Hard Water
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Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
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Hard Water is the seventh episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, Maxwell McGrath and his friend, Steel, are near the beach, then they see someone in trouble in the beach. Then when they rescued him, there was no one there. Then people mysteriously disappear near the water, even Molly McGrath, Jefferson Smith, and Katherine 'Kat' Ryan. But the question is, who is behind all this?! This episode was directed by Logan McPherson & Jeremy Brown and written by Mark Hoffmeier. It was aired on April 27, 2013.


In this episode, Maxwell McGrath and Sydney Gardner are both in some fair and Max is playing a game where he has to throw a ball and knock over the milk bottles, and he wants to impress Sydney by winning the game and to give her a teddy bear. Then he throws the ball and only knocks two milk bottles (There were three in total), and then Steel in Max's head, is angry about the milk bottle. Then Sydney tells Max that if he knew that the game was rigged. Then Max tells her he knows, but that he really wants to give her the teddy bear as a prize. Then Max and Sydney want to play Space Invader. So then the two teenagers are running until they see Kirby Kowalski with a teddy bear in his hands. Then Max asks him where he got from, then Kirby tells him that he won at the Balloon Booth, and the game cost 37 dollars. Then he asks Max if he can borrow some money for a corn dog. Then they hear screams from the beach, which was a problem. In the water, there is a ship and then behind it, a whirlpool that wants to take the ship again. Then Max lies to his friends that he wants to go to the bathroom. Then Kirby thinks that water gave Max an effect.

Later Max hides behind a tent and then he turns into Max Steel. Then when he gets out from behind the tent, a little kid sees him, surprised, and then he loses in a game without noticing, since he was distracted by Max Steel. Then Max gives the kid a coin to play again the game, then he leaves, while the kid is still surprised. 

Then Max Steel is running in the bridge on his way to the water, then he turns into Turbo Flight Mode. Then Max Steel flies to the ship and then he grabs the anchor of the ship, and then he hooks it to shore. Then he turns into Turbo Strength Mode and then he, pulls the ship away from the whirlpool. Then the people are happy, until the whirlpool comes again and then it wants to take the ship away again. So Max grabs the anchor again, but it breaks and the ship disappears, sucked in by the whirlpool.

Then at N-Tek, Commander Forge Ferrus examines the video of the disappearance of the ship, but he says that it doesn't makes sense to him. Then Steel said that he detected some weird activity in the water. Then Forge called Jefferson Smith and Katherine 'Kat' Ryan if they've found any thing in the water, but they both responded that they haven't. Then Max asks Forge if how can they help him. Then Forge tells them that he has a job for them. 

At the Training Station, Forge tells them that since they keep fighting against The Elementors, he wanted them both to train so they can defeat them. So then Forge leaves and then he closes the door. Then Max and Steel get attacked by a machine that threw fire (Which represented Fire Elementor). So then Max and Steel get ultralinked and turn into Turbo Base Mode. Then Max Steel and the machine were fighting. Then the machine disappeared and then another appeared, but threw rocks (Which represented Earth Elementor). So then they started fighting. Then it disappeared and then one that threw water appeared, which was mysterious, because they never fought an Elementor that controlled water. Then it attacked Max by releasing water, which knocked Max out. Then they fought the machine, but they couldn't defeat it. Then Max defeated the machine by using one of the rock that was on the floor, then Steel said that Max harden the water inside it. Then Max tells Steel that he should sleep because of something happening tomorrow with his teacher, Dr. Thornhill. 

The next morning, Dr. Thornhill announces to his class that they are going to a field trip to a THI lab that is near the beach, where they have spacecrafts.

Then at THI, the students are being toured by Molly McGrath, Max's mom, who is the CEO of THI. Then the spacecraft is going to launch, and Steel tells Max that he is worried about the lost Tanker. Then the spacecraft is about launch, until Kirby notices a wave in the beach. Then the THI Workers detected it as a Tsunami. So then they stop the countdown, then the students and the THI Workers abandoned THI. Then Max lies to Sydney and Kirby that he needs to go to the bathroom, then Kirby still thinks that Max has a problem with water.

Outside of THI, Max Steel (Who is in his Turbo Flight Mode) goes to the water to stop the wave. Then Max Steel is near the wave, which is turning very bigger and bigger, and then Max tries to slice it in half with his wing, but then it grows back and then Steel informed that he detected the same water again, but in the wave. Then the wave is still heading to THI, and Max tries to stop it. Then he helps out the car Molly is driving by sending it far, butm then the wave is on shore and it takes Molly's car with the THI Workers, THI, the spacecraft, and also Max Steel.

