Live by the Sword
Max Steel Reboot Murukami
Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Live by the Sword is the tenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). Kirby Kowalski, Max's friend, finds an ancient sword in this backpack. When he touched it, he was possessed by the spirit of a ninja named Murukami. Now Muru-Kirby wants to accomplish his mission. What is his mission?! And how would Max Steel defeat Muru-Kirby without hurting his friend?! This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Daniel Ife. This episode was aired on July 6, 2013.


In this episode, Maxwell McGrathSydney Gardner, and Kirby Kowalski are walking in a place where they are selling old stuffs and artifacts (Which is the same place where the fair was in Hard Water, and the somethings from the fair there was) in the first day of Summer. Then Kirby sees an old Vikings' helmet and he wears it on, but it was heavy on his head and he couldn't see nothing. Then Sydney said some joke, that Kirby didn't heard very well in the helmet. Then he hit himself with a pole. Then Sydney ran to Kirby to try to take off the helmet. Then Max was talking to Steel that the place was cool. Then Steel was arguing with him that it is a stupid place and that the people are selling old, useless things. Then Sydney finally took off the Vikings' helmet, then Max walked away. 

At a Vendor's booth, a man named Axel, was asking The Vendor for a sword. Then The Vendor was lying to him that he didn't knew what he was talking about and that he didn't have it and that the legend wasn't true. Then Axel kept arguing with him that he (The Vendor) has it and that he (The Vendor) knows the legend, but doesn't has the sword. Then Max, Kirby, and Sydney came to The Vendor's booth and then he (Kirby) grabbed a pair of Sais. Then he grabs some pole weapon thing and he accidently hit Axel. Then Kirby said sorry to Axel. Then when Axel and Kirby were talking, The Vendor hide the sword in Kirby's backpack. Then Axel got angry with Kirby, so he told them that it was closed, so then he covered the booth. Then Sydney saw a collection of metal spoons at another booth, then Steel was still arguing about the things.

In The Vendor's booth, Axel was still asking The Vendor for the sword. Then The Vendor warned to Axel that the sword is very powerful. Then Axel told him that that's why he wants it. Then Axel got angry and wrecked The Vendor's booth.

At Max, Sydney, and Kirby, the teenagers were looking at somethings and then the sword's case that Kirby had in his backpack, glowed orange.

At an alley, Axel goes to some garage and then he meets Jason Naught, who was there. Then he gave him some other weapons, and he said that it was for Miles Dredd. Then Jason explained to him that the sword was not for Dredd, that it was for himself. Then Axel said that it was some sword. Then Jason told him that it wasn't some sword, that it was the cursed sword of Murukami and that he wanted it because it had great power. Then he ordered Axel to go find it again and to be ready, that if someone else asks for the sword, that it will be a great wreck.

At the fair, Kirby was playing a game where he had to pop balloons with darts, but he didn't win nothing. Then he went with Max, who was playing a game. Then Max asked Kirby if he didn't won any prizes. Then Kirby lied to him that he did, but that he gave them away to people. Then Max asked Kirby, looking at the sword case, if someone passed him that. Then Kirby said that it wasn't his. Then Max told him that possibly someone put it in his backpack by accident. But then Kirby took the sword with him.

At an alley in Copper Canyon, Kirby goes there and no one is in the alley. Then he grabs the sword and plays with it. Then when he wanted to throw it in the trash, the sword was glued to his hand, and it won't free. Then when he saw the blade, he saw some's face, with wasn't his face. Then the sword glowed and then an orange light came out, which possessed Kirby. Then Butch and his sidekicks appeared, who wanted to beat up Kirby, but Muru-Kirby defeated them.

At the fair, Max was still playing the same game he was playing. Then he saw Butch and his gang running with fear. Then they were still followed by Muru-Kirby. Then Max and Steel were surprised. Then Sydney appeared and asked Max what was happening outside. Then Max lied to her that he didn't know and that he has a dentist appointment. Then Max and Steel were hiding in the same alley and turned into Max Steel, but as Turbo Flight Mode. Then he flies and looks for Muru-Kirby.

