology
Age Eons old
Homeworld Planet Makino (presumably)
Interests Destroying planets with his inexhaustible army of Ultralinks
Revenge against Max Steel and N-Tek
Weapons Control of the technology
Family TBA
Allies Alien Scientist (creator)
The Elementors
Blast, Chomp, and Prism
Evil Ultralinks
Worm Links
Gun Links
Bone Links
Lizard Links
Tank Links
Rock Links
Enemies Max Steel
Miles Dread
Jason Naught
Jim McGrath
Commander Forge Ferrus
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
N-Tek Agents
Ultralink Hunters
The Black Star Council
Background Information
First Appearance Earth Under Siege Part Two
Last Appearance The Wrath of Makino
Voiced By Michael Dobson

Makino, usually referred as Lord Makino by other Ultralinks other than Steel or the Master of Technology by Dread, was the true and main antagonist of Max Steel. He was considered as a god and father for most of the Ultralinks and was the deadliest enemy that Max Steel ever faced, still being a threat even after his death. Makino was capable of controlling technology and he used technological parts to create modes. Makino was mentioned on Thanks, I Think by an accident, but made his debut on Earth Under Siege Part Two. He was voiced by Michael Dobson.


Early Life

Makino after linking with his creator.

Eons ago, a scientist was working on a extensive project involving floating technology and eventually created Makino, the most perfect and powerful creation that he had ever created. He was created with the purpose of absorb and expand. While the scientist's assistant was extremely reluctant in keeping Makino and suggested to destroy it, the scientist ignored and said he couldn't simply be destroyed due to his techno-organic systems programmed to regenerate and find a host, even on his death. Upon realizing his immense power, Makino linked with his creator and killed the assistant, who hopelessly tried to escape from his fate.[1]

Makino's army attacking a planet

Later on, Makino started to create more beings like him, named as "Ultralinks" and eventually created an army of these small creatures. Over time, Makino became one of the most feared aliens (if not the most) that ever existed, as he destroyed many planets and ended many innocent lives with his Alphalink device. He also had created an ideal: "For the glory of Makino", said by most of the Ultralinks. His path of destruction eventually led to the creation of The Black Star Council, an organization consisting of aliens that managed to survive Makino's attacks whose main goal was to capture Makino and other intergalactic criminals.

During an attack to the Planet Takion, one of Makino's minions named N'Baro Aksteel X377 betrays his master by linking with one of the survivors (Ja'em Mk'rah) to save his life. Shortly after absorbing planet Takion, Makino already had chosen his next target: Earth. Eventually, the duo became a potential threat to Makino and his empire, as they stopped many invasions on many planets. The duo had also founded N-Tek alongside with Molly McGrath, Forge Ferrus and Miles Dread and were creating weapons to stop Makino and his minions.

Sixteen years prior to the series' events, Makino launched his first Ultralink attack on Earth. N-Tek's soldiers were ready to fight off the army, but there were too many of them and were quickly outnumbered, until they released their secret weapon: Ja'em Mk'rah and Steel, the traitor. The duo easily defeated Makino's army, which made him even more angry.

Makino ceased the invasion and kept sending Ultralinks to Earth, although they were captured and contained by N-Tek's forces.

Season 1

Earth Under Siege Part Two

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

During a meteor shower, Makino sends a squadron of four Ultralinks to Miles Dread. He later on appears as an hologram and tells Miles to carry on with the plan and not fail him.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

Dredd Ascendant

Full Metal Racket

Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon

Lights, Camera, Max!

The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah

Makino Strikes Part One

Far away, Makino appears looking at an hologram of Earth and crushes it his hands with an evil grim on his face. By using his Alphalink, Makino opens a wormhole that allows him to travel to a Makino ship orbiting on Earth. After arriving, he laughs maniacally and Mega-Elementor and Dread greet him, though he gets angry at the latter and tells him to stay silent. He explains his plans of destroying N-Tek and taking on Max Steel and eliminate him.

