Extroyer's Secret Hideout is a hideout that belongs to the monstrous, Extroyer and also to Extroyer's Henchmen. The place is like a garage or something, then when you enter, there are stuffs, like boxes and things with the THI logo in them. Like Troy Winter's Secret Hideout (When Extroyer was Troy Winter), it also has cameras and Extroyer can see them, and also are used for images, as seen in Making the Grade, when the screens were showing images of Steel, since he was in a search for him. The new hideout has windows and it is one floor high, but it is very tall and high. There is also chairs and couches in there, and Extroyer was once since reading the Copper Canyon High School Times. The hideout had been seen by only Max Steel, Steel, and Sydney Gardner. Extroyer's Secret Hideout first appeared in Driven.

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