Extroyer Unleashed
Max Steel Reboot Extroyer-9-
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
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Extroyer Unleashed is the ninth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, a new villain had appeared and now he wants to attack Max Steel and Miles Dredd. And this villain seems to be selling from Dredd. What is his plan and who is he?! This episode was directed by Logan McPherson & Craig McEwen and written by Rich Fogel. It was aired on June 29, 2013.


In this episode, two guards are guarding a lab, which were Martin and Lewis. They heard a noise from a room. So then, Lewis goes in the room to see what was that, thinking that it was the sewer rats. Then he sees a hole on a window, and he gets scared by the size of the hole. Then he sees a beast, which scares him and he runs away from the room. Then the beast, who already started a fire, states to be Extroyer (Who appears as Extroyer Black Tiger, which is one of his transformations).

N-Tek goes to the lab, then Lewis was still scared, so scared that he was mentioning about the creature's eyes. Then Jefferson Smith asks Katherine 'Kat' Ryan why they were in the lab if it was nothing to do with N-Tek's business. Then Kat showed a footage from the security cameras to them of the primary suspect. The suspect was a tiger-like creature with purple spikes on his body. Then Steel and Maxwell McGrath (Who were Max Steel, but in their Turbo Base Mode) were surprised about the suspect's appearance and then the team looked at the room, which was a mess.  Then Steel saw claws marks of the beast on the floor, then he scanned it and he told Max that the suspect wasn't human, nor animal either. Then they looked at another room, which was near the other room and was also messy, then Kat said that what ever the beast was looking for, he totally cleaned up the place. Then Steel found something on the floor that the beast didn't took and he said that he didn't cleaned the room completely.

At N-Tek, Roberto 'Berto' Martinez said that it was a next generation microchip, which was on development when Miles Dredd was running THI. Then he also said that the microchip was never put into production. Then Commander Forge Ferrus asked Berto how the microchip ended up in a lab. Then they got a call from Molly McGrath from the computer, who says that Miles Dredd was hiding his technology in those labs. Then she showed a map of the other labs that have Dredd's technology. Then Steel asked Molly what Dredd was trying to make. Then Molly told him that that part isn't clear. Then Berto informed that some of the labs were hit in the past few weeks. Then Max asked him if it was the same creature. Then Berto hacked the labs' security cameras and it did showed the same creature. Then Forge said that someone is doing this against Miles Dredd. Then Max was excited to defeat the creature with his Turbo Modes (He later turns into Turbo Strength Mode while he says that). Then Forge told him that they will only wait and watch what happens. Then Forge Ferrus tells Max that it is not only about fighting and kick butts. Then Max was depressed because of what Forge told Max.

In the night near a lab, Max and Steel are sitting and waiting in a truck. Then Steel told Max that he was still thinking about Water Elementor's Airship and his Ultralink. Then Max told Steel that it is okay that he (Steel) doesn't knows a lot about his past. Then they heard a noise that was coming from the lab. So then, Max and Steel got out of the truck and then they Ultralinked and turned into Max Steel, Turbo Base Mode. So then Max and Steel hide behind a building and then they saw a purple, spiky monster trying to enter the lab. Then Max and Steel weren't sure if it was the creature from the security cameras. Then Max yelled at the creature, who later warns them to not interfere with him. Then Max asked him if they've already met before. Then the creature was glowing purple and then turned into a tiger. Then Max and Steel recognized him as the creature they were looking. Then they fight, but then the creature was defeated, then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and then fight the creature again, but was defeated and the creature broke in the lab. Then the creature came out from the lab, which was on fire. Then Steel identified the creature as Troy Winter and the Ultralink. Then "Troy Winter" escaped and then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode and tried to follow him, but the lab exploded and then Max Steel fell defeated.

At Extroyer's Lair, Extroyer came back with the things and then he was talking about his revenge on Miles Dredd for what Dredd did to Extroyer. Then he gets a call from Martin, who tells Extroyer that there is a lab that is receiving technology that belong to Miles Dredd that night. Then the call cuts. 

Then at the lab where Martin was, Jason Naught comes in the lab. Then he uses his gun and then he freezes Martin with it. Then he uses Martin's computer to find out where "Troy Winter" will strike next.

At N-Tek, Max and Steel informed to Forge, Molly, Kat, and Jefferson that the one who is behind all the crimes was "Troy Winter", who has some new look. Then Kat and Jefferson asked about the beast. Then they said that he has a way with animals. Then Forge asked them how he does it, but they said that they didn't know how he does it. Then Forge told them that what is good is that they are okay. Then Max says that it isn't, that they must find him and defeat him. Then Molly told them that they should, then the N-Tek agents left. Then Max and Steel were thinking that they didn't want to tell them nothing, like always.

At the lab Jason was at, he calls Miles Dredd and tells him that he knows where Troy Winter will strike next. Then he tells him that they will be ready.

At N-Tek, Max is trying to calm Steel down, and Steel throws the trash bin. Then the N-Tek worker threw to Steel a paper ball, and he was still angry, without turning around. Then Max tells Steel if he can do something to express his feelings. Then Steel shoots the trash bin with his arm. Then Max asks Steel if he wants to do something, like anything. Then Steel was surprised to hear that.

Then outside of Copper Canyon in the dark night sky, Max Steel who was in Turbo Flight Mode and under the control of Steel, flies in the sky. Then Max asks Steel where he is going, but Steel wouldn't tell Max.