After taking over Forge with an evil Ultralink, Makino and his soldiers attack N-Tek's base on Copper Canyon. As his army advances, Makino gleefully looks at them while laughing. Due to their defense and the fact that Berto froze the doors of the base, they couldn't invade it so Makino uses his technology-based abilities to tear apart an opening so his army could invade the place. Jefferson Smith attempts to attack Makino with missiles from his jet, but it does no damage to him and he uses his abilities to tear apart the vehicle. N-Tek sends few tanks to fight against him, but he tosses them away and one of them falls on Max and Steel while they were on the Turbo Car. After he realizes that Aksteel is there, Makino tosses their vehicle away and proceeds to absorb Jefferson's jet onto himself to fly where the duo was.

Some time later, Makino finally reaches them and gets surprised in seeing Max Steel, who surprised and scared. They attempt to use multiple Turbo Modes to fight against him, but it does no damage to Makino, who, after being taken down by Turbo Cannon Mode, returns harmless to battle and laughs maniacally. Max activates Turbo Flight Mode and attempts to gain time, but after staying distracted for few secons due to a call from Sydney, he is hit by Makino, who delivers a powerful blow that almost makes him faint. He falls on a lake, and Makino proceeds to land near it while saying that if he was Earth's greatest hope, then they would be disappointed. Second later, Max jumps from the lake and activates Turbo Cannon and charges onto Makino, who smiles and once again takes no damage. He returns to his base mode and proceeds to tell Max that nothing would stop him in his mission of Earth's destruction.

Later on, Max is being tossed around by Makino, who finds strange that a human is able to generate T.U.R.B.O. Energy and thinks that Steel is just using him and his energy to protect himself. After some time, he immobilizes Max against a rock using his powers and says that his friends and family would soon perish due to his failure and that he was nothing but an "weak earthling", which angers him. He uses multiple Turbo Modes to take Makino down and gets tired as a result. While the villain remains at the ground, apparently unconscious, he makes jokes about Makino being so tough and being conquerer of planets. He suddenly wakes up, violently grabbing Max's chest while saying that he was responsible for conquering much more and that he could have destroyed him and Aksteel at any moment, but didn't choose to as he likes to torture his prey before killing them. He tosses Max at the ground and forcibly removes Steel from his chest, saying that he was going to dissect him. He grabs him and laughs, and suddenly a portal opens and Ven-geance tackles at him, making him go through it and land in a cold place. Makino doesn't cares and says that they could get reacquainted, then proceeding to prepare his Jet mode to fly to the Makino destroyer. 

Makino Strikes Part Two

Got Turbo Star


The Final Countdown Part One

The Final Countdown Part Two

Animated Films

The Wrath of Makino

After the explosion of the Alphalink, Makino's central processing unit is sent to a forest. Later on, he activates a message present on all of his Ultralinks proposing a competition to determine the new ruler of his empire. He leaves the coordinates for his unit and upon learning that Makino still lives, Max, Steel and N-Tek's forces go there.

After fighting against the Elementors, Blast, Prism and few evil Ultralinks, Max and Steel finally managed to neutralize them so N-Tek could obtain the unit. However, Metallak was watching at distance and went quickly ran after the device while shouting "For the glory of Makino!". Max attempts to stop him, but he touches the unit and makes a giant dome emerge, which the competitors enter on. After activating Turbo Nova Mode, Max enters there and faces a Makino hologram which attempts to intimidate them, yet they take it as a joke and proceed to fight against Makino's mental projections.

Initially the duo easily overpowered Makino's clones due to their new mode, but after realizing that the other competitors were ahead of them, Max and Steel decide to split up, despite the latter's reluctance at first. Steel proceeds to continue and ends up losing the contact with Max and thinks he is lost, until he reaches Makino's memories and sees his origins. He realizes that it was a trap all along but fails to tell Max. Meanwhile, he touches the unit and it reveals to be Makino himself, who proceeds to forcibly link with Max while he screams for Steel's help.

Afterwards, the dome closes itself and Makino reveals himself, now under control of Makino's body and claiming that Max no longer existed, and that only him remained and proceeds to laugh maniacally. His soldiers bow before him and he mentions that he was surprised to find such a powerful host as Maxwell and that he luckily didn't end up with any of his weak Ultralinks. The Elementors ask how they could serve him yet he gets angry and tosses them away with an energy blast. He proceeds to intimidate Max's family mentioning his insecurities and Steel attempts to bring him back, yet Makino tells him that he was no longer there and flees as he mentions that they would feel their wrath.

