Fire Elementor's Core, is a red, Elementor Core that almost all the Elementors have on their foreheads. Like Fire Elementor and the other Elementors, their weakness is the core, which if the core is hit, shot, or something that touches it, then the Elementor is defeated. As seen in The Thrill of the Hunt, when Fire was hit on the core, his fire went off and he was weak. The core also can release a laser, which when him, Water Elementor, and Earth Elementor used a laser from their cores and then went to Air Elementor's Core, which had the Stasis Inhibitor and also caused some type of chain reaction that merged them into one single Elementor with four Ultralinks in one called Ultimate Elementor. The core first appeared in Come Together Part One.

Ultralink Form

Fire Elementor's Ultralink
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