Jimmy Blaze
Gender Male
Alias J.B.
Species Human
Status TBA
Occupation Director of Max Steel Movie
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons None
Family TBA
Allies Everyone which participated and helped him in the movie
Enemies Nobody
Background Information
First Appearance Lights, Camera, Max!
Last Appearance Lights, Camera, Max!
Voiced By Sam Vincent
Jimmy Blaze or J.B. was the director of the upcoming Max Steel movie in the TV Show. He seems to be an exigent director and very pround of his work. He first appears in Lights, Camera, Max! and is voiced by Sam Vincent.

TV Show

Season 2

Lights, Camera, Max!

He firstly appears reclaiming about the horrible performance of the actor that was representing Max Steel, and then, he choose a new actor, which is Kirby Kowalski. Later, Max offers to appear in the movie, but Jimmy gives him the toilet cleaner work. Then, he appears talking to one of the workers about the explosives of the movie, and when he sees Max, he instantly says that he wants his lunch, and Max is obliged to bring it, although that later he is not satisfied with the lunch. Later on, while Max uses the animatronic T-Rex Extroyer, he accidentally press wrong button and the T-Rex head directly flies to Jimmy, and he gets bruise, but later recovers, and start to plan the most important part of the movie. After Max choose being Extroyer in the movie, and in the reproduction of the scene, the T-Rex head flies again on Jimmy, but he keeps continuing the movie, and explains that, to Max Steel save the city, he must blows up the entire block, until he is interrupted by Extroyer Scorpion that suddenly appears. In the middle of the battle, Jimmy encouraged to Extroyer hit Max very hard, and after the act, he begins to thank everyone for the participation, until the T-Rex head hits him ... again.


Jimmy uses a red hat, white glasses, black blouse, brown pants, black socks, and white shoes.


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