Later on, Makino appears seeing Copper Canyon at distance, while mentioning how he was tired of Earth despite his Ultralinks disagree with him. He gets angry and suddenly starts to beat himself, which turns out to be Max, who was still there and fighting. While attempting to get the control back of his body, Makino flies to Copper Cayon while crashing into some buildings and decides to continue their fight on his mind. He is overpowered by him and decides to tie him with an energy lash and then proceeds to mention his insecurities, which makes him angry. He explains that Max's energy would serve him on Earth's destruction, yet he doesn't believes it. Makino proceeds to tease him while using his "Go Turbo" motto to activate Turbo Annihilation Mode, a colossal armored mode fueled by Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy.

He starts causing havoc and chaos on the city, throwing cars and using Max's energy to blow up things. He proceeds to create a drill to tear Earth in two using his energy. Ja'em and Steel link up again in order to stop him, which angers Makino. Despite their best efforts, Ja'em and Steel aren't able to face him due to his enormous power, so the latter attempts to remember about their connection, which as pointed out by Jim earlier, was stronger than any other Ultralink bond that he had ever seen. He successfully manages to free Max from Makino's control and as a result his armor blows up, his drill is deactivated and he returns to his initial form. He falls to the ground, where he sees Ja'em and bonds with him and creates a new secondary form to his Turbo Annihilation Mode.

After doing so, he proceeds to say that he simply couldn't be destroyed due to his programming of finding a new host even after he is defeated. Now under possession of Max's father's memories and powers, he attempts to intimidate Max by saying that his own father didn't believed on him, which angers him. He flies directly at him, but Makino easily pushes him away with his giant hands. He attempts to kill Molly, but Forge quickly saves her and commands N-Tek's forces to attack him, which does no damage to him. He continues with his mission of destroying Earth, but he is interupted by Max's new mode: Turbo Titan Mode, created specifically to deal with Makino's new colossal form. While fighting against him, Max tells Steel to attempt to break his connection with the villain in the same way he did with him, but it doesn't works.

As Makino's drill is almost shattering Earth, Max attempts to stop him once and for all, but the villain viciously fights against him. He tells Max that their battle could take forever, but it couldn't as their planet was dying and proceeds to launch a powerful energy ray that tosses Max away to a dock. He goes after them and grabs few containers to throw at them, but Max quickly uses Steel as a Turborang and throws him at Makino, which desorients him. They use the cranes to immobilize his arms and remove him from Ja'em's head. Max goes back to his base mode and attempts to talk with his father, who was still possessed by the parasite and continues to fight agressively against him. He attempts to stomp on Max's head but Ja'em starts to intefire. He touches Max's shoulders, and attempts to overload himself in order to remove Makino, which works. Yet still damaged, Makino was searching for a host.

Max and Steel activate Turbo Nova Mode and travel to the Sun. As they go, Makino leaves a message explaining that his core unit process wasn't working anymore, even though that he was much more than just that and that he was an ideal, an unimaginable power that someone would heir someday. As Makino calmly looks at the Sun, Max proceeds to throw him, and his body quickly start to desintegrate, thus causing his death.


Despite the fact that Makino was destroyed by Max and Steel, he is still considered a threat to Earth, since he has many soldiers spread over the world. Most of Makino's technology remaining on Copper Canyon was stored in the Ice Box facility, where they are kept in low temperature.

An example of Makino and his Ultralinks' legacy is the Connect-Tek, a device created by Jim based on Steel's ability of creating Turbo Modes. The device eventually created the Team Turbo group and triggered Mortum's mutation.

In Turbo-Warriors, Makino's head piece is shown in a room of Team Turbo's base, suggesting that he either could have returned during the time skip, but was once again stopped by Max Steel or it was a replica.

Makino's Hosts

So far in the series, Makino has had three hosts, those being:


The appearance of Makino may vary based on the host that he is bonded to.

In his Ultralink form, Makino is a six-armed Ultralink. He is a black Ultralink that has blue armor pieces surrounding his body with a little bit of yellow on it. His arms are located right underneath of his head. In his Ultralink form, he only has one eye, which is yellow.

When he bonded with the Alien Scientist, his creator, he considerably increased the body mass of his creator, creating a wide and bulky being. His skin is black with blue and yellow armor pieces that are surrounding his body. On his skin, he has letters that appear and disappear suddenly. His Ultralink is located on his creator's head, which looks more like a helmet, with the same yellow Ultralink eye. His creator's eyes have turned yellow. Behind him, Makino has a few floating pieces of blue armor. Also, he has a wide yellow sphere that is located on his torso. This form is also known as "Humanoid Battle Form".

