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Max Steel Reboot Fishy-6-

Gender Male
Alias Plastic Goldfish
Species USB Flash Drive
Status Deceased
Occupation Toxzon's best friend
Age Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Interests Helping out Toxzon.
Weapons Communicating with Toxzon. [1]
Family None
Allies Toxzon
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Jefferson Smith
Kat Ryan
Evil Ultralinks
Ultimate Elementor
Background Information
First Appearance Cleaning House
Last Appearance Toxic Relationship
Voiced By Andrew Francis

Fishy is Toxzon's fake plastic goldfish. In the beginning of the series, he was seen as some kind of pen-drive that contained the key to neutralize Toxzon's contaminants, but later he appeared as a comrade to him, helping him in his ideas and schemes. Fishy debuted in Cleaning House and was voiced by Andrew Francis. He was linked with a Stealth Ultralink along with an orange toxin forming a fish-like monster named Plaztek in Toxic Relationship and they were eventually killed by Max Steel as Plaztek sinks into the ocean along as well as fishy.


Early Life

Fishy's early life is almost unknown. He was presumably bought by or given to Tytus.

Season 1

Cleaning House

Fishy is seen as a imaginary friend for Tytus instead of an actual plastic goldfish. It is later revealed that Fishy actually was the only who supported Tytus' plans, especially the lastest of his plans consisting in having revenge on Molly McGrath after she fired him from THI. When Max Steel manages to invade Tytus' hideout, he fights against them and he accidentally lets Fishy fell into a toxic soup in the process, and desperately tried to save him. Ultimately, Tytus is converted into a toxic mutant because of Fishy and is renamed to "Toxzon" by Max and Steel.

Shortly after Toxzon was defeated, Max and Steel realised that Fishy was some kind of pen-drive that had the key to cure Tytus' contaminants and without him they couldn't make a effective cure. Eventually, after Max and Steel were distracted, Toxzon and Fishy escaped to the sewers, where Fishy supported Toxzon have his revenge on the humanity.

C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!

Fishy, alongside with Toxzon, was planning to wipe out Copper Canyon from the map. To do this, Toxzon sent two Goopanoids into one of N-Tek's bases, but one of them fail and the other one manages to get C.Y.T.R.O.'s controls. With C.Y.T.R.O., Toxzon would steal a powerful bomb and alongside with Fishy, he would activate it, but he is ultimately captured by N-Tek and they are arrested.


The Secret Admirer

Gone Fishin'

Pick Your Poison

Season 2

Toxic Relationship


Fishy doens't have any kind of special ability, with the exception that he was the only who actually was able to talk with Toxzon and help him in his evil schemes. Even though that he helped Toxzon, he could be considered his weak spot, since if he was put in danger by someone, Toxzon would desperately try to rescue him and stop everything that he was doing.


Fishy is a plastic pen-drive or a USB device with the appearance of a plastic goldfish. On Toxzon's fantasies, he is seen as a real living goldfish with a black bowler hat.





Max Steel Reboot Fishy in Toxzon
The Gallery of Fishy can be seen Here.


  • As seen in A Germ of an Idea, Toxzon was so obsessed over Fishy that he had created a virus based on him in the past. Inside of his body, there was also a giant "Nano Goopanoid" with the head of Fishy.
  • He was voiced by Andrew Francis, who also voiced Toxzon.
  • Fishy has his own profile in the official website.


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