Max Steel in his Turbo Flight Mode is in the water and he is sinking, but tries to get out of the water. But Max sinks, until an N-Tek boat appears and rescues Max, which had Jefferson Smith and Kat Ryan in it. Then he tells them about his mom and the crew missing. Then two N-Tek helicopters appear. Then it is revealed in a video of Molly's disappearnce, where is shown that the wave took her away. Max is sad, but then Kat tells him that they know she is alive, then she told him that the suit the crew were wearing had a sensor that told them that they are alive, but they lost signal of them. Then Jefferson tells him that they will find her, but Max wants to, but Forge tells him to stay there. Then Forge, Jefferson, and Kat later leave. Then Max and Steel later decided to go back to the crime scene. 

So Max and Steel are both in a boat in the water, searching for any sign of Molly, but they find a used diaper. But then, Max tells Steel to detect the water that he mentioned about. Then Max pulls a joystick to make it go fast, but then the boat goes away and then Max falls to the water. Then Max tells Steel to go to shore and get another boat, but Steel tells him he has another plan. Steel sinks Max to the water and then they both get ultralinked and then they turn into their new Turbo Mode, Turbo Scuvba Dive Mode. Then Max asks Steel why they didn't they used it before. Then Steel told Max that it took Steel a lot of time to find the Turbo Mode. Then they both look for sign of Molly, the Tanker, and the water. Then Steel said he detected the water, and that it seems to be alive. Then Steel tells Max that it left a track, so they followed the track, and then they were talking like pirates while following the tracks. Then Steel says that the water is getting stronger. Then they found an underwater cave, which had no water in it. Then Max spots everything, the Tanker's ship, the spacecraft, and other thigns. Max walks in and wanders around to see what is inside. Also Kat's and Jefferson's boat. Then Max sees everyone that were abducted, even his mom. He later gets closer, then Molly is happy, but then she sees something behind Max. Max is later trapped by water, which later throws Max to the floor. Then Max asks what it was, then the water jumped on the floor and then formed into the villain, Water Elementor.

Water Elementor was angry about Max and then he wanted to attack Max. Then Max explained to him that he wanted to rescue the people he (Water Elementor) abducted, but he didn't want to. Then Max turns into turbo Flight Mode and then Max asked Steel if he knew him, but then Water Elementor told Steel that he was an Ultralink, also the other Elementors. Steel is later shocked by what Water said to him. Then Max tries to defeat Water, but he was hard to defeat and then Max was fighting Water. He later turned into Turbo Scuvba Mode and then he swims in the water, and Water followed Max. Then Max was defeated by a rock Water threw to him. Then the rock falls on the thing Jefferson was in, and then he was freed. Then he fought Water, but was defeated easily and then he fells back to his place. Then Max is defeated by Water again and then Max and Steel saw a starship. Then that is when Water explains his plan to them. He tells to them that it is the starship that took Water to Earth, and he wants to turn it on, but he needed human energy, so that is why he abducted some people. So then he turns in his machine, which extracted the humans' energy, and then the energy was gave to the starship as fuel for it. So then Max turns into Turbo Strength Mode and then he and Water fight, but Max was defeated again. then Steel remembers about what happened to the machien that threw water in the Training Station. So then, Max threw to Water rocks at him. Then they later turned Water into cement. Then Water was angry, and then Steel was shooting at Water T.U.R.B.O Energy from Turbo Pose, and then Water harden into a stone. So then Max turned off the machine and then everyone were freed. Then Steel looks at Water Elementor, who is now rock, and then he asks to him that they are Ultralinks. 

At N-Tek, Kat tells Max that the Tanker and everyone are safe. Then they thank Max and Steel. Then Forge appears and then he tells them that they were very good at defeating Water Elementor by turning him into cement. Then Forge was angrey about them disobeying him. Then Max told him that he should believe in them, then Steel tells Forge to do somethign for them.

Then at the fair, Forge knocked out all the milk bottles and then Max got the teddy bear. Then he thanks Forge, Then Kirby and Sydney apepared and then Max introduces to them his uncle, but then there was no one there. Then Max gives the bear to Sydney and then they want to go to the beach, and then Max says no. Then Kirby tells Max that he should be embarassed about his water problem. But then Max says yes. Then the episode ends, facing the beach. 



  • The first time Roberto 'Berto' Martinez doesn't appears.
  • This the first appearance of the third Elementor, Water Elementor.
  • Water Elementor reveals to Max and Steel that The Elementors are also Ultralinks like Steel is.
  • The Tanker never showed up, which is weird, because Water Elementor abducted her and her ship.
  • Steel mentioned an Elementor that should be wind, only that they still haven't fought that Elementor, until the events of Elements of Surprise Part One and Two. 
  • When there was the whirlpool and the Tsunami, Steel detected some water and actvity that was unusual for water to have. 
  • Some people known that it was Water Elementor all that time. How? Here are some evidence.
    • One of them is that Steel detected unusual activity in the water.
    • Another of them is that Forge Ferrus included a water machine, only that Max and Steel never fought a Water Elementor.
    • Also that the things like the whirlpool were caused by someone, like on purpose.
  • This is the first time Kat and Jefferson show to Max that they care about him.
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