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Extroyer's Suit is an armored suit that Extroyer wears, ever since he was Troy Winter. This suit is made out of iron and it is black and gray, with some purple blotches of light. This suit does not have no jet pack nor nothing, it is just solid and it also comes with a helmet. When seen on Troy Winter, he will have the helmet on or off sometimes, but also, it looks flexible on him. When Troy Winter bonded with a damaged Ultralink that he stole from N-Tek for his boss, Miles Dredd. But then he wanted the Ultralink for himself, but then Dredd made the Ultralink explode on him, and then he renamed himself Extroyer and he changed a lot. He no longer wears a helmet and also, his suit has been crushed with pieces of purple spikes. The suit is  ot removable, it looks like if it is permanently on him, almost like Max Steel and his Turbo Base Mode. The suit is not very important for Extroyer, but when he turns into a beast or animal, then the suit is nlo longer there, but when he turns into Extroyer Main Mode, then he has his suit on. The suit has no weapons, nor nothing along to it, it is just a normal suit, like Miles Dredd's Armor. The suit when on Extroyer is like the same as Troy, but is a little broken and it is not complete. Extroyer's Suit first appeared in The Thrill of the Hunt.
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