When he bonded with Maxwell McGrath, the body mass of Max has not changed at all. Max is seen in his Turbo Base Mode with a few pieces of blue and yellow armor pieces surrounding his body. He has blue pieces of armor floating behind him, similar to the Alien Scientist mode. He has a helmet on his head with sharp edges. Max's skin turn darker in the process and has yellow eyes instead of his blue eyes. Under his helmet, his hair has been changed to a similar hairstyle like Dwayne, only that with blue on the tip. Makino's Ultralink is located on Max's chest, where Steel previously used to link with Max, only that the Ultralink's eye can be seen.

When he bonded with Jim McGrath, his appearance didn't change at all, having only the head piece fixed on his head, and yellow glowing eyes. In fact, only the Turbo Modes produced by Makino were different when compared to Max's modes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Makino is seemingly stronger than any other Ultralink that he created, being able to create modes with large destruction capabilities. When linked with a host, he increases the strength and gives the ability of controlling technology.
  • Superhuman Speed: He is faster than an average person.
  • Superhuman Durability: He has shown to be highly durable after being attacked by almost all of Max's Turbo Modes and being knocked out by just a few seconds and returns to fight harmless.
  • Linking Abilities: Like other Ultralinks, Makino can bond with beings or objects and weaponize them, transforming his host into a living weapon.
  • Yellow Lasers: Makino possesses the ability to shoot powerful lasers orbs and stationary laser blasts that were powerful enough to destroy many of N-Tek's vehicles.
  • Technokinesis: Makino possesses the ability to control and tear apart technology.
  • Tech Absorption: Like his past incarnation, Makino can absorb technology and make modes out of them. He presumably can absorb other materials, like glass, since he absorbed his container during his creation.
  • Size Alteration: He can alter his size as long he is on a Makino ship by absorbing parts of the floor or walls.
  • Shape shifting: Makino can assume two different forms. The first is his Ultralink form, which can bond with someone or something and the second is his head piece form, which resembles the same head shape of his first host.
  • Regeneration: Makino is able to quickly regenerate in some days, which makes him virtually unstoppable.
  • Float: Like others of his kind, Makino is able to float.
  • Energy Adaptation: Makino is able to adapt to any type of energy when he bonds to a host, for example, the T.U.R.B.O. Energy.


  • Ultralinks and Megalinks: Makino possessed a large armada of Ultralinks and Megalinks with the same intention as him: to absorb and expand. The Megalinks were in charge of driving Deployers and Fighters and usually appeared searching hosts to Ultralinks bond with.
  • Alphalink: Makino had a giant vehicle similar to a planet powered by Jim's T.U.R.B.O. Energy.[2] The ship served as a home to many Ultralinks and was capable of generating more ships containing more Ultralinks. The device was destroyed by Max, Steel and Jim during the events of The Final Countdown Part Two.
  • Ships: Makino used three kinds of ships to conquer planets, being those: Destroyers, Deployers and Fighters.
  • Advanced Technology: Makino counts with advanced technology in all of his arsenal. Makino's technology easily surpasses Earth's primitive technology.
  • Energy: Makino generates large quantities of a yellow energy that only he generates.
  • Destabilizing Drill: In The Wrath of Makino, Makino created a large drill powered by his energy that would tear Earth apart.


  • Expert Tactician: Makino easily outsmarted N-Tek many times and due to his incredible skills, he was capable of absorbing many planets with his Ultralink Armada. This was seen in Makino Strikes Part One, when Makino revealed his plan consisting in bonding an Evil Ultralink with Forge Ferrus (the man behind N-Tek's forces), attacking N-Tek with a large army of Ultralinks and Dread Naughts, while he would fight and finish off Max Steel. In Ultralink Invasion Part One, Makino sent four Ultralinks in the exact moment while a meteor shower was happening, which denotes this ability.


Makino's name comes from the word machina in Latin that means machine, referring to his abilities of controlling technology.


