Lizard Links


Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species Ultralink Monster
Status TBA
Occupation Part of Makino's empire
Homeworld Planet Makino
Interests Absorb and expand for the glory of Makino
Weapons High speed, and enhanced strength
Family Makino (creator)
Allies Makino
Evil Ultralinks
Blast, Chomp and Prism Link
Enemies Max Steel
N-Tek Agents
Background Information
First Appearance The Ultralink Hunter
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By TBA
Lizard Links (unofficial name) were a type of Makino's soldiers introduced on Season 2. He is considerably faster than any other evil Ultralinks, and are able to surprise the enemy with pounds. One of them appeared in The Ultralink Hunter, which marked their debut in the show.


Early Life

They are created when Drone Ultralinks (mainly the orange version) bonds with lizards or a reptilian animal.

Season 2

The Ultralink Hunter

While Ven-Ghan and Max Steel were trying to escape from Metal Elementor's Makino Destroyer, a group of Ultralink monsters suddenly appeared in their way. The Lizard Link was the first to be defeated with Steel's Turbo Mimic Mode.


  • Superhuman Strength: They are strong as other Ultralink monsters.
  • Superhuman Speed: They are considerably faster than any other Ultralink monsters, as noted on Ultralinks AttackThey are also able to charge and pound against the adversary in high speed.
  • Unlimited Stamina: They can take large amounts of damage and return harmless to battle seconds later.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: They can easily dodge Max Steel's attacks, mainly seen on Ultralinks Attack.


  • Limited Defense: While they are extremely fast, their defense is relatively weak.
  • Energy Core: Like other Ultralinks, their weak point is located on the head, which is their Ultralink. If the Ultralink is destroyed, they will instantly faint.


They share some of the characteristics as other Ultralink monsters, such as the head and body type, featured by a muscular and skinny appearance, but they are slightly different. They have three eyes in each side of the head, pointy teeths with the canine being larger than the others and the Ultralink which is located in the center of their head, usually featuring orange color and grey armor.  They possesses a scaly green skin since he is linked with a lizard and black rips around the shoulders, biceps, forearms and thighs. They have five spikes protuding from their shoulders and various others in their forearms, with the tips being light green. They also are the only monsters that have tails.


Like other Evil Ultralinks, they have an endless thirst for destruction and would destroy everything in their way for Makino's glory.


  • They are mainly seen in Ultralinks Attack game, unlike the show, where they are rarely seen.
  • He was the first Evil Ultralink seen linked with an animal. Because of that, he possesses unique features unlike other Ultralinks monsters.
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