Elements of Surprise Part Two
Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor-4-
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Elements of Surprise Part Two is the fourteenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). The Elementors has merged into one Elementor, Ultimate Elementor. Ultimate Elementor takes Forge with him to Miles Dredd, and now N-Tek is looking for Ultimate Elementor, and also for Forge. And then Ultimate Elementor later goes to a water dam, then he later reveals to Max Steel that he can now control the forces of nature. Will Max Steel defeat Ultimate Elementor before he calls nature?! This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Daniel Ife. This episode was aired on August 24, 2013.


In this episode,Ultimate Elementor was getting closer to the N-Tek agents. Then he blew at them a tornado and then the door broke and the N-Tek agents fell defeated. Then Ultimate Elementor got out and then he saw the wall with Ultralinks. Then he wanted to steal some Ultralinks, but when he touched the wall, he got electrocuted and then he was later attacked by N-Tek agents, which came to protect the others. Then an N-Tek R.O.C.C came and then he shot Ultimate Elementor. Then Ultimate Elementor attacked and then he escaped from N-Tek, flying as a tornado, and on his way to Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout.

At N-Tek, Jefferson Smith asked everyone if they were okay. Then Roberto 'Berto' Martinez and Katherine 'Kat' Ryan said that they were okay. Then Maxwell McGrath (Who was Max Steel in his Turbo Base Mode). Then Steel said to Max that it must had been not one of the good guys. Then Steel wanted to talk to Commander Forge Ferrus, but then he didn't saw him. Then they saw that he was not in N-Tek.

Outside of N-Tek, Ultimate Elementor was flying as a tornado, and in his hands, there was Forge Ferrus, who was not awake.

At Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Ultimate Elementor entered the hideout, then Miles Dredd was surprised by Air Elementor's new look. Then Miles Dredd asked him if the Ultralinks heist did worked. Then he said that he couldn't, that it wasn't so easy to release the Ultralinks, but that he brought something better. Then Ultimate Elementor threw Forge in a prison cell. Then Miles Dredd released some robotic bugs from his device, so they could get information about something.

At N-Tek, they found out that the giant monster was all The Elementors merged into one Elementor. Then Kat explained that it was some chain reaction, because of something Air Elementor brought in to N-Tek. Then Jefferson asked who will be the leader. Then Berto found out in N-Tek's computers, that the next N-Tek agent to be leader of N-Tek was the leader's science officer, which was Berto. Then Jefferson and Kat were depressed that Berto was going to lead. Then Berto told Max that possibly Jim McGrath (Max's father) made that rule. Then Berto said that they should have to find that Elementor. Then Jefferson asked how. Then Berto thought that they can track Ultimate Elementor by the weather, since Ultimate Elementor is ixed with Air Elementor, Water Elementor,Fire Elementor, and Earth Elementor. Then they found out that he was heading to the mountain range northeast from N-Tek. Then Max Steel left from N-Tek as Turbo Flight Mode.

At Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Forge Ferrus was awake and then Miles Dredd was there, looking at Forge, then one of the bugs found information about something. Then Miles Dredd gave the cordinates of something to Ultimate Elementor. Then Ultimate Elementor leave the place. Then Forge is trying to free himself.

Max Steel was flying in the sky, then Steel told Max that Ultimate Elementor was moving away from where he was, so Max Steel turned around.

Ultimate Elementor was flying, then he was turning into Fire Elementor, then into Water Elementor. Then he was turning like crazy, then they started fighting, and beating themselves up. Then Max Steel came, then they saw Ultimate Elementor hitting himself from one Elementor to another. Then Air Elementor took back control and then told the other Elementors that if they worked together, they could be very powerful to defeat anyone. Then Ultimate Elementor turned around and then decided to test their powers on Max Steel. Then Max was scared. Then Ultimate Elementor flew at Max Steel.

Ultimate Elementor was heading to Max Steel, then he tried to attack Max Steel. Then Max Steel asked him what he done to Forge Ferrus. Then Ultimate Elementor didn't want to tell, that it was payback time. Then he turned into a mix of Earth Elementor and Fire Elementor, then attacked Max Steel. Then Max Steel was defeated by Ultimate Elementor. Then Air Elementor told the others that he was right that four Elementors are better than one. Then the other Elementors agree. Then Max Steel came back and then turned into Turbo Strength Mode. Then he was being attacked by Ultimate Elementor, who was more powerful than Max Steel. Then Max Steel was defeated by Ultimate Elementor, then turned into Turbo Base Mode. Then Ultimate Elementor wanted to take Max Steel with him, but then Max Steel fell, but was rescued by C.Y.T.R.O. Then Ultimate Elementor wanted to attack C.Y.T.R.O also, but decided to go do their work. Then Max Steel told C.Y.T.R.O that he couldn't defeat Ultimate Elementor, then C.Y.T.R.O asked about Forge. Max told him that he wasn't with Ultimate Elementor. Then an N-Tek Jump Jet came in and then Kat called Max Steel that they should find out Ultimate Elementor's next move, but quick.

At Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Forge is still being scanned by the bugs, then Miles Dredd and Jason Naught were there. Then Forge started teasing Miles Dredd, then Jason was laughing about what Forge was saying. Then Miles Dredd grabbed Jason and told him to shut his mouth, or that he will rip Jason's tongue off. Then Jason tried to tell Miles Dredd that Forge was escaping, but Dredd wouldn't listen and he was still threating Jason. Then Forge threw his dagger at the controls and then he broke free. Then Miles Dredd was going to fight Forge, but Forge threw Miles Dredd in the prison cell and then Forge locked him. Then he defeated Jason and also two Dredd Naughts that were guarding the door. Then Forge took two blasters and then he started making his way out of Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout. Then Dredd escaped and then he ordered Jason to follow Forge.

In the N-Tek Jump Jet, they are trying to look for Ultimate Elementor. Then they found security cameras footages of Ultimate Elementor, trying to break the Copper Canyon's Water Dam. Then a THI Airship was coming to the N-Tek Jump Jet. Then when Jefferson was going to fire the THI Airship, Forge (Who was in the Airship), ordered Jefferson to not shoot him. Then everyone were proud to see him again. Then Steel informed them that they've got company. Then a huge group of THI Airships were heading after Forge and the N-Tek Jump Jet. Then Forge ordered Jefferson and Kat to help him, then Max and Steel to fight Ultimate Elementor, and Berto to accompany Max Steel with C.Y.T.R.O.

Then Max Steel and got C.Y.T.R.O got out of the N-Tek Jump Jet. Max Steel was in his Turbo Base Mode, using the Turbo Cycle. Then they were heading to Copper Canyon's Water Dam.

Then the N-Tek Jump Jet and Airship were fighting off the THI Airships.

At the Copper Canyon Water Dam, Ultimate Elementor was still pounding at it. Then Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O were on their way. When the people were setting up the Musical Concert, they later spotted Ultimate Elementor, then ran with fear. Then Max asked C.Y.T.R.O what was happening near Copper Canyon Water Dam. Then he told him that that was where the Musical Concert was going to be at. Then Ultimate Elementor found something in the Water Dam's wall. Then Max Steel came and then he crashed Ultimate Elementor with the Turbo Cycle. Then Ultimate Elementor came back to fight Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O. Then C.Y.T.R.O gave Max Steel the Turbo Sword. Then Max Steel was fighting Ultimate Elementor by attacking him with the Turbo Sword.

The N-Tek Jump Jet was attacking the Airships. Then Forge was in his Airship that he stole, then he was attacked. Then he found out that it was Miles Dredd.

Max Steel was still fighting Ultimate Elementor, then he tried breaking the orb, but he could. Then Ultimate Elementor revealed to Max Steel that he could now control the forces of nature. Then C.Y.T.R.O got electrocuted by a lightning bolt.

Then Berto as depressed. Then the N-Tek Jump Jet was accidently attacked by Forge Ferrus.

Ultimate Elementor was attacking Max Steel with lightning bolts. Then Max Steel was being defeated. Then he turned into Turbo Flight Mode, then he was fighting, but then he was attaxcked by a lightning bolt. Then Ultimate Elementor climbed up to attack Max Steel. Then Steel told them that they will use their new Turbo Mode, Turbo Speed Mode. Then he turned into Turbo Speed Mode and Ultimate Elementor could not attack Max Steel. Then Ultimate Elementor used ice to attack Max Steel.

The N-Tek Jump Jet was attacking the Airships and Forge was attacking Miles Dredd. Then Dredd was being followed by missiles. Then the Airships were attacked and Jason Naught was landing.

Ultimate Elementor was attacking Max Steel with ice, but he couldn't. Then Max broke the Water Dam a little bit, then froze Ultimate Elementor. Then he was melting the ice and he said that he will be back. Then a lightning striked and then it striked Max Steel and then Ultimate Elementor was no longer there. Then N-Tek Helicopters came and then Steel said that what was behind the Water Dam's wall was a transmitter. Then Forge and the others came, happy.

At the Musical Concert, Cole Plante came and then he was playing music. Then Forge was dancing, then stopped dancing. Then they left, then Steel told a look at the transmitter, then he saw the N-Tek logo.

At N-Tek, the N-Tek agents were happy to have Forge Ferrus back. Then Steel said to Max that he might had completed N-Tek's Secret Agenda Puzzle.



  • This is the second appearance of Ultimate Elementor.
  • This is the first time that Miles Dredd is driving an Airship, but seen in an episode.
  • This is the first that Ultimate Elementor attacks Max Steel with the forces of nature.
  • First time Max Steel uses Turbo Speed Mode.
  • This episode is silimar to the original Max Steel's film, Forces of Nature, where Elementor controlled the forces of nature and then used it to attack Max Steel.
  • The musical concert was about Cole Plante.
  • This episode was thought to be the season finale of Max Steel, only that it looked like one.
  • The music played in the Musical Concert was the Go Turbo! song.
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