This list focuses on the easter eggs made of chocolate released on Brazil and Italia. On Brazil, a company named Top Cau previously produced the first egg of the new series, but until today, a company named Lacta got the license to do the eggs. On Italia, a company also annually releases the eggs, known as Dolfin..

List of Easter Eggs


In 2013, an brazilian company named "Top Cau" launched an easter egg (and also the first based on the new TV series) based on the new TV show. The egg came with a small toy named "Sky Diving Max Steel", consisting in a small toy that had a similar look to Turbo Base Mode but with wings. When a button on his backback is pressed, his wings will elevate.


In 2014, an brazilian company named "Lacta" launched an easter egg (also the second based on the new TV series) based on the new TV show. The egg was divided into two parts: one with black chocolate, and the other, with white chocolate. The egg came with one small toy based on the Turbo Cycle with Max Steel on it. The toy featured pull-back gimmick.


In 2015, the brazilian company named "Lacta" launched again an easter egg based in the new TV Series. The egg was all black chocolate, different of the previous year, and came with a small toy, which was a Max Steel (In Turbo Base Mode) that came with two accessories, being them; a Turbo Strength armor that could be divided into two pieces to put Max inside of it, and a wing that could be attached to Max Steel's back to simulate Turbo Flight Mode. The figure was presumably based on the Triple Transform Max Steel, part of the Land Invasion line, launched in 2014.

Later, in Italia, a company named "Dolfin" launched one easter egg. When compared to Brazil version, it was bigger and consequently had more chocolate. The egg came with three ribbons, each having different design, though that all of them have the logo of the series.


Like previous years, Lacta released another chocolate egg based on the new series, being the third year that they release a easter egg of Max Steel. This time, the egg comes with action figure (that is divided into two parts) based on Turbo Base Mode that has two points of articulation, being those both arms. The figure also has few transparent parts, specifically being on the blue visor on Max's face, and Steel.

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