Ice Box base
Ice Box is one of N-Tek's secret bases located out of Copper Canyon. This base stores the remaining Makino technology on Earth on low temperature and it was where the Connect-Tek was located. It debuted in Team Turbo.


Animated Films

Team Turbo

Alongside with Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O., Max and Steel went to the Ice Box, where the Connect-Tek could be. After Max enters on the base, it is confirmed that his suspicions were true, as the group found the Connect-Tek and a hologram of Jim giving a brief explanation of its origins and abilities. Suddenly, someone approaches the base and the group prepare themselves to fight against the threat, who was only Alex, who had followed them. Suddenly, a storm forms and the group retreat. It is revealed that the Elementors were after them.

They start to attack the base and they eventually manage to invade it. Max and the group manages to escape from them and they end up trapped with the Connect-Tek. After Rayne and Alex started to argue with Max to activate the Connect-Tek, Max activates it and Team Turbo is created. Despite their efforts, the team was easily defeated and the Connect-Tek ended up on the hands of the Elementors. While they were arguing about who was going to stay with the device, Toxzon suddenly appears and knock them down with a toxic gas and steals various N-Tek gear and technology alongside with the Connect-Tek. Shortly after he left, Max wakes up and decides to fight against the villain by himself after he realized he let Rayne and Alex risk their innocent lives. Meanwhile, Team Turbo organized the base.

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