Green Toxin Goopanoids

Max Steel Reboot Goopaniods

Gender Male
Alias Goop Monsters
Goop Soldiers
Goop Squad
Toxzoid (Only on toy packages)
Species Toxic Creatures
Status TBA
Occupation Villain
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons TBA
Family TBA
Allies Toxzon
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
N-Tek Agents
Background Information
First Appearance C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!
Last Appearance Team Turbo
Voiced By None

The Green Toxin Goopanoids were the first variation of Goopanoids seen in Max Steel. By spilling a green toxin, Toxzon has the ability of producing these. They debuted in C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!.


Season 1

C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

A duo of Goopanoids invaded one of N-Tek's facilities in order to steal the Tox-Bomb from their Chemi-Volt. In the process, one of them were eliminated and the other one managed to get C.Y.T.R.O.'s controls and used it to steal the Tox-Bomb. Eventually, the creature was found by Max Steel, who eliminated it.

Season 2

Animated Films

Bonus Clips

Something Wicked


The Goopanoids are made out of a shiny and transparent green toxin with many lime dots around their bodies. They have a slightly muscular body with large hands and feet. They possess monstrous features and stand on hunched over posture. They have lime eyes, exposed pointy teeth, five fingers and her feet are almost claw-like.

After the time skip, The Goopanoids' design remains virtually the same, with the exception of their teeth, which are now white, their eyes, which are yellow and the lack of lime dots.



  • They appear in Turbo Reload, in Level 1, 2, and 3.
  • This variation gained an action figure in the toy line in a pack named Toxzoid Target Blast. Interestingly, the name "Toxzoid" featured in the package is also the same as the creatures that served as Toxzon's henchmen in the classic series.
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