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Exo Strength Max Steel is one of the character's action figures based on his Turbo Exo Strength Mode. It was released on the second half of 2015 under the Battle-Tek subline.

Official Description

"This massive action figure features the powerful, new, and impenetrable Exo Strength armor mode as seen in the epic movie special Maximum Morphos! In strength mode, wind up Max’s left arm then unleash rapid fire punching. When under enemy attack, counter with a Steel projectile that launches from his right fist with the press of a button! Max stands a mega 12- inches tall and offers 18 points of articulation for major action and dynamic posing. Boys will love recreating epic battle scenes with Exo Strength Max’s multiple modes and moms will love the figure’s amazing value. Colors and decorations may vary. Features: Features new Exo Strength armor as seen in epic movie special Maximum Morphos! Multiple ways to battle. Rapid punch attack. Projectile attack. Recreate epic mayhem and adventures from the entertainment!"


Max uses a black helmet with three small hexagons on the forehead, and a blue visor on the face that can be removed to reveal Max's face. The armor is mostly black with white lines on the chest, thighs, and a large part on the shoulders. The figure also have transparent parts, such as the blue shoulder pads, the two gauntlets with three small and yellow heptagons, thigh pads, and the blue boots. The figure has eight points of articulation, and doesn't comes with one accessory.

The figure comes with a removable mask, and a yellow projectile with the shape of Steel, which can be launched through the left gauntlet. When a button located on the right bicep of Max is pressed, the right gauntlet will vibrate.


  • The existence of this figure was confirmed in Nuremberg International Toy Fair. The announcement text stated that the figure features eighteen points of articulation, although the final product has eight. It is also the largest amount of articulation that a Strength-based figure got.
  • The figure has notable differences between its animated form.


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