At the other lab in Copper Canyon, Extroyer Black Tiger breaks in and he looks for the technology. Then he finds Earth Elementor, who was waiting for him and he called Extroyer, Mr. Winter. Then Extroyer stated to Earth Elementor that he is Extroyer and that he must not bother him if he was him. Then they fight, and Earth Elementor was defeated by Extroyer Black Tiger. Then behind Extroyer, Miles Dredd was looking at the show. Then Extroyer wants to fight off Dredd, but was defeated and then Dredd ordered him to fetch him Max Steel.

In the dark sky of Copper Canyon, Steel is still controlling Turbo Flight Mode and Max tells Steel that if he doesn't tells him what he is doing, that he will take back control. Then Steel told Max that he is leading him to "Troy Winter's" Lair. Then Max asked Steel how he knows where it is. Then Steel told Max that the last time they met, he put a chip on "Troy's" butt. Then Max thought of it nasty. Then they landed in Troy's Lair and then Max and Steel saw the things "Troy" stole from the labs. Then Steel said that "Troy" might be making a missile. Then Steel found out where the missile was located. So then Max and Steel got Ultralinked and then turned into Turbo Flight Mode, and they flew in the search of "Troy's" missile.

Then at the canyons of Copper Canyon, Extroyer was in a test site and was preparing the missile. Then Max Steel Turbo Flight Mode saw "Troy" and then he pounded "Troy" down. Then he (Extroyer) said that he (Max Steel) has an annoying habit of interfering with his plans. Then Max lied to "Troy" that he is annoying, then Steel was going to tell Max that he (Max) isn't annoying. Then Max told him that not infront of the villains. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and Extroyer into Extroyer Black Tiger. Then they were fighting for a while. And in some point, Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode and then he used Turbo Pose on Extroyer Black Tiger, which defeated him. Then hen saw a spider pass by him, then he extracted the spider's abilities. Then Max and Steel saw "Troy" turning into Extroyer Spider. Then Steel called it Extroying. Then Extroyer Spider attacked Max and Steel and trapped them. Then Steel escaped and then Ultralinked with Max, turning into Turbo Strength Mode. Then he defeated Extroyer Spider. Then he turned back into Turbo Base Mode and used Turbo Pose on Extroyer Spider, but then he shot some part of the test site, which powered with Max Steel's  T.U.R.B.O Energy. Then a hologram of Miles Dredd appeared and then he explained to Max and Steel his and Extroyer's evil plan: launch the missile with the T.U.R.B.O Energy and to aim at Copper Canyon. Then when the missile was launched, Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode and flew to the missile. Then Miles Dredd ordered Extroyer Spider to follow Max Steel, so he did. 

At the missile, Max Steel is trying to stop the missile, but then Extroyer Spider comes in and he traps Max in his spider web. Then Steel shot Extroyer Spider with his arm, then he fell, but then he climbed back up and trapped Steel and he trapped Max one more time. When Extroyer Spider was about to destroy Max Steel, but then Steel freed himself and then he shot Extroyer Spider, which made him fall and drown in the Pacific Ocean. Then Steel freed Max and then Max Steel in Turbo Flight Mode threw the missile at the Earth's Stratosphere, and then he then missile exploded, without damaging anyone.

At Dredd's secret hideout, him and Jason Naught were watching the missile being thrown away by Max Steel. Then Dredd wanted Jason build some other missile. Then Jason asks Dredd what he will do with Extroyer, now that he was in the ocean. Then Dredd said that he (Extroyer) was useless from him.

At N-Tek, Forge was scolding Max and Steel for going out by themselves. Then he said that they should trust each other, then that was when Steel get into the conversation. Then Max and Steel told them that they went outside to get some answers that Forge wouldn't tell them. Then Forge told them that it was complicated. Then Steel told Forge that it is his life. Then he asked him how many more like him exist. Then Forge just responded that "millions", then he walks away and leaves. Then Max told Steel that what was important is that they defeated Extroyer. Then Steel was still thinking about what Forge said to him.

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Extroyer (Who was in his normal form) was drowning in the ocean and then he saw a shark pass by him. Then he looks at the shark in the eyes, stating to himself that he is alive, and Extroys into Extroyer Shark.



  • This is the first appearance of Extroyer.
  • It is unknown what happened to Extroyer's Pet Tiger, but Extroyer turned into Extroyer Black Tiger by Extroying his tiger's abilities, but the tiger's whereabouts are unknown.
  • Forge Ferrus reveals that there are millions of Ultralinks in the world.
  • Extroyer survived from his drown in the ocean.
  • Extroyer has three transformations, Extroyer Black Tiger, Extroyer Spider, and Extroyer Shark.
  • Lewis and Martin appear in this episode.
  • Miles Dredd appears in person and also as a holograph of himself.
  • There was a fail in this episode. When Jason called Dredd, Dredd was normal, but when Dredd fought Extroyer, he was red and powerful, only if he can turn red and powerful by himself without T.U.R.B.O Energy absorbing like always.
  • Another fail is that Dredd's device on his chest had light on it, if people know that he isn't suppose to have light there.
  • Max says Extroyer's name at the end at N-Tek, only that Extroyer never told Max and Steel his new name.
  • Vin and Dwayne didn´t reappeared in this episode, but will reappear in Driven.
  • This is the first episode where Extroyer has transformations.
  • Extroyer turned into a bacl tiger off screen in this episode or in The Thrill of the Hunt.
  • This episode is a sequel for The Thrill of the Hunt, since in The Thrill of the Hunt, Troy Winter turns into Extroyer.
  • It can be possible that Max and Steel think that they named Extroyer, Extroyer, only that Extroyer named himself Extroyer.
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