In the street, Butch and his gang are still running from Muru-Kirby. Then Muru-Kirby sees a lot of cars. Then he cuts one in half. Then a Police Officer came and ordered Muru-Kirby to drop the weapon, but then he cut the gun and then the Police Officer leaves. Then Muru-Kirby was cutting streetlights and also a billboard. The citizens of Copper Canyon were panicking. Then Max Steel Turbo Flight Mode came and then Muru-Kirby wanted to attack Max Steel with his sword, then he told him that no one could stop him from accomplishing his mission. Then Max Steel was following Muru-Kirby, who was jumping on top of cars.

In one of the cars, Axel was driving it and then he called Jason that he found the sword. Then Jason was glad to hear that.

In Copper Canyon, Max Steel is trying to stop Muru-Kirby from destroying Copper Canyon. Then Steel told Max that it must be the sword, because the sword was glowing, as he could see. Then Max Steel wants to take off the sword from Muru-Kirby's hands, but he wouldn't. Then Muru-Kirby wanted to fight him, but then he turn into Turbo Strength Mode and then Muru-Kirby was surprised about Max Steel's abilities. Then Max Steel tried to take off the sword from Muru-Kirby's hands, but he wouldn't. Then Max Steel was defeated and then Muru-Kirby disappeared. Then they received a call from Commander Forge Ferrus, asking them why there was a teenage ninja trying to destroy Copper Canyon. Then N-Tek came for them in an N-Tek Jump Jet.

In the N-Tek Jump Jet, Forge was laughing about what Max and Steel was telling him and Katherine 'Kat' Ryan, a magic sword. Then Steel told Forge that this kid (Max) spreads his days with fire monstersand spaceships. Then Roberto 'Berto' Martinez called them that he found the owner of the sword (Which was The Vendor). Then The Vendor told them that long ago in ancient Japan, there was a powerful ninja named Murukami. Murukami wanted to conquered the world, but he needed a very powerful sword to do that, since his weapons didn't keep up. So then, a sorcerer made a sword that was powerful than anything on Earth. But the sorcerer out a curse on sword. Who ever touched the sword, his/ her spirit will be trapped in the blade of the sword forever. So then, Murukami touched the sword's handle, then he was trapped in the blade. The legend says that who ever touches the sword's handle, the person will be possessed by the spirit of Murukami and will rehavoc again. Then they found out Murukami's mission, to conquer the world. Then Steel asked how they can stop him. Then Berto said that that part isn't clear. Then Jefferson Smith said that he found Muru-Kirby attacking the Police Officers. Then Forge ordered him to go closer and capture him. Then N-Tek was shot by a THI Airship, and Jason Naught was driving it.

In Copper Canyon, Muru-Kirby was still attacking the Police Officers. Then Muru-Kirby saw the THI Airship and then he wanted to destroy it, but then the THI Airship abducted him.

Then Forge saw the THI Airship abducting Muru-Kirby, so he ordered Jefferson to follow the Airship. So then Jefferson followed it.

Jason Naught and Axel now have Muru-Kirby in the THI Airship, and he is locked up in a laser prison. Then Jason ordered Axel to drive the Airship, while he gets some business to attend. Then he connected a cable to the sword, so Muru-Kirby could free the sword with volts. Then he woke up and then he connected the cable to the laser prison and then he escaped. Then Muru-Kirby tried to defeat Jason Naught, but he turned into a giant robot and tried to defeat Muru-Kirby, but then Muru-Kirby escaped from to a hole that Jason made with his laser.

Then the N-Tek Jump Jet came closer to the THI Airship, but they had to defeat Jason, not Muru-Kirby, since he is Max's friend.

