Morphos Ahead!

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Morphos Ahead



Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species Human (presumably)
Status TBA
Occupation TBA
Age Teenager
Homeworld Earth
Interests Help Max Steel in combat crime in Copper Canyon
Weapons Superhuman Strength
Family TBA
Allies Max Steel
Power Wing
Enemies Miles Dread
Background Information
First Appearance Hero Overload
Last Appearance Hero Overload
Voiced By None

Knockout is a exclusive character from the graphic novels who made its first appearance in Hero Overload. Alongside with Quickfire and Power Wing, he was a member of The Superbrawl Strikeforce, a group led by Max Steel.


Graphic Novels

Hero Overload

When Max Steel was fighting against two of his greatest enemies, Miles Dread and Extroyer, a group of three armored heroes come and help Max in defeat them, being those Knockout, Quickfire, and Power Wing. In the beginning, Max refused their help since he didn't knew what they were up to and didn't knew about their goals, but eventually, he becomes their mentor.

They soon team-up to combat crime in Copper Canyon.


  • Superhuman Strength: His main ability consists in superhuman strength, which lies on his big fist.


Knockout uses a bright grey suit with black, red and white parts. He also wears a helmet with the same colors of his armor, with symbols on it.


  • The big fist that he has is very similar to Turbo Gauntlet Mode.
  • The shape of his visor resembles the SPD Rangers from the Power Rangers franchise. Knockout and Quickfire also have similar characteristics to other characters from Power Rangers, such as their colorful armors and helmets, which could be most likely a intentional nod to the series.
  • Like Power Wing and Quickfire, his equipment makes a reference to his powers.
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