Goopanoids - Team Turbo
Goopanoids' appearance in Team Turbo

Goopanoids - Past
Goopanoids in the past

Gender Genderless
Alias Goop Monsters
Goop Soldiers
Goop Squad
Species Toxic creatures
Status TBA
Occupation Toxzon's henchmen
Homeworld Earth
Interests Everything that Toxzon commands them to do
Weapons Slime projectiles
Family Toxzon (creator)
Allies Toxzon
Enemies Max Steel
Team Turbo
Alejandro Villar
Rayne Martinez
N-Tek Agents
Forge Ferrus
Molly McGrath
Roberto Martinez
Katherine Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Copper Canyon citizens
Background Information
First Appearance Cleaning House
Last Appearance Team Turbo
Voiced By None
Goopanoids are monstruous toxic creatures genereated by Toxzon. They debuted in C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!.


Ever since Tytus Octavius Xander mutated into Toxzon, he gained the ability of creating his own henchmen, the Goopanoids. When Toxzon absorbs a new toxin, he can release a small quantity from his launchers that can transform into Goopanoids.

Season 1

Season 2

Animated Films

Team Turbo

While Toxzon knocked down the Elementors and stole the Connect-Tek from them, he commanded his Goopanoids to stole N-Tek's technology. They drove to Copper Canyon's streets and Max, by himself, stopped few of them in the way. Some were driving vans equipped with cannons handled by other Goopanoids. When Max reached the van where the Connect-Tek was, he easily sliced in half all the Goopanoids residing there.


Part of their name refers to the word goop which is the material that they are made off and noid which is a designator of form or resemblance.

Types of Goopanoids


Their appearance (and abilities) may vary according the toxin that Toxzon has absorbed. They all share common atributes, such as muscular, thin and tall build and the consistence of their body, generally featured by gelatinous, sticky and shiny toxins. Additionally, they also smell bad.


Some Goopanoids may be stronger than other versions due to the toxin that they are made off.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Goopanoids are stronger than an average individual, especially the toxic bacteria variation.
  • Liquefaction: The Goopanoids can liquefy themselves and enter in very small places. They are also slightly faster in this form.


  • The Goopanoids lacks decent durability and are moderately smart, being capable of handling tablets, using cannons and drive.


  • As seen in Supermania, when the Goopanoids were defeated, they turned into one giant Goopanoid.
  • The Goopanoids gained a battle pack called Toxzoid Target Blast, thus becoming one of the few secondary villains to gain an action figure in the toy line. Interestingly, they incorrectly referred as "Toxzoid" in the package, which is the same name of the monsters that the previous incarnation of Toxzon produced.
  • Though that they are only created by Tytus in his mutated form, a monster very similar to them were seen in the beginning of Cleaning House, where Berto created holographic Sewer Monsters.
  • It was revealed in A Germ of an Idea that a microscopic variant live in Toxzon's blood stream, called Nano Goopanoids that repel out intruders similar to white blood cells in the human body.
    • That episode also marked the first time in the series they were called Goopanoids by the characters.
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