Ruthless and gleefully sadistic, Makino is an omnicidal artificial intelligence created with only one purpose: to absorb and expand. After his creation, he gets aware of his unimaginable power and proceeds to bond with his maker, later on creating an army of parasitic entities known as Ultralinks and the Alphalink to assist on his mission of conquest. He uses his tireless army to annihilate countless civilizations and innocent lives, showing no remorse towards the lives he has taken, often using this information to boast himself on battles.

He often appears as a calm, serious and condescending individual, although he can lose his coolness if his plans go wrong. He is energetic and brutal on battles, as he shows a macabre grin while beating his foes and likes to torture his prey as much as possible before killing them, as mentioned by himself on Makino Strikes Part One. He is also shown to be vindictive and holds a grudge against those who betrayed him, particularly Dread and Steel. After the latter betrays him, he decides to capture him and dissects him to comprehend why he left him. He states that his Ultralinks were created to obey, not to choose, denoting authoritarian and controlling traces. He is arrogant, as he considers himself as a superior lifeform and abuses his minions, considering them as weak.

After being defeated by Max Steel and N-Tek's forces, Makino returns and rather than absorbing Earth as he was programmed, he is bent on destroying it and killing all the living beings on it, which denotes that he has the ability of ignoring his programming if he chooses to. While not being bonded with anyone, he often shows an instinctive side, as shortly after Maxwell was released from his control, he goes after a new host to increase his powers, or after he was unliked from Ja'em and even highly damaged he was still after someone to bond with.

Additionally, Makino is aware of his unimaginable powers and considers himself a "thought, a inspiration, an ideal that became real", which he points out before being thrown in the Sun by Max, or in other occasions such as Got Turbo Star?.



Makino deeply despises Steel, as he decided to betray him in the past.

Maxwell McGrath

Makino considers Max as Steel's "poor pathetic link slave", and finds strange that an Earthling like him is able to generate T.U.R.B.O. Energy. He first met him in Makino Strikes Part One, showing disgust once he saw him.


  • "Hahahaha, you are people's greatest hope!? Then may be surely disappointed!" - Makino Strikes Part One
  • "Enjoy your last breaths, thinking in your friends and family, all who will soon perish as well, all because you couldn't save them. You are nothing but a weak earthling!" - Makino Strikes Part One
  • "Poetic, isn't it? Once this mighty power was used to defeat me, to prevent me from destroying Earth. But this time, it will be the key that ensures my success! This time, the planet falls! This time, the Earth will be mine!" - The Final Countdown Part One
  • "If  you're listening to this message, it means that I've been defeated and my core unit is no longer functioning. But I, Makino, am more than my core unit. Makino is an idea. The total of everything I have seen. Every world I have absorbed. I am power unimaginable! Power that can be yours! One of you will become my heir!" - The Wrath of Makino


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  • In Makino Strikes Part Two, Makino wished to dissect Steel to find out why he rebelled, something no Ultralink's ever willingly done.
  • He is capable of removing the steel suit from Max without killing him, but this will cause Max to overload with T.U.R.B.O Energy.
  • During the events of Makino Strikes Part Two, he got two new modes, those being Jet and Tank Mode, which were the first two modes that his classic counterpart got. The order in which he got them is also exactly the same as the classic one.
  • N-Tek once developed a monster named Morphos to defeat Makino, but he was rejected due to his immense power. They later on opted to use the Turbo Star
  • While Makino spoke on his alien scientist form, a female voiced could be heard. It is possible that this voice is that of Makino's creator, or a high-pitched version of Michael Dobson's voice.
  • Due to Makino's skilled abilities in controlling the technology, he is sometimes referred as "The Master of Technology".
  • As seen in Team Turbo, Makino and his Ultralinks had their own idiom, referred as "Makinian Language" by Steel.
  • Yet Makino condemns Steel for choosing to betray his own kind and believes that his Ultralinks were made to obey, not to choose, he ironically choose to ignore his programming in Wrath of Makino.
  • Makino thinks Steel is just using Max for his T.U.R.B.O. Energy to keep himself safe from him as seen in Makino Strikes Part One.
  • Makino mentions in Makino Strikes Part Two, that he finds it strange that Max has so much T.U.R.B.O. Energy, but also needs Steel to keep it contained.
  • In the first trailers of Season 2, Makino is shown to be capable of removing his own armor (as well the energy sphere on his abdomen), although he never does this on the second season. The only exception would be on Got Turbo Star?, yet the view is limited as he is covered in shadows while he regenerates himself.


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