Got Turbo Star?
Season 2, Episode 16
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Makino Strikes My Best Friend is an Ultralink

Got Turbo Star is the 16th episode of Max Steel (2013 TV Series). This episode aired on September 5, 2014, and chronicled the hunt for the final piece of the Turbo Star.


Makino has revived himself, and is continuing his plans of invading and destroying the Earth, so Miles Dredd uses Max Steel to get the third part of the Turbo Star.


Jason Naught watches a clip of Max Steel defeating Makino. But when he and Dredd talk about Makino's demise, a video pops up, and it shows Makino, and he tells them that he is not defeated. Meanwhile, Forge Ferrus gives Max and Steel medals for saving the world, after surprising them by launching a party when they came because of a code he sent out that meant trouble, but during their celebration, they receive a message from Dredd telling them about Makino's message and tempting Max to go after the third piece of the Turbo Star. Forge tells them not to find the piece, but they go to an abandoned N-Tek arctic base regardless. There, they fight their way through several traps until they get to the Turbo Star piece. Then Forge reveals himself, saying he was the one setting off the traps and he got there before both of them, because he anticipated them disobeying his orders. After that, Naught and Dredd show up with Dredd Naughts and they fight. Steel activates old C.Y.T.R.O type bots, and they heroes have the upper hand. Then, Jason gets the remote control and turns the robots against Max, Forge, and Steel. Dredd escapes with the piece of the Turbo Star, leaving the heroes knowing one of their greatest enemies now has a super weapons in his hands.


Andrew Francis as Maxwell McGrath

Sam Vincent as Steel and Roberto 'Berto' Martinez

Michael Dobson as Commander Forge Ferrus and Makino

Mark Oliver as Miles Dredd

Brian Dobson as Jason Naught

Omari Newton as Jefferson Smith

Kathleen Barr as Katherine 'Kat' Ryan

Featured Characters

Maxwell McGrath


Commander Forge Ferrus

Miles Dredd

Jason Naught



  • This episode is about the Turbo Star.
  • Jason Naught watches a video of Max Steel defeating Makino, which is a short recap of the previous episode. This type of recap happened also in the previous episode, Makino Strikes: Part Two, where it was started.
  • Makino is revived, which shows that he has the capability to do so.
  • It is revealed that Makino wants to destroy Miles Dredd as soon as he comes to Earth.
  • At the end of this episode, Miles Dredd plans on using Max Steel to activate the Turbo Star.
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