Human Morphos Hybrids

Human Morphos Hybrids

Gender Male and Female
Alias TBA
Species Human Morphos Hybrids
Status TBA
Occupation TBA
Age Varies
Homeworld Earth
Interests TBA
Weapons TBA
Family TBA
Allies Morphos
Enemies Max Steel
Miles Dread
The Elementors
Background Information
First Appearance Max Steel: Maximum Morphos
Last Appearance Max Steel: Maximum Morphos
Voiced By TBA

Human Morphos Hybrids are the mutated version of the citizens of Copper Canyon. They were created by Morphos with a machine that he created, which could mutate humans into Morphos-like monsters. Human Morphos Hybrids debuts in Max Steel: Maximum Morphos.


After capturing Miles Dread, Morphos forced him to create a machine that could mutate the whole Earth into a planet full of Morphos-like creatures.

When Morphos became the mayor of Copper Canyon, he closed THI just for his own purposes. With help of Jason Naught, Morphos activated the machine and started to mutate the humans of Copper Canyon into Human Morphos Hybrids, including Jason Naught.

After explaining Morphos' plans and about the Human Morphos Hybrids, another wave hits Jim McGrath's Ship, but neither Maxwell McGrath, Steel, or Dread was affected by the wave. Unfortunately, Jim McGrath suffered his mutation and is captured by Max, Steel, and Dread. But when a group of Human Morphos Hybrids came to attack the Ship, Miles Dread starts to pilot it and flies away from the mutants.

In front of the Trans-Human Industries building, Max, Steel, Miles Dread, The Elementors, Extroyer, and Toxzon start to fight against the Morphos-like creatures. The team was winning, until Morphos arrived to battle them. Weak because of Morphos' attack and after revealing his Maximum Morphos form, Max goes to the ship and gets help of Dread in operating the Turbo Chamber. Getting all of the T.U.R.B.O. Energy from the ship, he gets much more powerful than ever. Using Turbo Pulse, he was able to cure every one in Copper Canyon from their mutations.




  • According to Miles Dread, this mutation can only be affected on people who haven't been "bitten" by Morphos' tentacle.
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