So then, Jason and Muru-Kirby are still fighting and then Axel informed that they destroyed some part of the Airship and that they will fall. Then Axel jumped out of the THI Airship with a parachute.

Then N-Tek tried to aim on Naught, but they couldn't find him, nor Muru-Kirby. Then they heard a bump and damages on the rooftop of the N-Tek Jump Jet, meaning they were on top of them.

The two villains were fighting and damaging some, parts of the N-Tek Jump Jet.

Then Jefferson Smith informed that the N-Tek Jump Jet has been damaged and that they should ditch. Then Forge ordered Max to stop them.

So the N-Tek agents jumped out of the N-Tek Jump Jet, but Max Steel (Who was in his Turbo Flight Mode) flew to the rooftop of the N-Tek Jump Jet and he went to stop the two fighting villains.

So then, the N-Tek Jump Jet fell and landed, all damaged on Copper Canyon, and then Jason and Muru-Kirby jumped out and then they fought again on a roof. Then Max Steel Turbo Flight Mode came in and then he tried to defeat Jason Naught, then he turns into Turbo Base Mode. But then he is thrown off from the building by Muru-Kirby. Then Muru-Kirby and Max Steel were fighting and Max tried to stop Muru-Kirby, but he won't and he was attacked by Jason. Max Steel tried to stop him with his Turbo Touch, but then Jason told him that he upgraded himself and that he wouldn't be defeated by his(Max Steel's) Turbo Touch Problems. Then Jason Naught and Muru-Kirby tried to defeat Max Steel, and also the villains were still fighting. Then C.Y.T.R.O came to help Max Steel. Then he defeated Jason Naught by only one shot. Then Muru-Kirby attacked Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O. But then C.Y.T.R.O flied and Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode. Then they landed to safety and Max Steel turned into his Turbo Base Mode. Then Muru-Kirby jumped down from the building and then C.Y.T.R.O introduced to Max Steel the Turbo Sword. Then Max asked him how he will defeat Muru-Kirby. Then C.Y.T.R.O told him the sword is more powerful than anything on Earth, but Steel isn't from Earth. So then Steel got connected to the Turbo Sword and then Muru-Kirby and Max Steel were in a sword fight. Then Jason stood up and then he wanted the sword of Murukami, but then the Turbo Sword defeated Jason. Then Max Steel's Turbo Sword later destroyed Murukami's sword and the curse was broken and then Kirby fell on the floor. Then Berto and The Vendor came and then The Vendor told Max Steel that the sword and the curse had been broken. Then Kirby woke up and he was excited to see Max Steel, C.Y.T.R.O, and The Vendor. Then the police was coming, so they hided. Then C.Y.T.R.O realized that Jason Naught had left already. Then Kirby asked The Vendor if he still had the Nunchakus, but The Vendor gave Kirby the metal pole weapon. Then Max asked The Vendor if the pole was cursed. Then Kirby was swinging the pole and then he accidently hit Max Steel. Then Steel said that the only thing that was cursed, was Kirby's techniques.

In the night at Miles Dredd's secret hideout, Jason Naught was called to Miles Dredd's room. Then he asked Dredd if he could help him with something. Then Axel came, who was with some Dredd Naughts and he told Jason that he said everything to them. Then Miles Dredd got angry and he said that he will show them to only be loyal to him.



  • This is the first appearance of Axel, Murukami, Murukami's sword, and the Turbo Sword.
  • It is the first time Miles Dredd punishes Jason Naught.
  • This is the second time Jason Naught appears in this giant mode and it played a bigger role, since in Come Together Part Three, he was defeated by Max's Turbo Touch Problem easily, just when he turned into a giant.
  • This is the second time Kirby is a villain for some reason, the first being in Cleaning House.
  • The billboard Muru-Kirby cut was an old billboard of THI, showing Jason petting a robotic dog. This appeared in Come Together Part One, in both a billboard and a commercial out of it.
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